Therapy horses help calm special need students
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Therapy horses help calm special need students

August 15, 2019

SPECIAL ATTENTION TODAY. NEWS 13’S JEANNIE NGUYEN SHOWS US HOW A TRIP TO THE STABLES NOT ONLY CALMS THEM, BUT ALLOWS THEM TO FEEL LIKE THEY’RE JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. WITH A CLICK OF HER HELMET… 0:08 -0:09 – NAT ‘helmet click’ close up AND A FEW WORDS OF ANYA HINKLE IS ON HER WAY! 14:48 “Horse therapy is very therapeutic for our students with special needs. It also provides an opportunity for all students to come together and have something in common to do.” 14:59 ANYA IS A SOPHOMORE AT CLEVELAND HIGH SCHOOL. SHE HAS AUTISM, BUT BEING AROUND HORSES HER ENTIRE LIFE MAKES HER FORGET ABOUT HER TROUBLES. 10:09 Anya Hinkle – Cleveland High Soph. “They help me calm down by like sniffing me, or like playing with me.” 10:13 THESE THERAPY HORSES ARE PART OF THE RIO RANCHO INCLUSIVE ADVENTURES GRANT. IT’S A PROGRAM DESIGNED TO HELP STUDENTS, LIKE ANYA, FEEL LIKE THEY CAN BLEND IN WITH THEIR PEERS. 17:22 “We just want to give these guys some opportunities to fit in just like everybody else.” 17:25 2:24 – 2:26 – NAT ‘good boy, good tc’ FOR ANYA, THE INCLUSION ISN’T ONLY EXCLUSIVE TO HUMANS. 9:53 “They’re animals and they have like life like us.” 9:56 SPECIAL ED TEACHER BEN VIGIL SAYS EVEN THOUGH THE GOAL OF THE PROGRAM IS TO MAKE STUDENTS FEEL INCLUDED … IT’S A GREAT FEELING TO SEE HIS STUDENTS FIND SOMETHING TO BE EXCITED ABOUT AGAIN. 16:38 Ben Vigil – Special Ed. Teacher “Really brings out her self confidence. She’s found something she’s passionate about.” 16:44 JEANNIE NGUYEN K-R-Q-E NEWS 13. OK JEANNIE. THE RIO RANCHO INCLUSIVE ADVENTURES GRANT INCLUDED 94-THOUSAND DOLLARS TO HELP FUND THESE MONTHLY ACTIVITIES. NEXT MONTH, THEY PLAN ON LEARNING HOW TO COOK.

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