Tokyo Horse Game ep6 | 馬で東京横断ゲーム第六話【完全にナメてました】
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Tokyo Horse Game ep6 | 馬で東京横断ゲーム第六話【完全にナメてました】

August 13, 2019

It’s the Do we need Shinjuku? Tokyo Horse Game!! Ride this horse and find out if we really needed Shinjuku. You have to travel 5 ri. Which is about 20km (12mi). We choose the rider by playing odds-and-evens. The loser has to ride and do what is written on the board. How long do we ride for? 1 ri.
How long do we ride for? How far is that? 4km.
How far is that? 4km (2.5mi)?! 11, so Cho! Yes, yes, yes! Han! Come on, please! Huh? YES! 11km from Nihonbashi. There we go. Congratulations! You know how we’re traveling 1-ri “zuka”? Yep. This is Sasa”zuka”. So that’s a type of “zuka.” Oh that’s what it means. Here we are. This is it? Yep.
This is it? So hard to tell! What is this?
So hard to tell! That was hard to tell. This is it.
That was hard to tell. So we’ve reached our goal? Yup. Yay! We’re done! Thanks so much guys! Thank you! We found out we really need Shinjuku! Definitely.
We found out we really need Shinjuku! Can’t live without it. So um… Next week will be our “Naked Challenge” game! We’ll do our best. Good job guys! Good job!
Good job guys! So onto our next Cho-Han game! I wrote the board this time – check it out. Here it is! Oh look! There he is. I’m being nice this time. Super nice. Look!!
I’m being nice this time. Super nice. It says train!! Train!
It says train!! I WANT THAT. You really wanna take that off. I seriously do. That’s great. Not sure if he knows about it though. Some energy could help. This one is “Megwin helps out”. Helps out? Game saver – MEGWIN! There’s a chance we’ll get that one! Whaaat… I’m not wearing one. Only me?
I’m not wearing one. This is the glasses thing again. If you have no jacket – take off 2 things. So we’ll be cold too… So I guess 10, 11, 7 or 2. But the viewers want 10 or 11. If we think about Begiragons. That’s what everyone wants to see.
If we think about Begiragons. If we disregard Begiragons – we just want the train. Seriously. Here we go!! Okay.
Here we go!! Han! Cho or Han?! Han!
Cho or Han?! What?! Han, then. Wait which are you? I’ll take Cho. Cho.
I’ll take Cho. You guys have gotten too close. Which one?
You guys have gotten too close. Ready and… Han!
Han! What?! Stop it you guys. Here we go. Ready and…
Come on now. Cho!
Han! Okay. Han and Cho. I’ve stopped it. OPEN! 7, so Cho! Cho, 7? That’s right.
Cho, 7? Which one was Han? Han’s this guy.
Which one was Han? You lost.
So I lost. So now what? Didn’t think we’d get this.
So now what? 2km?
Really? Does he know what’s going on? You should explain it to him! Yeah, the situation!
You should explain it to him! You should try horse for 2km. Okay. Okay? Ride on, ride on! Ride on, ride on! Hey, hey, hey. Start! You’re fast! Nice, nice. Very good! Nice speed, nice speed! You’ve been so lively the whole time. I’ve been in a strange mood since the start. I don’t know how enthusiastic we’re supposed to be. That is weird. He said “that is weird”. He’s talking to himself… You gotta interview him! Nice speed, nice speed. Ride on top of heart? Ride on heart? Do you ride on heart? Feels good? Do you feel good right now? Now? Now heart? Megwin, how do you say “is it comfortable?” “Feel,” say “feel.”
Megwin, how do you say “is it comfortable?” Feel, feel. Don’t think, feel! You’re asking for too much. Good. Good?
Good. A B C D E F… What is this?! Let Hercules ask you guys a question. Question please. Question please.
Question please. スウェーデンで運転席は右?それとも左? Ah okay okay. Right. No, no, left! 左? Yes, left. Left side.
左? Nope. Oh my God! You’re not thinking that are you? Omame, you’re being annoying. The subtle humour’s great, but I don’t know… Something’s odd. It’s funny.
Something’s odd. 超楽しいね!お尻が痛いけど、最後までやり切るぞー! It’s like he’s rapping. Okay, thank you. Nice performance! Thank you!
Nice performance! Thank you! Thank you! What’s wrong? Ouchy? It hurts (Ah, itai)…
Ouchy? You wanna see someone? (“Aitai”) You wanna see someone?
You wanna see someone? (“Aitai”) Thank you! Thank you! Nice performance! Thank you for coming! Okay, goodbye!
Thank you for coming! Have a good trip. ありがとう。 Bye! Looking good! Doing my best to fill in for Hercules. You’re fast! Too fast. He’s really fast! He’s got something in him. This is my last round! Giving it my all! This is the finale. Oh wow. Ohhhh no! Here?! Are you okay? My body is giving out!
Are you okay? Hercules was supposed to go 2km but only did 1km. That was 1km?! Yeah.
That was 1km?! Omame Sanshiro’s all you have left. Wait what? He’s your only savior. Come on, you’re here! Nope, not participating. But you’re here! We’re feeling quite safe. Is he gonna get through? Close!
Is he gonna get through? He’s forcing it! There’s snow on the road! How’s the year’s first ever snow road? He’s chopping through! Watch out! Amazing power. I’m exhausted. What are we gonna do? He’s wearing out… Man… I don’t know if I can do this. How are you? We’re about half way. DYING.
How are you? We’re about half way. Half way? So 2 more km? Probably. What’s wrong Mahoto? I completely underestimated Begiragons… Yeah, we take this seriously. This is tough huh… Why do you keep doing this show? You suffer every time! Well I get the offers… You attention seeker. Wait no, I thought I was the game master this time…
You attention seeker. This sucks. Keep going! Feelin’ it in your thighs? Definitely. You’re fast though! Keep it up! Omame-san, cheer him on! Cha-cha-cha! Cha-cha-cha-hey! You’re going the fastest you have all day! You’re this fast but still can’t catch up to those school girls. Damn it, what is this. We’re at Meiji University! Indeed we are!
We’re at Meiji University! Mahoto’s really struggling. Peak of the struggle. He’s impressive though. We’re here! Here we are – Meidaimae Station! But this isn’t our goal. 1.7km (1mi) till our next destination! I can’t tell how far that is!! You guys are looking so lovely! This makes it so much easier! You love that horse.
This makes it so much easier! I found a solution. The time’s 6pm by the way. How long since we started? It’s been 8 hours. Oh no! And he falls in the snow! You okay? I’m gonna keep going! There he goes! We’ve got a kilometer to go. Ice chance! What’s an ice chance? You’re doing good! The road’s flat from here! This pavement’s nice. I can glide. That’s great.
I can glide. Watch him go! Look, look! We’re finally seeing the words “Takaido”! We’ve been saying “almost… almost…” But we’re still not there… How much longer? So I’m thinking we should take a break. Yeah?
So I’m thinking we should take a break. Okay.
So I’m thinking we should take a break. So next time we see somewhere let’s take a break. Okay. Got it.
Okay. Please. Let’s go somewhere warm. We’re almost…we’re so close! 350m (0.2mi) to go! Big boobs, slim waist, big butt! That’s what you get when they’re tired. Turning! Go this way. Oh wow, so smooth. Turn right. Is this it?! It’s that! Right there! That board! 16km from Nihonbashi! Yeah! Goal! Yes! We made it! Finally. We reached the 4th check point! Congratulations! You look woozy, Mahoto. Oh no… We did it! Goal! Congratulations! Thank you! It says right here, we’re 16km from Nihonbashi! Good work guys! We don’t need Shinjuku! Nope, don’t need it. Now we’ll play the last Cho-Han game! Nah, let’s go for a drink. Yeah.
Nah, let’s go for a drink. We’ll drink some good sake right? It’s the last one. It’s time. Let’s do the last Cho-Han game.

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  1. I subscribed after seeing you guys on Fine Bros, and I've already watched all of your series! I'm so happy to see another episode, you guys are freaking hilarious.

  2. Will this be the first time a game doesn't end in Megwin suffering?

  3. こりゃ二人が一番しんどいだろうけど撮影する側も大変だわ

  4. I actually watched every single series on the channel and all of them were very entertaining. I'm hyped for the next series and wonder what will happen in this series 🙂

  5. I'm going to have to name some kind of horse Pokémon "Devil Killer" now. Glad that rap popped up, because I forgot its name. XD

  6. Found you guys through YouTubers React! Watched nearly all the No-Sleep challenge videos (poor Megwin!). Just a heads up, in case no one else has said anything, but on your map you have things like "3st checkpoint" and "4st checkpoint." In English, that's 3rd and 4th. So 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.

    Keep up the awesome videos!

  7. Does anyone know the song playing in the background at 6:35. It's catchy and I can't get it out of my mind. Pls help.

  8. ive already seen 2 or 3 japanese youtubers and it was making me a bit sad that i couldnt understand what they were saying, thats why i love your channel so much begiragons 😀 with those subtitles i can enjoy every vid of you, ive subscribed since ive seen you guys at the fine bros vid, i love you guys youre funny! greetings all the way from germany keep going 🙂

  9. Man, such dedication from everyone!  Not just Omame and Mahoto, but Bandy and Megwin too.  Really very very impressive!

  10. ah!!! started watching this series when i saw you did one with chris 😀 you guys are so entertaining. (ps i love mahoto's channel too even though i'm not good enough to understand what's happening in them ; v;)

  11. 歌ったりラップしたりする時、オーストラリアジンなのに、アメリカなまりになってしまうのはなぜやろう

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