Third season of horse racing begins at Hollywood Gaming
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Third season of horse racing begins at Hollywood Gaming

August 15, 2019

back at Hollywood Gaming in Austintown. First news reporter Tyler Trill went to the track today to check out some of the first races of the season. It’s a weekend of Ohio bred only horses at Hollywood Gaming. It’s the kick off of racing at their track, with five races happening throughout saturday. Each race’s purse is 150,000 dollars, totalling three quarters of a million dollars for the day. The winner of today’s first race—a horse named Speedy Mobile. Roughly 9 to 12 horses ran in each race, meaning about 50 of Ohio’s best horses raced in Austintown. Six of those are Tim Hamm’s horses, where he raises at a farm in Ellsworth. And with racing, comes betting. Mahoning Valley Gaming says they are impressed with the turn out and popularity of the race track. During the 2015-2016 season, People wagered nearly 48 MILLION dollars at the track, and at off-track betting sites, which is an increase of more than 31-percent from the previous year. In Austintown, Tyler Trill 27 FN.

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