There Are Special Crossings For Horses In Britain
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There Are Special Crossings For Horses In Britain

October 20, 2019

I am about to cross a road, and here is something you might not know: In Britain, there are special crossings for horses. Not kidding. Because what I’m on is technically known as a ‘bridleway’. It’s a footpath that horses and riders can use as well. So here we have a special button– there’s one up there as well for if you’re already mounted on your horse– and a special staging area, that I’m currently standing in, in which horses can wait before the lights change and they are able to cross the road that way. And here is the best part: the best part is the name, because in Britain we have Pelican crossings, “”Pedestrian Light Controlled” they’re the normal ones. And then they came up with Toucan crossings, because they were for pedestrians and bikes, so “two-can” cross there. Then they came up with Puffin crossings– I can’t remember why they’re called that– but they’re the ones with the special cameras and lights, like those up there– that will track pedestrians as they cross and not stop the traffic any more than they have to. And then, because all those are named after flying things: we have this, which is a Pegasus crossing. And that is something you might not know. [Closed captions by MM. Translating these subtitles? Add your name here!]

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  1. I like the formula of "something you might not know" rather than what Xkcd will make fun of Buzzfeed for, saying "Things you didn't know", which is a bit more presumptuous, especially when they have to scrape the barrel and drift out of obscurity, instead reporting on "things you didn't know unless you're inclined to catch and hold onto trivia". Good luck, this should be fun, hopefully.

  2. being british myself, i feel like my country is so dumb now. i'm not sure if i'm meant to be proud of such a ridiculous idea or not. and who the fuck comes up with these goddamn names?!

  3. I did not know that. I've never seen such a crossing. I can tell I'm going to be trying to find a local one and go look at it some time… damn you!

  4. Added to my list of things I really want to do on a visit to the UK – cross each and every street!  (This could take a while…)

  5. something that i think is pretty unique about the netherlands is it's special bicycle crossings where only bicycle drivers (bikers? or does that only refer to motor cycles) are allowed to cross. this is because of the bicycle-lanes everywhere, in flevoland they're mostly separate from the main road but in older places they're just a big red stripe on both sides on the road

  6. I think this is one of those things I knew in the back of my mind but not really consciously, certainly interesting to find out the derivation of the names of all but the Puffin crossing.

  7. You might want to check out the horse crossings in Florida.  Over some Interstate highways and other major roads where there is heavy traffic there are cross overs for horses that are dirt and grass.  I assume other animals can use them too.  One place to look is near the city of Ocala crossing I75.

  8. I just assumed you called all of them "zebra crossings" with your quaint-sounding (to Americans) pronunciation of "zebra."  That was silly enough; what's with all this ridiculous avian nomenclature? 

  9. Never knew that there are Pegasus crossings. My village could do with one! Everyday a horse walks pased my front room window

  10. Puffin crossing stands for Pedestrian User-Friendly Intelligent Crossing, they are starting to replace the old pelican crossings

  11. I lived in London for a year. I think I saw one of these Pegasus Crosses around Hyde Park or another big important park.

  12. Dang Pegasi, always keepin' the Earth ponies down…. Just wait until the Unicorn crossings, man! Everything will change!

  13. The one with cameras that track people as they cross is really awesome. Here in Canada we may get a button to turn on the walking thing as it comes around so it stays on, But even than if it's a wide road (4+lanes) some traffic lights only leave it on long enough for you to end up in the middle of the street.

  14. "Sir, can we have £1.3M to install pegasis crossings throught london… And make the check payable to me… Why? Oh no reason"

  15. Noooooo. I've now seen them all, I'm relegated to just new uploads! Tom, you've consumed my life at this point. I love your chanel, it's absolutely brilliant. 🙂

  16. Puffin crossings, for unfit people like me who are puffin' their way across the road? To critics, sod you, some of those roads can be quite wide without pubs on the other side.

  17. holy!!! sh** that Mansfield!!!!!!!! just of the A617!! the live just next to there omfg I never new what that was for tom (what why was you in Mansfield?)

  18. that's a good name for it. We should name it the same here 🙂,7.0157963,3a,75y,129.77h,75.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sy77eh4880VMVxoAvqnhBHw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

  19. Here in the US there are some crosses like that one, at least in California I've seen some. But no waiting area for horses though.

  20. One thing to note about horse crossings. They won't have the black and white stripes (zebra crossing) because the way the horse's vision works, it sees the contrast as holes in the ground, ie a foot bridge with a bunch of gaps. Police horses have to be specially trained to be able to navigate these without freaking out.

  21. "And then because all of those are named after flying things, we have this, which is a…"
    me in my head- "Please by Pegasus, please be Pegasus, please be Pegasus"
    "….Pegasus crossing"

    Called it!

  22. Any chance of spotting a winged toothpaste blue horse shorter then 14.2 hands playing frogger there?
    It's Rainbow Dash's crossing dash.

    Jokes only the MLP community will understand. Or Matt, apparently his brain works like this.

  23. I just watched all 165 of your things you might not know videos in one sitting and I do not regret a thing.

  24. Blimey Tom, that was something I did not know.

    If the horse ones are called Pegasus Crossings…. what are the COW ones called?

    (To be fair, there might only be one, on the A75 between Dumfries and Stranraer) but it's an actual bona fide set of traffic lights to allow cows to cross a seriously busy trunk road. A Euroroute no less!)

  25. Been driving 25 years and only heard of Pegasus crossing today. Next thing we'll know there will be a unicorn crossing.

  26. So horses have went from the only thing using roads 150 years ago to having to wait to cross them like a pedestrian.

    O how the stables have turned

  27. You know these are all over America too, right? Anywhere there were Western settlements there are good chances that those horse crossings are here too.

  28. Don't know where you are for this vid but there's a Pegasus crossing on the A3 at Kingston Vale linking Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common. Don't think I'd want to take a horse near that amount of traffic, even if it was stationary.

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