Therapeutic Horseback Riding : What is an Adaptive Riding Program?
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Therapeutic Horseback Riding : What is an Adaptive Riding Program?

October 29, 2019

Hi, my name is Connie and we’re here at the
Hearts Adaptive Riding Center in Santa Barbara California and I’m here for Expert Village.
Hearts Adaptive Riding Center has been in Santa Barbara since 1985. In that time, we’ve
served probably about 800 riders throughout the year. We have a current client base of
about 60 riders a week. We actually are growing right now. We’re upping that ridership by
the end of the year, we hope to be serving 75 to 100 riders a year. There’s a great need
in Santa Barbara County for our type of service. But Hearts is a non-profit, 501C3 organization.
We are completely sustained by donations from individuals, and corporate and grants. We
get no state money, no government money for what we do here. There private donations primarily.
We depend on volunteers for most of our work. We only have 7 staff members, paid staff members.
All the rest of the work here at Hearts, from facility management, helping taking care of
the horses, getting the horses ready for lessons, some of our grant writing, and all of our
Board of Directors are all volunteer. So there is a lot of different ways that you can contribute
to Therapeutic Riding Center, or non profit Therapeutic Riding Center, like here at Hearts.

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