Tokyo Horse Game ep5 | 馬で東京横断ゲーム第五話【進めど見えぬ一里塚】
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Tokyo Horse Game ep5 | 馬で東京横断ゲーム第五話【進めど見えぬ一里塚】

August 25, 2019

11km from Nihonbashi. Congratulations! It’s the Do we need Shinjuku? Tokyo Horse Game!! Ride this horse and find out if we really needed Shinjuku. You have to travel 5 ri. Which is about 20km (12mi). We choose the rider by playing odds-and-evens. The loser has to ride and do what is written on the board. How long do we ride for? 1 ri. How far is that? 4km (2.5mi) 4km (2.5mi)?! 11, so Cho! Yes! Yes! Yes! Han! About 500m (0.3mi) more! Yes! Final sprint! Use every bit of your strength! Almost there! Oh, there it is! Where? A little bit more. It really stands out. Here it is. Is this it? Finally!
Is this it? Yay!! Congrats! How do you feel about it? It was so tough. I never want to do it again. So, “Do we need Shinjuku?”
It was so tough. I never want to do it again. YES! Of course we need it! If it weren’t for Shinjuku, we have to keep going, right? Yup.
If it weren’t for Shinjuku, we have to keep going, right? That’s impossible! We have come to a conclusion! Yay! Let’s go home!!
We have come to a conclusion! Let’s go home! We’re done here! We need Shinjuku! You don’t know for sure yet! Anyway, good going guys. Nice work! Let’s roll the dice again! Wait a minute! This! What are you thinking?! Wait a second!
What are you thinking?! Seriously!! Surely Megwin should come up, it’s Begiragons! No…
Surely Megwin should come up, it’s Begiragons! You’re the one rolling the dice?! But there’s “Replacement M”. “Replacement M”?
But there’s “Replacement M”. I thought of you guys, and put this one in. Coz I want to ride it too. Just ride it then!
You don’t have to roll the dice. Nope, nope. We have to do it properly. The next one is… Take your glasses off. It only applies to him! What about me? You have to wear the glasses. Wear the Kabuto hat. It’s quite heavy. 3 small energy drinks. This one is lucky. Two people push. So no one rides it? You ride and I’ll help push. Carry three 2L water bottles. I can’t even… This is nuts! So… He’ll roll this one. I feel he might! Here we go! Don’t roll that one, please! Call it! Cho or Han? Han!
Han! Jinx! We’re so alike. Ready and… Cho!
Han! It’s decided then! Please! What? Water bottle… It’s the worst one! And? It’s Han. Han is the winner. Yeah! Which one? Omame is the loser. No! YES! I did it!! This sucks… I WIN! This is unbelievable! So Omame… Yeah!!
So Omame… No one’s going to help me? I’M SO HAPPY! I can help you! Really? Then you ride it! Me? Ride it? Omame will show you how to ride it. There’s gonna be big hill, so thanks! Let’s have him push then. Good idea.
Let’s have him push then. Having him ride it is too much. Why do you always change the rules on me?
Having him ride it is too much. Everyone, follow me! Push the horse! That’s it! Push it! Push it! That’s the way. That’s it, push it! Push it!! Push it!! Ahhh, my foot hurts! My foot hurts! My foot hurts! Oh shoot! Hey! Guys! Amazing performance. You tumbled from here by yourself! Hey, that’s supposed to be a secret! Hills are dangerous! Be careful. This is pretty good. Trust youngsters to get us up a hill this fast! I still have so much energy! Youngsters are awesome! They’re awesome!
Youngsters are awesome! Let’s not spoil him too much. Wait a minute! It’s so hard all of a sudden! So slow! You’re so slow! It’s this hard? Yes. That’s it!! Made it up the hill! Okay!! Thanks guys! See you! Perform a special gag to thank them! I’ll show you my gag. Chocchu!! Thanks, guys! See you! Let’s get going. Cut those boys out with CG. It looks like he’s actually riding a horse. Oh shoot! Wait, wait, wait! Oh no!! Wait, wait!! Someone! Help!! There’s a Seven Eleven. You don’t have to point it out! We’ve found one!
You don’t have to point it out! How am I supposed hold them? Like this? I don’t want to! It’s so heavy. It’s so heavy. Let’s go! C’mon! Ahhh! It sways! So much stress on my arms! What is this?! This footage looks so plain. Hey, come on! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! If the bag tears, I’ll let you off the hook. I’m gonna tear it then! Eshi! Eshi! Eshi! It sure it won’t tear.
Eshi! Eshi! Eshi! It’s not gonna tear at this rate.
Eshi! Eshi! Eshi! Delicious. GOAL!! I’m done!! Shush! You’re so loud! You’re simply too loud. Hurry up and go! You’re not finished! You’re so mean. Why was I even born into this life? My hip joints hurt! My hip joints! It hurts!! Footage of an old man struggling like this is kinda sad. What do you mean “sad”?!
Footage of an old man struggling like this is kinda sad. I’ll help by pushing. So use that momentum, and give it your all. Here we go. Use this momentum! Now give it your all! Okay! Hey! Hey! Hey! This is a good pace, right? Good. Good. He’s sweating so much. Wow!
He’s sweating so much. This is so much harder than it looks. This is really tough! Mahoto is starting to push without saying a word. I can’t take it anymore. Let’s get to the finish line. We’re at Yamate Street! Yamate Street means we’re getting closer! I want to take the kabuto off. I want to take it off. Omame, I want to take it off! The kabuto? I’m the main star now. Not you and your hat. Why don’t we leave Omame here, and meet at Sasazuka? Let’s do that!!
and meet at Sasazuka? So Omame, see you at Sasazuka! Wait, wait, wait! Later!! Wait! Don’t “later” me. Don’t “later” me!! Wait! Are you serious?! Is there going to be something worth filming? You don’t know! My hip joint might break! That might happen! Hatsudai Shopping Street! Hatsudai!
Hatsudai Shopping Street! That means 2 more! Yes! The goal is near! Yeah! Go, go, go! So I was at YouTube and… Watch out! That was dangerous! What just happened? You drifted! I just rotated. You can see Takaido written there. 6km (3.7mi) more. 6km to Takaido? Hi, I’m a King! The King! I’m the King! The King! She just called you gross! Come here! Stop that! Don’t say that! Oh, look! Looks like the bag is going to tear! It’s gonna tear! Hey, hey, hey! What’s the problem? What are you doing? What do you mean? I’m beating a rhythm. I’ll have to let that pass then. It dropped! In your clothes then. No! Come on!
In your clothes then. If it drops out of your clothes, then you can throw it away. How do you feel? I can feel it in my hip joints. Is it not broken yet? What do you mean “broken”?! Your hip joints. You said yourself they would break! They’re not broken just yet. Come over here. Look at this! Did you get fat? It’s the water bottles! Wow!! 11km (6.8mi) from Nihonbashi. Congratulations! Yeah! But… Congrats! We haven’t moved much from 11km. No, we’ve moved quite a bit. I’m almost at my finish line. Yes. That’s good. So we’ve traveled a little over 2 ri. 11km is more than half. You’re right… Only half? With this much fatigue? This is so hard! Ok. Let’s go. He can’t feel anything. No response down there. He’s so tired his penis isn’t working! I can’t make babies! Hatagaya Station! One more station to go! Yay, yay! It’s easy from here. It’s in sight! What is? Nakano Street! Almost at Nakano Street. After passing that, it’s Sasazuka! Yes! Mahoto has stopped talking completely. The viewers had enough of me already. They’re not expecting anything from me anymore. It’s here on out, man. The viewers want to see you in pain and cheer for you. Now that’s what Begiragons is about. Sasazuka! We’re so close! Sasazuka intersection. Yay, yay!! Can this be the finish line? Nope. There’s a sign for it. It’s hot. You look like a fat monk. It’s so hot. I’m soaking with sweat. He looks handsome when he’s tired. Almost at the station! Quite fast! Your voice is echoing! It’s a miracle! Free echoing! It’s the station! Sasazuka Station! We made it! Sasazuka! Where’s the finish point? I’ll look for it. Wait a moment… Hello. Are you the finishing point guy? I only speak a little Japanese, sorry. What? I speak little Japanese. Oh, a little! 僕の名前はおまめサンシロ―。 Omame Sanshiro? おまめサンシロ―。 My name is Hercules SHHH!! Hercules SHHH? That’s my gag! That gag is mine! Show him your gag! Hi, I’m Omame Sanshiro. QUPEEEEN! QUPEEEEN? QUPEEEEN!! HERCULES!! Nice one!! Hercules’ gag! Yeah! Nice one! Hello, I’m Mahoto Watanabe. SHHH!! HUH?! What just happened?! Your gag doesn’t impress foreigners! It does! Hi! I’m Omame Sanshiro. SHHH!! SHHH Wait!
SHHH Wait a second! He thinks I copied you! That gag is mine!! Let’s ask him where the point is. ポイントはどこですか? I don’t know. What? He doesn’t know?! Who is this guy? Just some guy. A fan? Yes, a fan. A Begirarons fan? A fan of Begirarons! どの国の出身ですか? Sweden. Sweden! Sweden is cold. 寒い、寒い! Not only Sweden, it’s cold here too! Can we go? Let’s go then. We don’t know where the 3rd point is yet. Bandy is asking at the police box. He’s coming back now. Is he? That’s good. Where is he? There! There he is! What? Really? King, please!

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