Thilo from Royal Veterinary College is on a mission to help animals #EngineerOnAMission
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Thilo from Royal Veterinary College is on a mission to help animals #EngineerOnAMission

August 14, 2019

My name is Thilo Pfau, I work for the Royal
Veterinarian College in London and my mission is to help animals. I’ve always been interested in pattern recognition
and so with the emergence of computers, well that was back in the 80s I guess, that got
more and more relevant, so I decided to start electrical engineering and concentrate on
information technology. Luck brought me here and so I could combine
my passion for computers and pattern recognition with my passion for animals. And so this is what I’m doing now. I’m putting sensors on horses and other animals,
mainly horses, and then we measure how they move. And this is a very relevant thing because
a lot of horses have problems when they move and I help the vets fix them. Things go wrong with the muscular skeletal
system of horses and with our technology we can then be better at diagnosing what is going
wrong with the animal. So my advice is to concentrate on something
that you are really passionate about and then you will achieve things that you didn’t think
are possible before. You can apply engineering in a lot of different
areas, there’s a lot of applications, so do something you’re passionate about. You will be good at it and you will enjoy

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