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This is Family | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

August 25, 2019

(upbeat music) – So what do you think
about this place Lauren? – I’m not a big camping person. – Same. – But I like the fire. (laughing) – Same – And I like him. – [Women] You’re happy to be here. (laughing) – Look what Vinny got. – Woop woop! – S’mores – Whoa, the s’mores
train coming on through. – Ron, you want one? – Nah, I’m good. – Thank you sir. – Nicole you wanna make s’mores? – [Women] I miss the Shippers. – Same. – They were hot, – Yep. – [Women] I like their boobies. – They were really nice. – Smells good. – Yo Vinny s’mores when
he sleeps in his trunk. (laughing) – Do you want me to
hold yours in the fire? – Your not reaching me. (laughing) – Why is my marshmallow not toasting? (bleep) – This is the life. Campfires, s’mores. Angelina’s into a families life. – [Man] Oh damn, oh damn! – I have a very good family actually. – Not that kind of family. – What kind of family then? – The family that you left, season one. (laughing) – Who I was nine years ago
doesn’t define who I am today. – Oh damn! (bleep) (bleep) – I’m a totally different person. – Why are you looking at me? I didn’t say one word. (bleep) – Who are you yelling at? – Cause it aint happening tonight. – Angelina is delusional. Everyone around this campfire
is starting with you. I didn’t say one word. – As long as your not saying anything. – So then stop looking
at me, making threats, I didn’t say one word to you. – [Vinny] I haven’t spoken
to Angelina in a few days, so of course Angelina is
backed up with (bleep) talking. – Don’t look like a (bleep). – I haven’t said one word to you. – All right good, then
don’t talk (bleep) then. Thanks. – So, she’s gonna start with me, to get out all the (bleep) talking that she hasn’t done over this whole trip, cause this girl cannot
resist talking (bleep) to me. – Vinny (bleep). – Awkward. That’s what I mean when I say family. – You guys listen, whoever
planned this surprise, whoever planned this surprise, touche. – You’re welcome. – You woke up. – We also got you guys a cabin. – Oh, for real? – [Women] So it’s very sexual. – It’s very nice, and
it’s very romantical. – Thank you guys. – Alright guys, go. Toodles. Go do sex. – All right. – [Congregation] Good night guys. Make babies! – Send us videos. – Some alone time is
definitely needed right now. Your cabin awaits my darling. – Darling. – Oh! wow! Look at this. – The flowers are cute. – It smells so nice in here too. – But what is this? Was this on the real horse? – This right here. These guys continue to surprise me. Oh my god. Save a horse, ride a cowboy. – It’s a little big. Okay I’m gonna go shower. – Go shower. – Love you.

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  1. Skittle Boys is in the comments! Vinny aka. Keto Guido and Angelina aka. former staten island "here we go"

  2. I don’t like Angelina but they’re all bullying her. I’m not sure I would go back to a show where they clearly don’t want you there. Even with the money involved…

  3. how can yall even get upset at angelina for popping off honestly they’re really bullying her for decisions she made over 9 years ago and it’s really like… played out rn she obvio came for redemption

  4. Iono I’ve met girls like Angelina and she doesn’t seem like a bad person, literally what you see is what you get and if they’d just bust her balls like a friend she’d be more chill

  5. They need to let it go all they do is bully her even in beginning not right I think it's cause she slept with most of them and they don't respect her idk

  6. During the first season of Jersey Shore when Angelina was a cast member, none of them got paid. Once the show really got popping and became massively popular, each cast member was making 100k per episode. Angelina missed out on all that money. I wonder if that eats her up inside sometimes 😂

  7. Im a the only person who thinks this is boring??Theres nothing going on.I loved js season 1-6 but this is just boring…dissapointed

  8. Ron is so toxic, the only reason they brought him back was for clout he’s always with some stupid drama they should of brought Sam instead!

  9. You know there is a fine line between teasing someone and bullying someone… When that someone is no longer laughing along with everyone who's doing the "teasing", then frankly, it becomes bullying.

  10. Angelina popped off on Vinny…

    But everything she was saying she really meant it as a subliminal towards J woww who was sitting right next to him . I caught it right away when I saw this scene .

    Of course we all know by now Angelina is intimidated by J woww and J woww even knows that herself .

    Angelina will never personally call out Jenni or dare to confront her about anything.

    She was letting out her frustration right here but Vinny wasn't the true target

  11. Ronnie needs a nice Italian girl that wants to cook him dinner, and is kind….he has love to give..hes sad..

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