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This is Indian Relay, North America’s original extreme sport | Sundance Winner | Fast Horse |

August 13, 2019

♪♪♪ [crowd cheering] ♪♪♪ [crowd cheering] Allison: Go on Cody! Cody: Indian Relay was
the first extreme sport. It consists of
three horses, and four people. Three on the
ground and one rider. Us guys we race
cause we love it. I’ve been around
horses my whole life, so it’s just in
my blood I guess. Allison: I am excited
to see this horse. You the man, you the man that is
going to be riding him. What do you think of him? Cody: I think he is going
to be a pretty good one to the string you know. He is going to help us
clinch a few championships. You know just got to
get him seasoned. We know he can run. Allison: Yeah we know he
can run but it’s getting him to run
the way we run eh? Shawn: Hey Al!
Allison: Hello Shawn, betch you. Allison: Good to see you.
Shawn: Good to see you! Allison: Hi!
Barb:Hi Al! I’m Barb. Shawn: That’s my wife Barb. Allison: Pleased to meet you.
Barb: Nice to meet you. Shawn: Wanna see the horse?
Allison: Sure, you bet. Shawn: Grand Mixture. [Horse Neigh] Allison: Ooo ya sweet. Shawn: He ran Sunday in
Woodbine. Good head on his shoulders. Just easy to be around. [Allison making horse calls] Shawn: Watch out. [Allison making horse calls] Allison: Atta boy, atta boy. Cody: Oh he looks like
a nice big boy eh? Allison: Oh yes. Hold him. Cody: Sure. How are you Big Guy? Hey boy. Barb: He has taken to you. Cody: Good guy. Allison: I really
like this guy. Come here buddy
up, up, up, up, up! Atta boy! [Horse Neigh] We are going home buddy! ♪♪♪ Cody: Its pretty fast
and extreme you know? You gotta be a good
horse man you know. You gotta be willing to take some bumps and bruises in this game because sometimes it gets pretty extreme out on the track. I do it because I love the
extremeness in it and I love that adrenaline rush it brings every time you know? It’s pretty nerve
racking going out there, and having to do what
we gotta do you know? Allison: Horses are what
makes us warriors today. If you work hard
enough with them and you’re willing
to work with them. You are going to
feed off of them you are going to feel
that strength eh? You treat em right
you feed em right. You nourish them
like children. They will do
anything for you. Come here buddy, come on. I won’t bite. Training session today. Ready boys? Cody: Yea. Okay I will try this one, even if he flinches. Ooo. Allison: Yeah he’s has
never had nobody running up and jumping to him eh? But that’s all right he is going to have to learn it. He is going to have
to get used to it. Tyler: Good. Cody: You see how he kinda put his feet in
the proper stance. Cody: To take
my weight?
Allison: Yeah Cody: And his head
is coming a lot lower. Allison: Good
Cody: For sure eh? Head bull, head bull,
head bull Shit yeah now from the
first one to that one it’s pretty good eh? Allison: yeah. [Horse galloping] Cody: oh shit. Allison: Easy. Easy. [Cody making horse noises] Allison: It’s an honor working
with these young boys hey? This, the new
warriors of today. Tyler: Good Good.
Allison: Smoother. Allison: It makes me
happy to see them that they’re being
involved with horses. They are trying to stay out of the negative things of life, eh? the horse is something that keeps us out of trouble. Cody: I raced last year but I was the back holder so I kind of got
to watch and learn, still be a part of it still be on the track just not riding so… now when Al asked me
to jockey I was pretty nervous. But then I told him I
would dedicate myself to riding relay
for him so… this is my first year
going hard at it. You know I feel like I can
run right with them. Cody: You gotta
time the momentum, you gotta time
the horses stride. Allison: You got it! Go on! Cody: And just hopefully
it all comes together sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t you know? ♪♪♪ Cody: Pretty excited
pretty stoked you know in less then 24 hours
it’s the big show. It’s the big day we
have been waiting for. We have been training
hard you know. I think he is
almost ready huh? Allison: Ready? Cody: A lot of people back
home are pumped up for us, anywhere we go you know we are representing
for our hometown in Siksika, and everyone is just
rooting for us to do good
out there you know. My daughter loves relay
racing you know. She will get to look back
out on the future and be like, gee … my dad relay raced at
Calgary Stampede when it very first started. Relay racing is a family
tradition you know, It’s a … It’s good to have your
family by your side you know. Allison: We always call
upon our grand folks above and I am sure they are
smiling down on us saying those are my grandsons. Show up that’s the main thing and cross that finish line for the people back home
in Siksika hey? ♪♪♪ [Dramatic Music] ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Anncr: Calgary are you ready
to witness the most extreme sport in all of the
North American continent? In the blue and yellow
we have “Old Sun” from the Siksika Nation. Cody Big Tabacco
will be your rider, Allison RedCrow
and Racey RedCrow are on the ground. Who’s ready to race? Make some noise! [Crowd Cheering] [horn sounds]
And they’re off! Anything can happen. We have three laps to
try to control the pace. Allison: Hold them still. On the back stretch now
trying to hold them off. Lone Wolf with the Peigan Nation
out in front Anncr: Watch the exchanges. Here we come. Star School will be
the first to exchange. Allison: Coming! Coming! Anncr: Oh rider down!
Rider down! Cody: I got hit! Fuck! Allison: Go on Cody! Anncr: Out in front
now it’s a race between Carlson and Lone Wolf. trying to finish out the race. The Carlson team dominating
the track right now. One more exchange. This is where races
are won and lost. Watch the exchange. The mugger is out,
catch him, jump on. Allison: Go on! Anncr: And away we go. [rider and horse panting] What a race! As they hit the back stretch, Carlson team trying to gain
some positioning It’s a race right now between the Carlson
team and Lone Wolf. and way in the back you see our team of Old Sun in the blue and yellow. Allison: Right on boys.
Right on bros. [Crowd cheering] Cody: Fuck,you
nailed me good. Robert: My bad, my bad. Cody: Its all good its
part of the game bro. Robert: Fuck ya.
Are you all right? Cody: Yeah just,
fuck I jumped Robert: I didn’t
see you bro.
Cody: I jumped
too early… Cody: no I jumped and
hit and boom. Robert: Fuck hey my bad. Cody: You were
just rolling bro; Don’t worry about a thing bro. It’s all good. Robert: Hope you’re alright
man. Hope everythings alright. Allison: Cody,
are you all right? Cody: I got smoked
really good bro. Allison: Gee had
them all set then all of a sudden you went out
of the picture. Cody: I know I took two
steps and I got nailed. Allison: I know. Seen that. Racey: Don’t worry about it bud. As long as you’re
not seriously hurt. Cody: At least we finished Allison: Crossed
the finish line, the Calgary Stampede
wanted us here, we made it. Cody: It’s an honor to have that
ability to ride like that. voice:
you bet… we’ll be here Cody: Eventually we are
going to get bigger badder and better but for now we just gotta
keep having fun and just run relay. Next year we will come
back running harder than ever. Allison: Racing has been amongst us for you
know generations. it’s instilled in us eh? Elder:
[Speaking in Blackfoot]

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