Touching the Horse’s Heart – Animals as Natural Therapy
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Touching the Horse’s Heart – Animals as Natural Therapy

August 12, 2019

You know, the school programs are so important
for the kids, so important. So, we need that money to continue to operate. This could be
an impact on somebody that will affect them for the rest of their life. especially when
they lost parents, especially when they’ve had their life in crisis. Veterans, you
know, veterans come back from maybe three, four tours overseas and they are lost. If
you are not convinced, let me share my story. So, I’m a 23-year Marine in special operations.
Nothing could hurt me, I’m invincible, at least that’s what they teach you. That’s
not true. Life happens and things happen and if you’re willing to admit and figure out
what’s inside you and what’s inside your feelings, you’re going to make it. I was
recommended for ANT by one of the doctors from the VA. I was diagnosed with acute PTSD
a year and a half ago and right after that I started with ANT. And at first I thought
I’ll give it a shot but I thought it was hocus-pocus (laughs). But the horses fixed
that, the horses tend to sense what you’re feeling and sense how your feeling, especially
when you don’t know how to get in touch with your feelings. They tend to help you
figure that out. And it’s not hocus-pocus. Juaquin was very (laughs) proactive. He would
call me on the weekend as well just to see how I’m doing but. In one particular case,
there was a week when Sonja and Joaquin and I were with three horses and “Abby” did
not want the other two horses involved. So she kept moving in front of me and protecting me from the other two horses. and I think that was also the week
where we talked about anxiety. And when you touch the horses heart, and you touch your
heart, and you breathe, it’s a pretty amazing feeling. Did the horses help me heal? Yes.
Yes, they did. They are awesome.

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