Traeger Timberline 850 Wood Fired Pellet Grill & Smoker Review |
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Traeger Timberline 850 Wood Fired Pellet Grill & Smoker Review |

March 4, 2020

Hi, I’m Chef Tony Matassa with Today we are checking out Traeger’s Timberline
premium series of wood fired pellet grills. This is their 850 and this is their 1300.. Today we will be focusing in on their 1300. Let’s get started! The Traeger Timberline is fueled by a large
capacity, 24Lb. Pellet hopper on the right side of the grill. At the bottom of the hopper, you can see the
auger.. this is what transports the exact amount of pellets to the fire pot when needed
to reach and maintain your ideal temperature. The Timberline’s large capacity hopper means
you can comfortably fit a whole 20Lb. Bag of pellets at a time, with room to spare. This large capacity hopper is especially nice
when smoking something for a long time, because a full hopper can power your grill for up
to 20 hours. The control panel on the hopper has an easy
to read digital display. Simply turn on the grill, and use this dial
to set your temperature anywhere from a low of 165°F to a maximum temperature of 500°F
Once your target temperature is set, just ignite the grill with the push of a button
& the auger will transport the right amount of pellets to the fire pot. The Traeger Timberline features an induction
fan that rolls the smoke and heat over your food before exiting the grill’s rear vent,
forming their Tru convection system. The body of the Traeger timberline features
a double wall stainless steel interior, for heat retention & durability. The lid of the grill also has an airtight
gasket, to make sure your heat & smoke stays in the grill where it’s meant to be. This insulated design, paired with the Tru
convection system makes cooking on the Timberline just as easy as using an oven. I used cinnamon rolls to test the heat distribution,
and they turned out great! The Timberline series even comes with Wifire
technology, which allows you to remotely control your grill through Traeger’s app. Easily set your grill temperature and monitor
the progress of your cook from the app. For longer cooks like this turkey, you can
set a target internal temperature, so you know exactly when your food is cooked to perfection. Traeger’s app even comes loaded with a wide
range of recipes that have target temperatures pre programmed. Let’s say you want to smoke some ribs.. Just navigate to the pork section.. Pick a recipe & press cook now.. Your grill will then reach and maintain the
ideal temperature for the recipe. It’s nice to take the guesswork out of managing
temperature, especially when it comes to low and slow smoking. When it comes to cooking large batches of
food, the Traeger Timberline 1300 has you covered with a 3 tiered cooking rack design,
which combine to provide 1300 square inches of cooking space. Each rack can be removed when needed & the
cooking grids are made out of stainless steel rods, for maximum durability. The bottom rack can either be used in this
top position, or moved lower for higher temperature cooking. I like to set it in the lower position when
cooking something like burgers. Under the cooking grids of the Traeger Timberline,
you’ll find a grease drip tray, this catches the drippings from what you grill & works
to vaporize the moisture back toward your food. In the back left and right corners of the
grill, you can see the inlets that allow smoke to roll up the rear wall of the grill before
exiting, a key component of Traeger’s Tru convection design. Beneath the grease drip tray, you can see
Traeger’s heat shield, this sits above the fire pot where the pellets burn, helping to
even out the rising heat. Under the heat shield, you can see the fire
pot where the auger deposits pellets to burn and maintain the grills temperature. When you want to quickly change the type of
wood pellet you are using, the rear of the hopper has a door that allows pellets to be
emptied. Other nice features of the Traeger Timberline
include a magnetic cutting board, that secures to the top of the hopper, a side shelf with
hooks to keep grill tools close at hand, and a grease management system that drains into
a slide out drip pan on the left lower portion of the grill for easy cleaning. Thank you for watching, for more information
on Timberline grills, or any of the other great Traeger products.. Please give us a call or check us out online
today. I’m Chef Tony Matassa, and remember.. at we smoke.. The competition!

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  1. Great review Tony….anyone reading this, its an Awesome smoker, have had one for two months, great meals made…pricey but well worth it…

  2. That is one hell of a grill I think I'm going to go ahead and get one of these instead of the pro 32 I'll just save up and wait cuz that's awesome

  3. I will never buy or recommend Traeger to anyone – unless they want a really expensive bread warmer.

    – Within the first year the control board died, but was replaced under warranty.
    – Replaced the hot rod in 2016 and it needs to be replaced again in 2018.
    – It's great when your 4 hours into smoking a brisket and go out to find that the auger motor or fan has died.
    – Heat control and/or retention is horrible. I don't recall this ever getting up to 400 degrees. Currently, it takes 45 – 60 minutes for this to get up to 300 degrees and when it's opened to put food on it the temp drops to about 250 and it struggles to even get back to 270 (despite the temp control being set to high).
    – I would not recommend grilling on these – they don't get hot enough for searing.
    – If you live in a "mild" climate like Oregon, you will either need their overpriced thermal cover or a welding blanket during any season other than summer.

    I know and have met several other people that have shared similar complaints/issues, etc.

    Overall, this is a $900 pile of scrap. The new Timberline series may be better, but is WAY overpriced; however, this is probably the way it should have been designed and could still be sold in the $1k – $1.2k price range. I'm not rolling the dice on this brand again and will stick to a good Weber and look at RekTek, Big Green Egg, Kamado, etc. for a better quality product.

  4. Can anyone comment as to how accurate the temp is once set? My concern is Wired's review of the 850 said the temp reading was off by a substantial amount when compared to another thermometer

  5. so, what happens if this pit breaks down within say 6 months or even 2 years ?. who fixes it ? i have asked around, i cant find anyone that can repair if it screws up.

  6. Id like to get your thoughts on a good grill smoker Combo. I'm leaning towards the Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn party smoker and grill. Any other recommendations? This is about the price point I'd like to be at.

  7. Just a little curious what makes this better than the Ironwood 650/885? I'm no grill expert … But ordered the Ironwood 885 for my dad, and hope I didn't make a big mistake …

  8. I just bought the 850 from a local Platinum Dealer. They answered all my questions and had an unbiased opinion also as they sell other brand names. (Some even more expensive) I have to say, when I look into the eyes of anyone and ask “What would you spend your money on?”, they all say Treager. My SS Weber Genesis II is jealous.

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