Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Mounting a Horse from the Ground
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Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Mounting a Horse from the Ground

October 28, 2019

Hi my name is Connie Weinsoff and we’re here
at Hearts Adaptive Riding Center in Santa Barbara, Cailifornia and I’m here for Expert
Village. When you’re teaching a rider how to get on a horse you want to always face
the rider towards the back of the horse. Louise has her hand on the saddle and on the reigns,
she’s going to help pull herself up with this hand on the left, lift up the left leg and
put it in the stirrup, step up and swing the leg over. Give horse praise for good job.
Always pay attention to the instructor as they have steps to follow so the rider knows
what is happening. To get off the horse: hug the horse, lean forward, swing leg over, help
rider to the ground. Riders do not want to go underneath horse when they come off the
horse. The riders always tell the horse thank you and the instructor thank you. One thing
this also does is teach social skills.

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  1. @becpete14 Yuo gotta think of it like this, Horses kick each other for fun, so by you patting a horse, it's nothing.

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