Toy Wild Zoo Animals For Kids – Learn Animal Names Video
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Toy Wild Zoo Animals For Kids – Learn Animal Names Video

August 18, 2019

Welcome To RaceToyTime! Hi guys! It’s RaceToyTime! Today, I’m going to show you some wild animal figures Now, let’s get started! Here’s the new Schleich Hippo figure Okay, next, we have here a Reticulated Giraffe from CollectA And we have a Safari Limited flamingo And here’s another flamingo But the color is a little bit different. It’s more pink Okay, next we have here a Safari Limited Indian Rhino And next let’s open this up We have here the Breyer Goose Here it is! This is very cute And then, next Looks like we have a bear here And this is from the Animal Planet Mojo The Sun Bear Next, let’s check out more animals We have here the new Schleich Lion And next we have here a Komodo Dragon Let’s check this out. We have the snow leopard cub And here we have a peacock And here’s the Batrian Camel It has two humps And next we have lying Giraffe calf Oh, this is very cute. I like this figure And next we have an Orangutan carrying her baby And here we have a Papo African Buffalo And next we have Gray Wolf And here we have a White Tiger cub And here’s a Lynx or a Bobcat Next we have a Chimpanzee carrying her baby Here’s a Gorilla Here’s a Mountain Lion or a Puma And next we have here a Brazilian Tapir And next we have here A tiger cub And lastly we have a Mallard Duck And now let’s put the animal figures in our diorama Okay, well I hope you guys enjoy that video And if you do, please subscribe to RaceToyTime channel And also click on those links above to watch more fun videos here at RaceToyTime channel Thank you for watching! Stay Tuned! Bye bye

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