Therapeutic Horseback Riding Brings Healing
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Therapeutic Horseback Riding Brings Healing

October 21, 2019

– [Heather] I lost several family members, and I consequentially lost my job because I went to too many funerals. And I was just kind of a mess. I knew I couldn’t function as a counselor ’cause I needed to take
time for myself to heal. I took a year or so, and I
called it getting back to basics. If it was gonna stress
me out, I didn’t do it. And I heard about Ride for Joy. I had never heard about therapeutic
horseback riding before. So, I was like, perfect. I will just go ride some horses. It’s all I had to do. And so, I got out here, and I realized my very first day out here, it was gonna be more than just a job. It was definitely gonna be a home for me. I was working with a veteran, and he wanted to learn how to
do something called lunging, which is making the horse go
in a circle around the person. Teaching this veteran how to utilize his energy with the horses energy and talk to the horse
across their distance, he was really in the moment,
and I was really in the moment. And I’m like, this is
where I’m supposed to be. This is what I’m supposed to do. And I’m home.

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