Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Benefits for the Disabled Horseback Rider
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Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Benefits for the Disabled Horseback Rider

October 20, 2019

Hi my name is Connie and we’re here at Hearts
Adaptive Riding Center here in Santa Barbara, California, and I’m here for Expert Village.
So this is the parent of one of my riders, Kris, this is Shelley. Shelley, what has riding
at Hearts done for Kris? I think riding at Hearts for Kris has just been amazing. It’s
given her number one, the ability to have the love of an animal, which is incredible
to have that kind of a bond with an animal and knowing that she’s going to ride every
week. I think she looks forward to it and from a physical standpoint, the body development
that she’s had has really progressed over the years with the riding. When we first started
coming here many years ago, four or five I think, Kristen could not sit on the horse,
and we had to lay her on the horse just to get her familiar with being on the animal
and having movement and things like that. And over the years we’ve progressed to having
her backwards on the horse, having her forwards on the horse, getting her into an upright
position. And now she has the saddle, it makes it a lot easier for the assistants. They’re
not struggling to keep her on the horse. She’s got her pelvis very well secure and you can
just see that her body is experiencing the exercise that goes along with riding a horse,
even though she can’t really walk or do any of that stuff herself. And her posture has
gotten better, her head control is getting better, her eyes and her ability to focus
over the years. So it’s been pretty amazing I think. I agree.

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