Things To Do In San Francisco Bay Area: Hidden Gems- Golden Gate Fields
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Things To Do In San Francisco Bay Area: Hidden Gems- Golden Gate Fields

August 30, 2019

Golden Gate Fields is the perfect place to spend an afternoon in the San Francisco bay area. Right by the water, this scenic horse track is breezy but beautiful. Sundays are the best days to go. Because it’s dollar day. Where parking, admission, hot dogs, beer and soda are only $1 each. If you’re feeling lucky, place a bet on your favorite horse. Or just sit back, watch the races & enjoy. Thanks so much for watching! Subscribe to my channel for more travel videos & for more things to do in the San Francisco Bay Area. See you soon!

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  1. Wow, that is such a beautiful horse race track! With the close view of the action and the beautiful scenery, I will definitely need to keep this in mind for when I decide to make another trip out to the San Francisco area. Great video!

  2. you've got yourself a new subbie thanks for sharing If you have time please feel free to stop by my channel and watch my latest video and even subscribe if you like what you see! xo happy holidays

  3. Hey, loved your vlog! Totally support your channel!
    Would really appreciate it if you could check out some of the music I have up on my channel:
    Thanks! 😀

  4. This is such a cool and unique thing to do Jamie!! 🙂 Next time I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area I'll have to go. Keep up the good work and Happy New year!! xo

  5. Love your videos, especially on San Francisco!! San Francisco is our top U.S. city to visit sometime soon!! Thanks for the great travel tips!

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