Top 5 New Horse Breeds For Star Stable 🐴
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Top 5 New Horse Breeds For Star Stable 🐴

August 30, 2019

Hello Soul Riders, you’re watching a top
5 Star Stable video with Esme Silverforce. On planet Earth there’s more than 350 different
horse breeds, and in Star Stable we currently have a mere 31 (including the Super Shire). That means there’s room for many more! Here’s my list of the top 5 horse breeds
I’d like the most in the game right now! Please bear in mind that this video is based
on my personal opinions. If you do not agree with something in this
video, make sure to leave a comment and tell me what you’d rather see! Even if you don’t agree with my opinions,
remember to be nice while you share yours! Let’s get started! 5 – Swedish Warmblood
This is the Swedish Sport Horse, and man is this breed appreciated in Sweden! Just look at this face, isn’t she the most
gorgeous thing ever? Anyway, during the last seventy years this
horse has had it’s time to shine in both dressage and show jumping and a lot of cool
breeds like Dutch Warmblood and English Thoroughbred has influenced the breed during its evolution. Star Stable is a Swedish game, so I really
hope that we’ll one day get the Swedish Warmblood to Jorvik. 4 – Fell pony
Isn’t this like the cutest thing ever? The Fell pony is a pretty small horse and
it looks kinda similar to a Friesian horse – but with more colors. I think this horse would look amazing in the
Star Stable graphic style, so I really hope it will arrive to Jorvik one day. 3 – Pinto Arabian
Pinto Arabian is a young breed and as far as I know it’s not very famous outside of
the United States. According to my research a Pinto Arabian is
a horse with at least 99% Arabian blood with the Pinto color. I am very fond of Pinto horses because of
their uniqueness, and I really hope we’ll one day get some Pinto colored Arabians in
Star Stable. 2 – Rocky Mountain Horse
I’ve never seen a Rocky Mountain Horse in real life and I don’t know a lot about the
breed – but I do know it looks so cool! I love the rare colors in this breed and I
think this horse would make an awesome addition to our ever growing family of Jorvegian horses. 1 – Marwari
I’ve never seen a Marwari either, but why wouldn’t we want this cool horse in Star
Stable? This Indian horse breed is mostly known for
it’s bended ears meeting at the top of the horses’ head. It kinda resembles an Akhal Teke and I believe
this horse would be super cool to have in the game to mix things up a bit. Thank you for watching this video! If you liked it, make sure to leave a like
and subscribe to my channel. Also make sure to check out my social media
which you will find the links to in the description box below. I hope to see you all next time!

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  1. NEW – All of my top lists will have subtitles available in English! Just press the subtitle button next to the cogwheel in the bottom right of the video to activate them 😃

  2. I want the lusitano horse to be added with a special dressage gait like piaffe and the Shetland pony they are so cute 💖🤤

  3. I hope the Swedish Warmblood gets into star stable but if they made the warm bloods like a Connemara or a Hanoverian, that would be amazing. I have a Dutch warmblood, sewing the warmbloods on star stable is basically offending. I get that the Jorvik WARMBLOOD is the starter horse but honestly. We should start out with ponies instead

  4. I would love it if they added rocky mountain horses, but in wild herds, around the firgrove mountain range- if you can track down the wild herd, then you can click on your preferred herd member and buy it?

  5. Warmloods are not breeds, but sporthorses – I can't see why there some warmbloods (danish warmblood example) in the game, and not others. For me they should just be called warmbloods 🙂

  6. This video is great! I just think it's kinda outdated as we now have pinto Arabians.

  7. I totally agree with the Marwari being added! And speaking of Akhal-Teke horses, those should be added as well! They're both such unique horses, and would be a great addition to the game.

  8. I want to have the Shetland pony and we could have carriages and they pull them along 😍😍😍😍😍

    Also they should add dressage moves and not just for special horses,They should also make the Welsh pony bigger cause they are really big and not just like a pony,I have 1 irl and he’s tall and he’s taller that the quarter we have as well.

    Sorry I’m late 😝but I have watched this vid already

  9. I'm not sure we need a fell pos in Jorvik as we already have Icelandic's and Jorvik pony and now connnemaras but still pretty cool! I think they should add gypsy banners they are so beautiful!!!and I think they could well with star stables way of designing things!

  10. I am super happy they have added the Pinto Arabians! (Or Pibtabans) I have the grey pinto arabion you can get at sunfeild farm and she is absolutely stunning.

  11. I would love if SSO added in the American Saddlebred, Danish Warmblood, Missouri Fox Trotter, Appendix, and the Trakehner <3 <3

  12. Omg the first picture that showed up on the Rocky Mountain horse looked like a pony I ride. His name is root beer

  13. I really want sso to add Pony's of the America's, Black Forest horses, and American Cream horses that would make me soo happy 😁

  14. The fell would be great I'm very sure they'll redo the old breeds they have first atm and akahal tekee is one of them. Which I sincerely look forward to, also the marwari would be a truly amazing new edition but considering how rare and unknown it is generally I'd say it's unlikely to be used but I'm really hoping they'll do more small ponies like Shetlands or will have a cob or two, s nice fuzzy buddy

  15. I'm watching this while pinto arabs exist! Well anyway, I wabt them to add a "Tenessee walker" Also known as a "Tenessee walking horse." I want an updated "Andalusian." I would like to see a "Knabstrapper." I would also like to see a "Gypsy Vanner/Irish Cob." I want them to update the "American quater horses AND the American paints."I would be DELITED to see a "Holisteiner." Others I'd like to see: "American saddlebred, Clydesdales (to update the "Akhal-Teke and the Fjord") Ardanes, French trotter, Marawi and a Rocky montain horse!" I know its a lot but I would LOVE these breeds to be added in future updates! Oh and one last horse! A "Moreisian!" (Its a Friesian cross a Morgan."

  16. Pinto Arabian has been added, XD. Now, anyways, your wish came true! 😀 XD I love your voice and your accent, by the way, XD.

  17. I wan't 'em to add a saddlebred, rocky mountain horse, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY (a glassic breed everyone knows) A CLYDESDALE!!!!! Oh and btw while im watching this there is Pinto Arabs! I asume that you were really exited when they came out!

  18. I've never heard of ANy of these horses besides the rocky mountain I believe they were- nope those where mules never mind

  19. Fell Pony would be great, the Exmoor too would be a great addition. What about Standardbreds? Personally I also think adopting a rescue horse/pony would be a lovely feature.

  20. I want a trotter in the game and I know it I say it late but I hat your video only now seen because never watch this kind of video I'm going to be more often now

  21. Personally I think that the Jorvik Warmblood actually is the Swedish Warmblood or at least heavily inspired by it. So maybe we will have to wait a bit longer until they actually do Swedish warmbloods,

    But if we wait for another year, they will be through with all the breed remakes from the old game and then they will only do new breeds. I am exited for this time to come and maybe – maybe we will get some Curlies and Marwaris, then

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