Thomas Garner: Veľká starohájska steeplechase
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Thomas Garner: Veľká starohájska steeplechase

August 13, 2019

you made a bad mistake the last dancer down the straight there and I thought I thought when I jump when I jump the cross fence I thought about pulling up but I don’t get paid to pull up i think i paid to to finish or fall off a snot meet to give up you know so I was getting paid to do a job and thankfully the horse help me out and I did it yeah we got feeling the horse is reading the more pleasure after yeah yeah definitely definitely a geek is he like pleasure that I can show my ability then I’m a bit sore now ones down there but I can move it will be right here very another question how come to disco operationally at vdara celebration yeah I’ve been here once before I came here two years ago I didn’t come last year I brought my leg back in England but I’ve been to part of Ichi twice now I go back to party beachy into x times the big race so looking forward to but I like this course a lot very very nice place perfectly lovely people as well thank you thanks perfectly thing congratulation a game cheers thank you

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