Thor: I Need A Horse ! HD with English subtitles
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Thor: I Need A Horse ! HD with English subtitles

August 16, 2019

I need a horse! We don’t have horses.
Just dogs, cats, birds… Then give me one of those
large enough to ride.

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  1. HAHAHA i remember this part he just walks in says "i need a horse" out of nowhere n the guy was like "WTF"

  2. By saying "God" with a capital G, you are referring to -the- God. Thor is not -the- God, he is -a- god. Lowercase.
    (I wonder how many people I can annoy today…)

  3. This is easily one of the dumbest scenes in an already pretty dumb movie for a lot of reasons. Watching this should garner the same response as that guy at the end of Billy Madison

  4. Its a Hunger Games reference. After the movie came out people in the fandom had a bad habit of ordering drinks at Starbucks under the name of Primrose Everdeen– then when there name was called for them to pick up their drink, they would stand and yell "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE." …It was dumb.

  5. My first thought after watching this scene

  6. A good professional by all accounts, I'd imagine he came to the set prepared and gotten all the giggles out of the way for this scene; I don't know if I'd have gotten one decent take without me cracking up if I had to deliver those lines.

  7. Isaac Kappy FTW! Before you judge someone and call them crazy.. May I remind you what Dave Chappelle said,
    "The worst thing to call someone is Crazy, It's dismissive. I don't understand someone, so they're Crazy. That's Bullshit. They're not crazy. They're strong people. MAYBE THEIR ENVIRONMENT, IS A LITTLE SICK"

  8. I love the look on the pet shop guys face when Thor tells him to give him one of those big enough to ride😄

  9. Okay… I don't mean to attack the guy's memory or anything, I just heard about his death and saw "Thor actor", now I'm seeing "thanks for being part of the MCU" in comments… This wasn't a major role or big character, so much so that I honestly can't remember if it's a deleted scene or in the movie. Once again, not trying to attack the guy and hope his soul is at peace but c'mon, there had to be more significant roles than this that the man was given.
    -Mad Wolf

  10. Apparently the dude threatened two celebrities, used people for money, and sold drugs. It’s unfortunate that this guy had so many problems, but always get help when you need it. There are always better options than suicide.

  11. Isaac Kappy The pet store owner is dead. Committed Suicide. Poor chap. Could've gone to the top. Many great Stars were not-so-famous actors. He could've been great. Pls don't commit suicide just because u can't see the future. Everything is possible u just have to spring into action. U could be a Star because u have the potential. U r a Human, the best being there is. God rest Isaac….

  12. Sorry that I'm not sure what else you achieved in your life Isaac Kappy (apart from this movie role)…and I'm so sad you felt the need to leave us.

    However…I feel you nailed this scene so perfectly,and I love you forever for it!


  13. A year after he came out calling some Hollywood stars (Spielberg and Tom Hanks) pedophiles, he commits “suicide”

    Hmm 🤔

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