Therapeutic Horseback Riding : What is Therapeutic Riding?
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Therapeutic Horseback Riding : What is Therapeutic Riding?

August 29, 2019

Hi! My name is Connie and we are here at Hearts
Adaptive Center in Santa Barbara, California and I am here for Expert Village. If you have
a son or daughter or know someone with a physical, mental or even psychological disability, sometimes
horseback riding can be really beneficial. The best way to find out is to actually ask
your child’s doctor or therapist if they have ever heard of horseback riding therapy. Also
call HIPPA therapy. What we do here at Hearts Adaptive riding is called therapeutic riding
because there is no therapists on staff actually doing therapy. It is horseback riding for
people with disabilities. It teaches them skills but also they have the benefits of
therapeutic riding with physical cognitive and psychological benefits. But if you know
someone with a disability, look up riding. People with physical disabilities obviously
they get a physical workout, they improve their muscle tone, they work on their balance
and stability. People with cognitive disabilities in therapeutic riding can work on numbers,
letters, do sequencing, memory. A lot of things with horseback riding there are two things
you are doing at once. You are steering a horse and kicking them with your legs at the
same time. It brings in a lot of cognitive functions that people don’t really think about
usually when they are riding. People with psychological disabilities; horseback riding
and horse interaction is wonderful for people with problems with attachments, sexual abuse
survivors, they make an attachment with the horse, they learn to trust, they learn respect
and that translates into their real life. That is what this is all about. Horseback
riding and horses helping people reach out, reaching potentials in their lives they never
expected to.

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