The Worst Part of Owning Horses // Versatile Horsemanship

August 24, 2019

in this video I’m going to share with
you the worst part of owning horses picking up her head
mine is there just arrived and she’s had a little
green and now she’s eating a horse turd you know what if that’s what she wants
to eat Missy was happy right to the end from
the moment she went down she was surrounded by friends the other horses
people who loved her and she was humanely euthanized went down very easy
and was in no pain my mom really wanted to lay Missy to rest in the same place
where she was born but due to the amount of snow that we had he was in February
so due to the darkness and how deep the frost was we were
unable to dig a hole in that location so my dad and I tried several different
areas and ended up finding a place a nice spot that was a little lower with a
lot of snow over it so it was nicely insulated we were able to break ground
so she has a excellent resting place in the pasture where she was spent her
entire life this is the first time I have ever had
to help bury a horse in the middle of winter and let me just say it was not an
easy task at all Missy was born in 1982 to a little black and white grade pinto
mare we had named star Missy was from day one she was very energetic full of
life sassy frisky you name it and this horse really really loved to run and she
was able to turn on a dime she was a perfect horse for my mom to
use for speed events and Missy was very shortly winning everything that she did
and her favorite thing to do was flag picking she was so short and compact and
could turn on a dime this was just the thing that she was me to do she was
great on the trail she pulled our sleigh for many many years and I followed her
when I was just real little and starting to ride I followed her everywhere on my
pony and Missy was so good to my pony being right on her tail when I met my
husband Missy was the first horse that he really got to know well and ride a
lot and we went to competitions and trail rode together and just had a good
time my mom showed Missy and everything at her local fairs and when she got a
little older some of my students started to ride her as well Missy had one full
and her name is Miss Kitty and she is one of the most popular horses in my
riding lesson program today Miss Kitty has a lot of the same traits
that Missy had and we absolutely adore her Missy will forever be in our hearts
and I’ll never forget how beautiful she was how sassy how smart how willing and
and she just left a really big void in her pasture I think my favorite memory
of Missy is how her teamed with my gelding poco how well they pulled our
family sleigh and all the memories that I had growing up with that rest in peace

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