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September 5, 2019

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome to Sacramento! Now Sacramento is a really interesting looking game and I mean that quite literally I don’t usually judge games by just it’s looks alone This one in particular is so fascinating Because it blends together 2D styling in this really cartoonish and jittery way in a 3D world and I’ve never played it before and I know this concept is not new But the way that its presented itself is just so interesting Because it says that it’s a game about exploration and discovery and again that’s not a new concept but I don’t know, something about this game seems intriguing to me (Mark screams) Hello Hiii! Are you naked??? Am I bothering you? Why are you in this purple forest all by yourself? I’m sorry, I’ve just… Oh.. Sorry sorry..Excuse me I’ll just move on then 🙂 (surprised) Hiii! Hello! How are you? Ooo.. Hiii Ohhh! Ohhh, you’re so pretty! Ohh Hiii! Ohh excuse me! Excuuuuuuuse me! :p Ohhhh Hiii birbs! Ohh hii birbs! Helllooo! Ohhhww.. That’s so pretty! Ohh Hii, there’s more bugs flowing around my head! Hello…. Hiii!! Ohhh no lo no!! No no no no, no no no! No you don’t, you don’t wanna go that way! It’s death over there 🙂 Okay alright.. Oo, excuse me! Parr.. I’m sorry .. Pardon me! God!! I can just flatten them into the dirt! I’m sorry about that Oh I’m sorry Oh it’s so weird But this is what I meant Like it it… It’s just… 2D….. like.. Frame animation style That just leads into this weird combination of worlds that I have never seen before Ohhhhh Hiiiii Ohhh hiii! Ohhh…. I’m guessing this is where I’m supposed to go.. Okaaay! Alright! ohhhww! Hiii! Ohhhh that’s so cooool!!!!! Ohh that’s so cool I have to say Ohhh nooooo! No don’t take it away from me What I want to go back in! Awwww come on! Ohh what the hell you’re gonna just let me go in there and then take it all away with the weird upward flowing water!!! Or are those leaves? ohh ohh What’s happening?? Ohh There’s a lot more birds than there were before Ohh no the sun is setting I don’t like that! Ohh I don’t like that at all! 🙁 I don’t even know where I’m going And why is this sun setting? Should… should.. Is there something that I’m supposed to do about that?!! Or is there something to be solved about it?? Ohh hello Hiii.. Ohh this is new Hello?!?! Where are you leading me? Where can I?? Ohh… Ahhh man! I really gotta say, this is easily one of the most visually striking indie games that I’ve played Ohhh kayy! (with a laughter) Hiiii fish! How’s it going??!! How are you doing? You.. ohh hiii fish! Oh ho ho, hey hey hey HEY! Way wayee woah woah! Woah woah woah, where am I?? I’m not doing that!! Whaat??! What??! (Mark’s too confused!) (Again, loudly) WHAATT!! Well that’s it??!! Oh that can’t be it! Ohh come onnnnnn! Ohh you can’t! That can’t be it!! Ohh That’s so.. Is it just gonna send me exactly back where I was??!! Or is it gonna take me somewhere new? And maybe when I get somewhere new, maybe I could Or is it.. No! Ohh that’s it! That.. That’s actually just it! But that’s so weird! But what’s around you? Is there something else? I didn’t exactly go everywhere.. I barely got into that fish area 🙁 If there’s something else hidden here then maybe I can find it I only got in that room for uh.. Oooohh Hiiii! Ohhh Hiiii feeesh! How you doing?? Ohh hiii! Goodbye! You carry on, I’m gonna go this way! Coz I don’t know what awaits me down these roads! That’s the weird thing about this game, I don’t know if it’s a matter of exploration but there’s no.. objective And a lot of these experimental games sometimes are lacking purpose and more about… you know…conveying A concept You know, not necessarily giving you an objective but giving you like, an idea. and I think that’s what is this one getting across. I mean the world is very weird and I don’t know where I’m walking to but I’m walking a long.. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh kaaay he he he he he!! Ohhhhh!! Alright I’m not supposed to goooo that wayy But the sun has not set just yet I just wandered a little too far off into the wilderness What is that? What are you? Ohh.. hii.. Hello.. What is thisss???! I don’t think that’s how windmills work Ohhh you’re flying (laughter) Thaaaat’s soooo weeeeird!! What are you???! What are any of you? You are tiny!!! Helllooo! (Kissing) Ohh I kissed it out of existence! :p I kill everything I kiss! xD Hiii sun! How are you doing over here? Ohhh… Ohhh… Okay… Ohh…. It seem to be venturing off into the bright brightness But the sun doesn’t set I imagine that the sun doesn’t set until you go in that building And this might send me reeeeeling back to the beginning But I don’t know 🙁 Where else to go.. Besides this way Or if there are secrets in the miiiiisty mist! Uh oh.. Sun is setting.. Uhh uh ho.. Whooosh Uh oh.. no… I’m not ready Please… I don’t wanna go yet! Girl… Lady over here What’s the secret of this place?! What does it mean? Why are there birds?! What are you reading?! Why are you naked?! I have so many questions! I have so many questions And I guess I don’t have enough time to answer them It’s a very fleeting experience That is, that is absolutely 100% Like this game is just very very fleeting You only get a few minutes to be able to explore this world and yet there is a lot of different directions that you could go! Ohhh But not a lot of time to get there And even this is close to me Ohhh. come on… Nooo.. I fight against you I rebel against the darkness! I didn’t rebel very hard (LOL :p) Cuz we’re back here now but okay Don’t consume me NOOOOOOO!!!! Uhh ohh! Being scooch from behind as well But that is Sacramento That is really cool! I gotta admit, that’s a really cool short experience! I like that! I love that actually! It felt right… Like you know when you go into a world and it just feels weird but it feels natural for what it is Despite its weirdness it existed in its own way In the only way it could And I know that’s philosophical bullshit and whatever that means is up to interpretation but, I get it I get it… And now it’s really cool So thank you everybody so much for watching If you wanna tell me what you think about this game Or you wanna try it for yourself and maybe there’s a secret in there to discover Or maybe there’s no secet to discover And it is what it is! Either way let me know in the comments below Thank you everybody so much for watching And as always… I will see you… In the next video Bubbbyyyee!!

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  1. I only just found this because I was curious if there were videos about Sac. Have to say that this Sacramento is waaaay better than mine.

  2. To me this is a dream land of that girl who was reading. I always dream off into somewhere else and my family and friends call it "Chandini land" I think your visiting someone else's dream land where anything you think of is possible, sometimes it's nice to daydream and imagine a perfect world where I'm alone and I don't have to worry about school and bullying I can just dream about flying space. I have Chandini Land for that. This girl has Sacramento.

  3. Sometimes when Youtubers play calming games and try to make it funny and they're really loud I get annoyed.
    Don't get me wrong, I love Mark.
    But does anyone get what I'm trying to say?
    Don't take offense to this comment I'm just trying to get my point across

  4. This is why i'm scare of reality, of life. There's a lot of thing you want to do, to see, to feel, to know…But not enough time.

    I know that one day i'm going to die, and there will be no more for me. There's no second life, there's no a "restart" button…

    I don't want that, but there's nothing i can do.

    And a lot of people always says, that you need to use that time, that you need to be happy and do the things you want while you are alive.But it's not easy, not for me…because at the same time i'm lazy.

    Let me explain it this way:
    You have a big text tomorrow, and you study, but not a lot, because you think it's not important. So, everyone gets an A, but you only a C…and you say "Well, next Time i will study more", but you don't and it creates an infinite circle…
    And sometimes you WANT but you feel like you just CAN'T…

    I know, it's stupid. 😖

  5. Gosh that's beautiful. It's not even really a game. It's just art plain and simple. Well… simple isn't the word for it I guess


    I wanna make a game like that (not exactly the same)
    -w/ an objective
    -1st person
    -2D models in a 3D space
    -Where I can input art and make that into the graphics
    -Doesn't require programming
    -I wanna make it about spiders… idk why

    EDIT: Nice spiders
    Link me a tutorial and you get utmost respect

  7. 1:18 the flamingos at sacramento zoo?
    1:56 the capitol?
    2:38 not really a sacramento thing but i always see TONS of birds in a huge flock
    (side note, the most loudest cars just drove by, i heard two pops, and then they all drove away LOUDLY)
    i might be missing something but thats what i recognized
    edit: i downloaded the game and read the readme files, it said it was based on drawings from the person's sketchbook. it could possibly be the flamingos at the zoo.

  8. This game is so beautiful. The world these game developers have created is so magical. The fleeting beauty of the world and being unable to see it all. As an artist I can appreciate this a lot. Because it reminds me of the unending world of imagination. A strange beautiful world full of wonders. And how dipping in is so short due to reality. If I could stay in such a world, I would. I also imagine the girl is there because she is reading which causes one to fall back into this world. She reads a lot so she's constantly there

  9. I love how in almost every video, Mark gets attached to objects. Like in firewatch it was that cardboard man, in until dawn it was Ashly, in another it was tiny box tim, etc

  10. Here's what my thought is on what this game is supposed to symbolize. I think this game shows the mind of a socially awkward person who is scared to try new things. The building Mark entered was like the person trying something new but leaving quickly so that there isn't time for them to be judged by society. The girl reading might possibly be a person this socially awkward person admires, but too scared to say anything, so the girl continues to read on without giving him much thought. The train might be supposed to show the excitement to try something new. The flamingos might show people who judge you, hence why they are shaking their heads. The fish might be people who see you, but don't bully you or pay attention to you. The clock is to symbolize the constant checking of the time because the person wants to be done socializing and be on their own again. The train tracks show the long journey life is. The windmill/things might show people who see you, but leave because they think you're lame or weird. Finally, the birds show the people you have not met yet or made an attempt to befriend and just keep on with their daily lives. Just a thought though.

  11. It's like life. You only get to explore for a little while and you could go in any direction you choose for that short while.

  12. Regarding the house, if you get there fast enough, it will give you the option to go inside. Entering it is…surprising.

  13. Well I don't know if there related but its beautiful in Sacramento California unless the game takes place in the city and stuff.

  14. In my opinion, I think that the 'world' is a dream. Something that is fleeting but pulls you in. Its your mind, all the unanswered questions and calm and peaceful atmosphere is your mind in sleep? I don't know, it's just an idea, could be worthless, but…….

  15. I live pretty close to Sacramento and I can easily say that I have never seen flamingos or giant mosquitoes in person.

  16. Scariest game ever. There has to be pain with beauty and happiness. Or at least pain should come before the happy ending.

  17. I honestly feel this game too much I actually take trips to see my girlfriend and then the time comes and I get ripped away from someone that makes me happy cause of a job i have cause family problems

  18. This takes me back to my college days. I majored in mass communications and our professors were always bringing us weird stuff like this and posing questions like "what makes something art?" "what makes something a story?" I think outside of the meaning of the piece itself, this is a great conversation starter for "what defines a game?" I wouldn't call this a game. To me, part of THAT definition would include " having objectives." But this IS clearly art, and in fact I think it has GREAT implications for the world of visual media/digital art. It's like an interactive, digital painting, to an extent and format that I'm not sure has been done before. I'd actually love to hear Amy's thoughts on it, even moreso than Mark's, because if I'm not mistaken that was kind of her field of study in school.

  19. I was going to say it was unrealistic with how many cranes there were but when the capital opened into a black void it became very realistic.

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