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Top 10 Horse Breeds In The World 2016 | SuprTop

August 13, 2019

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  1. To know that your pictures show in most cases not the horsebreed you are talking about I dont even have to do some research. For example is that Frisian definitely not a Clydesdale. You dont need to know very much about horsebreeding to see that (Frisians are very unique). The pictures are under the first ones you get when you google 'horse'. Next time for better researches borrow a book about horsebreeds (Mine is about over 250 different breeds without saying this are all that exist) and take the pictures from wikipedia or something like that… Thank you very much.

  2. arabian hourses is the best in planet they are rapid strong and very active
    in the past these hourses helped muslims very much to achieve their progress in the world

  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Function is a bit more objective. Many of the horses were a given. I was surprised not to see the American Saddlebred. or the Hackney. Others struck me as being listed due to their rarity. Gosh. we could debate this all night. Have a good one.

  4. first off #10 is not a clydesdale it is a friesian and the friesian should at least be 3rd or 4th maybe even 1st but not 7th


  6. That's a Frisian not a Clydesdale and quarter horses are the best because their soft gaits oh and that's not a paint that's a skewbald paint and skewbald are colours

  7. I have to say that is not Arabic horse that's persian. becuas of islamic concer they named persian horses arabic. plz know this.

  8. Not much top 10, did you ever see Kladruber horse? Thats one majestic looking horse with unique head shape and versatility, he was bred for royal houses of Europe just look him up.

  9. gypsy vanner and the gypsy cob are exactly the same but ones smaller than the other, Arabians are so weird looking but i love them but the Andalusian horse is the most beautifulest horse and talented horse ever

  10. ALL yours are DRINKING yours own BATHWATER period the ONLY top BREEDS in HORSES is the industrial of thoroughbred association.that's why EVERYBODY in the world call this sport sport of the king because thoroughbred HORSES is what IT is all ABOUT money fame and prestige.the Arabian horses they're ok but cheap all yours not have any club ABOUT breeding and horses don't mix Apple and Orange Ja Ja Ja Ja how you like me NOW

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