Tips for Buying a Horse : How to Choose a Horse to Buy
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Tips for Buying a Horse : How to Choose a Horse to Buy

October 25, 2019

This is Randall Powell with Expert Village
and in this clip we’re going to talk about how to choose a horse. Your first consideration
when choosing a horse is the proper use for the horse. If you’re choosing a pasture horse,
a beginner horse, or a rodeo horse. They also have horse shows and you can pick horses for
that discipline also. You just need to find a horse that’s trained for whatever discipline
you’re going to be using him for. If you’re looking for a beginner horse, you want to
go to a place that teaches lessons and get a horse that’s broke and really calm, preferably
an older horse. If you’re a kid just starting to ride you’d want to get a pony, a welsh
pony, or a Shetland pony. Pony’s aren’t baby horses, they’re just smaller versions of horses.
They’re full grown, they’re just a little smaller than the average horse. That’s what
makes them good for kids but the Shetland ponies tend to be a little more ornery than
the rest of the horse breeds. If you’re going to do rodeo and need a horse that’s pretty
athletic and can get around a younger horse preferably horses that have quite a bit of
training you know, they’re going to be a little more expensive. There are some good tips in
helping you find a horse.

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  1. hey im kinda 13 years old and i am a biggener and they are teaching me with a very big horse… that safe?!

  2. @aznpryd101 It is advised. It can take months untill you find the right horse for you. And sometimes once you have ridden the horse you might not like it.

  3. i want a horse sense when i was born, but im trying to get my parents to get me won 😀 but i need to find a cheap horse, like to 350 or 400 some where in the hundreds!

  4. what about a horse that you u r gonna use for hunter jumpers event? My family is looking for a horse that will do that, what is a good breed, age,color. I'm jumping about 2 feet now, so should I get a horse that is young, and can jump up to 4 feet, also what website could I use to find some good horses for sale? Thanx to anyone who answers!!! Please Reply, Need Help!!

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