Tour of Flanders 2019: Bettiol wins! – EF Gone Racing

September 24, 2019

Today is the day of Flanders [What will you be happy with today?] To arrive back at the bus and say
“I gave my 110%.” We will see. – Good morning Taylor.
– Good morning. Are you making a home video? Yeah, I’m gonna make a little skate video. *Good morning Taylor!* That’s going to be the highlight of your video. It’s going to be the highlight of my day, I think. Sebastian! The Tour of Flanders is a bicycle race in Belgium at the place where professional bike racing was born A lot of cobbles are involved.
Cobbled roads, Cobbled climbs which are not roads that anybody
really wants to ride a bicycle on So naturally they’re the roads we take. Normally I’m pretty calm but put a number on my back at the Tour of Flanders, and I’m a different person. Razor blades on your arms…
I love it! I think I’ve done Tour of Flanders 12 or 13 times and it’s still with the same passion the same energy I had the first time I was here. It’s pretty special. Bettiol is a guy who I feel that, give him another year or two under his belt, and these races are going to be perfectly suited to him. When he first came to the team
he was the youngest rider on the team. Little by little he’s turned himself into a real bike racer. I think Langeveld and Bettiol are really on point and if things plays out right
both of them should be in contention. No, no, no!
At the start I didn’t have good legs. No, no no, absolutely. I knew I had to suffer, I had to suffer. The Muur came and I felt pretty good. Ok, here we go
Turn right onto the cobbles you hit the first few and you’re like
‘Ah yep’ and it’s just like settle in,
the legs just start burning. Every now and then you might hear a
‘Go on Scully!’ And that keeps you going. What comes to mind is like a slug. You’ve gotta get up this bloody slug. It’s like a tunnel of noise either side, across the cobbles it’s just noise noise noise. There’s just the wall of
“URGHHH” But you know at the Tour of Flanders
anything can happen. I was trying to focus on
what would be the best moment to attack I wait wait wait.
Take a deep breath… I saw a shadow, and thought
“Ok, they’re there.” But it was the motorbike! So I said,
“Ok, push push push.” I think I pushed even with the elbow With my head, my hands, my fingers, my feet! One kilometre and I saw the finish line and thought okay it’s still too far for me. I turned around and saw nobody And I just enjoyed the first victory of my pro career And it was a Monument. During massage we talked about it. Him and Tom, I massage those two guys. He said ‘if I ever win a big one!
if win a Mother Fxxxin’ big one! I’m gonna buy a yellow Mustang.’ And I said,
‘Betto, you’re gonna buy a Mustang?’ ‘Yeah I’m gonna buy a Mustang and me and you
are gonna drive it down to the south of Italy.’ To win is a race is one thing But to win the big, big one,
it’s incredible. The way he’s been moving in the bunch
the last couple of weeks, he’s just right where he needs to be. It’s incredible. We got the big one! So, what do you want to know? What is Alberto like? He still lives at home, he’s 25. He’s classic Italian, but he’s a good kid. He’s very relaxed. I think that’s his strength. He’s so relaxed it makes me nervous sometimes. I nearly started to cry. I got very emotional and tried to control my feelings. But it’s very much a team effort. I’ve been lucky enough to be at some big wins.. but this is a… It’s his first professional win! Flanders! And it was such a team effort. Alberto took the top step, but the work that Sep did. And Sebas and Tom… Sorry… I know that in this team everyone puts in
everything they have. All the passion. The guys who are standing with the wheel. Or who prepare the food room I think from tomorrow they will be driven
not only by the passion but also the knowledge that if they put more and more,
we can win Monuments. And this victory is also for all these people,
really, from my heart. 3, 2, 1. Let’s go! 396 Whatsapp messages. 6 emails. – Only 6 emails?
– Yeah. This is Vodafone, saying my internet is over. Where’s the Mustang, huh?! I am really proud.
It was an honour to have team mates like these guys, and to have champions like Sep and Sebastian work for me… It was something crazy. For the moment just enjoy the champagne,
and I hope you enjoy it as much as me. CHEERS!

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