The Yellow Brick Horse

October 5, 2019

Here we can observe the Equus Fictilis, the yellow brick horse, in its natural habitat – the Lego bin. This species can also be found on baseplates, jungle areas The Ice Planet 2002 and of course, Lego City. The yellow brick horse was first assembled by the giant hand and it roamed free on the baseplate until the arrival of the minifigure The minifigures domesticated the yellow brick horse and used it to various purposes: pulling carts, riding into battle and building their castles. In the Dark Ages, most castles were yellow because of the bricks taken from the Equus Fictilis. The remaining yellow brick horses were invisible next to the yellow brick castles So no one saw them and no one needed them. The Equus Fictilis mainly eats Lego studs But occasionally it does devour minifigures. Now let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of the Equus Fictilis! A grown specimen consists of a head, five two by two yellow bricks, An eight my two yellow arch and a butt. The yellow brick horse also has multiple variants which include but are not limited to classic, creator and Nexo Knights. As for reproduction The yellow brick horse doesn’t give birth to its offspring as it builds it from scratch using the yellow bricks it can find. Since the yellow brick is getting more and more scarce, less and less yellow brick horses roam the face of the baseplates. It’s a very rare species But fear not you can now buy your own Equus Fictilis at Mr Mustachio’s Pet Shop for a discount price Supplies are limited. Call now!

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