Top 10 Biggest Animals In The World You Need To See
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Top 10 Biggest Animals In The World You Need To See

October 22, 2019

10 Extremely Large Animals You Need To See Isn’t it natural to overlook small things
when giants exist to capture all our attention? So it is but obvious that humans are so obsessed
with hugeness, you see we can’t blame them! We now know why women are so attracted towards
big diamonds and men have an inclination towards huge cars! But this attraction isn’t limited to breathless
things; living creatures with extra ordinary size have managed to create their space in
the list of favorites! If size matters for you, stay tuned for we
are unveiling some unbelievably huge creatures that are sure to leave you awestruck! Tallest Giraffe, Zulu
Giraffes are naturally supposed to be pretty tall so what’s so special about this one? Well the average giraffe stands as tall as
4.5 meters, huge we should say. But Zulu can easily dwarf all his friends
with his towering height of 5.7 meters! Weighing an enormous 1.3 tons, Zulu is quiet
a giant but a gentle one at that. Some lucky kids have been able to pat him
on the head and brush his nose, sounds so cute! Biggest rabbit, Darius
Yes you guessed it right, the Continental Giant breed of rabbits make for this spot
as they can grow up to 1.2 meters. But…Darius reaches a length of 1.32 meters,
wow! This cutie giant weighs at a whopping 50 pounds
and along with his son Jeff, can munch 700 apples and 2000 carrots every year. Well, that is a LOT of food and costs the
owner, Annette Edwards $6410 but she loves it. We love them too, hi5! Longest house cat, Ludo
Felines are as loved as the adorable barking creatures and are great house pets. So any love for cats? If yes, you totally need to see the world’s
longest cat, our very furry Ludo! Being a Maine Coon, he was bound to be a giant
house cat but surely the owners had no idea that he could become the longest in the species. Ludo measures 118.33 cm in length and is very
friendly, so don’t be scared to say a hello to him! Tallest horse, Big Jake
One mention of horses and your thoughts will surely race back to royalty for it surely
is a majestic animal! They are generally tall but Jerry Gilbert’s
horse is the tallest and you aint doubting that one! Standing tall at 210.2cm, this 2600 pound
creature is friendly with animals and is a hard worker once hitched to a wagon. The most interesting part is that this giant
is on a healthy diet and consumes 1.5 bales of hay along with 40 quarts of oats per day! We hope Jake doesn’t start weight lifting
now! Biggest Liger, Hercules
A hybrid of a lion and tigress, Hercules makes it to the biggest liger! Currently housed at Myrtle Beach Safari, he
measures 3.33 meter in length and 1.25 meters in height and if that isn’t enough, he weight
about 922 pounds! Isn’t it interesting that ligers are generally
larger than their two parental species? And if you are thinking about the reverse,
a tigon who is an offspring of a tiger and lioness is much smaller. We surely have an interesting universe! Longest crocodile, Lolong
This massive saltwater crocodile was captured when a 5.48 meter Cassius was the longest
crocodile in captivity. Yea you guessed it right, Lolong was longer
and crowned the title after he was measured to be 6.17 meters in 2011! 100 people were
needed to drag this violent beast to land; it isn’t too much keeping in mind that it
weighed 2370 pounds. Sadly he left us mourning on February 10,
2013 at the ripe age of 50! Tallest dog, Zeus
There can be no better friend than a dog and when you know it, you’ve learnt the best
lesson of life! Well, imagine this friend to be 2.2 meter
tall when standing on his hind legs. Isn’t that the best spectacle you’d ever
witness! That’s Zeus, the tallest dog ever with 155
pounds trained as a therapy dog to sit on your lap and make you smile. Though we doubt you’d smile if that massive
a dog sat on you! Sadly he passed away at the age of 6, normal
for the Great Dane breed. We miss you boy! Largest Stingray
You weren’t expecting a stingray on this list, were you? Well, when famous TV personality Jeff Corwin
caught a stingray, he brought to light a giant creature! With a weight of 800 pounds, it took 2 hours
to reel in. Not only that, this particular stingray measured
243cm wide while on the longer end it was close to 427cm. Though stingrays are known for their notorious
stings, we had no clue they could be so huge. Let’s just thank Jeff one more time! Longest snake, Medusa
Clocked in at 7.67 meters, Medusa became the longest living captivated snake on October
12, 2011! This reticulated python is owned by Full Moon
Productions Inc in Kansas City. One look at this beauty and you’ll freeze
in your spot because come on, the creepy figure you see at the productions is a REAL python! Medusa’s length is also not going to calm
you down so be prepared for a shock, a rather big one at that. Say a little prayer in your heart when you
enter ‘The Edge of Hell Haunted House’ where she is currently kept! Tallest Cow, Blosom
A female Holstein, Blosom was recognized as the world’s tallest cow but only a month
after she left us. What a sad thing for our lovely lady! The 2000 pound cow died at the age of 13,
when she 1.9 meters in height. She indeed was huge and extremely friendly. Her owner decided to let her stay as a pet
even after she could no longer bear calves, humanity still exists. Later she also became the farm’s official
greeter; with that height she could easily highlight the farm’s image! Do you have any more giant animals to add
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