Therapeutic Horseback Riding at Madison Fields
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Therapeutic Horseback Riding at Madison Fields

October 24, 2019

This facility is set according to PATH standards. PATH stands for Professional Association of
Therapeutic Horsemanship. We have adapted this entire facility to be
specifically for special needs riders. From the arena being dust-free, to being able
to mount a wheelchair-bound student on the back of a horse. This is a very underserved population. And many people, as they get older, have less
and less sports outlets. And this is something you can do all your
life. Hi, my name is Chrisie Gemmell and this is my son
Marcus. We’re always looking for unique ways to encourage
Marcus to communicate. We absolutely love coming here. It’s beautiful, it’s relaxing, and he’s getting
a lot of sensory input. Anybody from the age of 5 to 95 can benefit
from therapeutic riding. This allows children and adults with physical
and cognitive disabilities to identify with an activity that is uniquely theirs. So if they can’t play soccer or they can’t
occupy a mainstream job, they can identify with working around horses or working in a
barn or working on a farm. They often connect to the ponies or the horses
in a way that they can’t connect to people. They love it. And it’s recreational, it helps with hyperactivity. And it helps ground them. It means a great deal to our family to be
able to go out and do something together in an environment that’s safe and controlled. Everybody that’s here is aware that the kids
have special needs. It’s an environment that inspires him to be
a little bit more focused because he’s happy.

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