Trail Riders: Measure Your Horse for Tack
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Trail Riders: Measure Your Horse for Tack

August 12, 2019

Sherry: Hi my name is Sherry. Thank you so much for coming an stopping by my trailer. I would love to talk to you about my tack
which is made for trail riding please come with me Sherry: All right we’re gonna do here, so this is our in-stock sleek size, and clearly at this not fit. The cheek pieces are too
long what we’re looking for is we want the nose band to fit three to four
fingers underneath the the jowl of the cheek. We want this pulled up. So we want the throat much much shorter more like, that…
so you’re going to get a closer contact fit, and that’s gonna cause us also to
need to adjust the the piece underneath there. So, how we go about things… Okay we
measure what we call smile – smile which is literally the corner of
the mouth and well how we go about things is we’re gonna measure the horse
versus measuring like the product. So much like with clothing to measure
your inseam and some magic chart tells you then what size you wear mm-hm
alright? Corner to corner of the mouth is 44
inches. Let me write that down. We call that the “smile to smile” and then the
nose band here Debbie, that’s a that’s very important, the fit of it, on a
halter bridle and the reason is if this nose band is too short it’s gonna pull
that product right up into her eye. You’ve probably seen that with a bridle or if it’s too
long you’re gonna have continual sloppy fit and if you notice in the upper part
of it there’s no adjustment. So we’re gonna find that three to four finger
area and we’re gonna measure all the way around her nose… and none of this needs
to be precise because they’ll be some adjustment but that’s 24 inches… and a
lot of horses would be 12 on the bottom 12 on top. She’s not, she’s got a very
narrow under chin. So we’re gonna go back to this area the three to four
fingers under and we’re gonna triangulate here we’re at the corners
of her mouth we call that a nose band “smile to smile” cause that’s where this is…
the nose band, is actually gonna set… so she’s got 12 and a half…
we do a throat latch… look at that pretty mane.. and then everyone has an opinion about the brow band, my own is that I do not want one that’s a head knocker you’re gonna be
banging her head but I also don’t want one that is so tight it’s pulling this
pole forward and causing pressure where you don’t need it. Most gaited horses like a walking horse or a fox trotter are about 17… and she is 15. alright you know we’re gonna see about
pasos usually have very short shoulders We go to the center of the breast, make sure the saddle is on and is it settled where you need it to be?
Debbie: Yeah Yeah, I put more forward when I first put it on, but it’s settled. Sherry: OK, we’re going to go to the center of your breast for the breast collar with ring would be… and then wherever you’re gonna fasten into.
Which in this case is 25… and then we’re gonna go back to the center of the
breast and to wherever here you’re gonna go into and that’s 20. and I think you were looking at doing
the endurance style per breast collar? Debbie: I’m not sure about it that one yet.. Sherry: Well I mean if you ever did… Right here a the shoulder; to get your best gait on the trail…is, there’s some interference with this breast collar. Debbie: Yeah she’s actually it’s too low
for her. Sherry: So an endurance style (this is too big) This would go into your saddle This kicks forward and what you want Ideally, is that line

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