Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Horse Riding Benefits for Adults
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Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Horse Riding Benefits for Adults

August 30, 2019

Hi my name is Connie and we are here at hearts
Adaptive a riding center in Santa Barbara, California and I’m here for Expert Village.
Hearts Adaptive of riding where in Santa Barbara, California and we have been in existing for
22 years currently we serve about 60 disable riders a week. We take care both adults and
children of disabilities our riders go from age 4 to age 84 and they come with many different
disabilities from physical, mental, or connotative. These two riders here at the therapeutic center
are adult rider. The rider in front in the white shirt has a disease called fibromyalgia
which is very much like ms multiple sclerosis and the rider behind her in the yellow tee
shirt is a mentally retarded adult women who has a job, who lives independently but coming
riding in the therapeutic riding center is her highlight of the week it is her recreation.
For the rider in front she working on her muscle strength, her confident, she first
came about 5 years ago to go in shape on a backpack ride life packer with horses and
she has been coming back every since because it makes here feel physically and mentally.

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  1. Wow I have fibromyalgia and in looking into horse riding to help. I almost jumped out of my skin when she said that.

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