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Tractor vs. sawhorse

March 4, 2020

I know the sawhorse is strong but how will it do against the tractor tractor’s wheels are off the ground. sawhorse is holding steady oh yeah there’s a bit of sag here the problem is the front end loader doesn’t maintain downforce very well so it just kind of sag up. Took the load off the sawhorse. There’s some damage to the sawhorse where the forks tipped off of it but overall it held that’s what made the cracking sound. now testing it with a sawhorse but I didn’t build that was actually kind of impressive but it just didn’t have the lateral stability this one here was also pushing to the side quite a bit but the joints on here give it a lot more stability

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  1. I can't get it, what is the problem with video?
    If someone is buidling sawhorses and maybe he can use them for holding bricks or people while standing on some kind of platform and working, or just put heavy load on it, this is a best proof for these sawhorses. If you don't like video, make yourself better, i don't like just build videos, but this follow up videos when you see that projects in action.

    Test of TRUE strength! Keep the good work!

  2. Out of curiosity…do you have any idea how much weight was placed on the saw horses? I know it would be quite a bit but didn't know if you had an approximate number. Thanks.

  3. very enjoyable! I'll never understand that hate on these slightly more whimsical experiments. This illustrated a point in a way that was easy to understand and also humorous.

  4. You know, if you would take Colin Furze's example and invest in a safety neck tie, the safety police would shut right up. :p

  5. Subscribers are the most ungrateful people I have ever seen.

    Do you understand how much content this man has put out?! And you're sitting on your butts doing nothing, making nothing, creating nothing and then complaining about him making a video you don't like as if his channel is terrible?

    And what the heck is wrong with you? This was a good video. How you didn't find this interesting is beyond me.

  6. I love destructive testing! Breaking stuff just to break it can be fun and relieving. Breaking stuff to prove your design is good is even more satisfying. This guy put his design through a test to prove a point. Well done on the saw horse and proving the point! If I build saw horses, I'll use your design.

  7. man, I'm glad I built your type of sawhorses! 🙂
    do you think you could maybe (no disrespect to others) test Steve's and Diresta sawhorses like this? I'm just being curious 🙂

  8. If you want to find out if your saw horse will hold up one end of your tractor 'good for you' however please don't try to do any maintenance work under the tractor since I would miss the articles and videos if for once one of your devices wasn't quite 'equal to the task'

  9. Nice video. You might have had better more consistent results using the bucket instead of the forks. You seem to have some ram or control valve leakage in the fork ram circuit.

  10. wooow impressive
    i know its strong but not that strong
    love the effort to put this video
    and the assembly time of the 2nd one to prove a point..
    overall I'm buying the plans now as I was impressed.

  11. So, we have seen him build the saw horses, drop things on them, including a safe….weight compression test with the tractor. Is it just me wondering…What he could do next to actually break them? He does like to test to the point of failure! As always, great videos.

  12. In the past build some saw horses , n weight tested to 500-600 hundred pounds over two, I.E. Three guys on planks doing over head work.
    Often wondered just how much they would of held

  13. обожаю его видео. такое ощущение что Маттиас сейчас позовет марти макфлая и начнет рассказывать про скорость, необходимую для скачка во времени

  14. OMG – the horror, the horror. All our kids will be born nekkid as a consequence of this non-OSHA approved procedure. ☺

  15. Well engineered sawhorse design, sturdy with a minimal amount of material.
    The metal bracket sawhorses are designed to be built in less than 10 minutes and fold flat for transporting and storage. Both are good attributes for tradesmen using sawhorses for their intended purpose. Your point is well demonstrated in that any sawhorse should not be used for working on tractors or used as makeshift scaffolding unless you are competing for a Darwin award.

  16. I need to change my john deer's front tire tomorrow. I popped it removing trees that fell during hurricane Matthew. I better get out the sawhorses.

  17. you could calculate approx weight by knowing total weight, approx angle it rested on sawhorse. Probably still good amount of weight though.

  18. matthias maby you should chek your valve block because that is not supposte to happen greetings from the netherlands ps the valveblock is useually where your lever is

  19. i live in Southern California were each day we have earthquake some we can feel and some we cant

    these can be great to have and hide under them for protection

  20. Matthias, you live the dream sir. I get a little vicarious joy through the small snippets like these that you post. Just a man, his saw horses and his tractor on a sunny day, tackling the real questions. Excellent!

  21. Hey this was the very same sawhorse that he torture testing in his original saw horse video… 3 years ago (recognized the gouge that the safe took out of it). Goes to show they last!

  22. Heroic! Epic! What an excellent way to demonstrate the willingness of triangles to resist dynamic forces at work.
    BTW – next time you are up on a step ladder on a door on sawhorses, be sure to have the camera on and focused. In your enthusiasm to prove a point – well, I have to admit, it was like watching myself – just before the fall…
    Farmers rock!!!
    Blessings as always,
    Hand Andy

  23. Look how an engineer work.. I would run the tractor back and forth til it aligned.. Engineers move the object..

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