Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Becoming a  Horseback Riding Instructor
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Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Becoming a Horseback Riding Instructor

October 3, 2019

Hi my name is Connie and we’re here at Hearts
Adaptive Riding Center in Santa Barbara, California, and I’m here for Expert Village. If you’re
interested in becoming a therapeutic riding instructor, the best way is to look for a
therapeutic riding center that’s accredited by the North American Riding for the Handicapped
Association. They have a wonderful website– and you can go to it and it will actually
tell you how to become a certified therapeutic riding instructor. You need to have some riding
ability of your own, at least intermediate to advanced level, you have to know and understand
horses and tack, you will be educated on disabilities and how working with horses helps people with
disabilities. It takes about three months of volunteering, twenty five hours worth of
teaching, you go to a three day clinic, and then there is a national certification evaluation
test that you have to take of both riding and teaching riders with disabilities.

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