Training Wild Horses With Convict Cowboys
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Training Wild Horses With Convict Cowboys

August 25, 2019

– I would say a bond between
the inmate and the horse is one of the most important
things that they learn. When they actually start
to bond with that horse, they will become better
trainers, they will become better people. I think that’s good that
they feel that much pride in their horses. It’s good to have pride in
something, especially in prison. (contemplative music) (birds chattering) Go right up behind his ears
a little bit with that rope. Now when that gets up there, he may jump, so. Done pretty good. My name’s Hank Curry. I’m the head horse trainer
here at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. I’ve been here 15 years now,
and I’m in charge of about 20 to 25 inmates. We’re taking a completely
wild horse and trying to domesticate them, get
them where they’re a gentle, usable horse. The inmates put in applications
to come to work out here. According to their behavior in
prison, we review all of that and try to decide whether
or not they could possibly become horse trainers. To start out with, we
take a totally wild horse, and I have my guys actually
put them in a round corral. We don’t allow them to
rope them or anything else. They have to actually make
contact with their hands. Most of the inmates have
maybe ridden a horse once or twice in their
life, so it takes a lot of guts, and it takes
a lot of determination. – This guy right here didn’t
want nothin’ to do with me and now he’s my little
buddy and he follows me everywhere I go. – It’s just a moment
where you bond, you know, and you become like best friends. This guy only did it
within the last few weeks. It’s pretty amazing. I mean, I’m not doing time
until I go back to camp. You know, and that’s when the clock
starts for me as far as realizing where I’m at. When I’m out here I’m free. – [Hank] In the last few
years, we’ve developed a lot of horses that have
been used by the Fish and Game wardens, the Forestry Service. The Sheriff’s Department
actually has a mounted group and those were horses
trained by this program. I think that, you know, this job is
kind of inspirational. It’s not like regular prison
where everybody’s running around being foul-mouthed,
you know, being a tough guy and everything else. Doesn’t work out here. Horses don’t care who you
are, how big or how tough you are; they will
equalize the playing field if you want to play tough. I see a great deal of
change in all these guys. They seem to mature. They’re functioning;
they know how to work; they know how to hold a job. So often it’s changed their lives.

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  1. Excellent work. Way to give these guys a second chance. Trust is something we all yearn to have and once it's broken once it's difficult to piece it up.

  2. my mum used to have to go into the pens of wild horses (she works at an airport) and go through their manes to clear out plant matter and brush their tails, but the only reason she was made to do it was because all the guys were to scared to face the horses😂

  3. There's alot of parallels between the horses and inmates, truly inspiring. I believe this is how we teach people there's good in the world.

  4. How do they just "take wild horses" though? I'd understand if it was lost and they couldn't find its herd but i can't imagine that would happen often.

  5. i used to break wild horses at my old ranch and i met some of these guys. they are all lovely and they care so much about their mustang. ive seen some guys get so much better just because of it. thanks to you guys for showing it!

  6. I love to see prisons that have programs to actually rehabilitate, not just lock people up, and do nothing! I'm glad to see more, and more prisons realizing that's the only way to make a difference in someone's life. I wonder what kinds of programs they offer women? Are there any? Each time I've seen the cat, dog, and now horse program, it's only with male inmates.

  7. There are technically no wild horses in The Americas. They are all feral. The difference is that they used to be domesticated and escaped into the wild through various means. Whereas true wild horses have never been domesticated. As far as I know the only truly wild horses are in Mongolia

  8. its unfortunate to say that this is an inspirational idea because there should be more programs like this. a convict maybe guilty of a crime but they are most definitely still a capable human being.

  9. I love horses, this video makes me want to adopt a horse! I wish we could ride horses instead of cars sometimes

  10. Hank Curry we have the wild horse DNA on mustang quarter toroborough arab . We wonder if your organisation wanna start share own horses for familys in Sweden and in USA with USA and Sweden

  11. I spent 6 yrs training horses under Hank Curry while I served a 10 year sentence. What you just seen is truly the most amazing program that any could imagine. I have personally been saved by the horses and this program. I could fill up hours with stories of Hank and this program. I have been out 7 years and own my own business and started a family and I can honestly tell you it’s because of what I learned in this program. This is what rehabilitation is really all about, nothing easy and when you get it, you respect it and hold on to it

  12. but if the convicts are rehabilitated how will the prison owners make money if prisons are getting shut down????

  13. It's my absolute dream to live in the desert and have a mustang to go on trails with. Definitely for my first horse, I plan on getting a trained mustang, and I've looked at the inmate trained mustang catalog, and there are some really nice ones for riders of all levels. I definitely want my horse to come from here. And maybe with more experience I can eventually adopt a wild mustang.

  14. Faith in humanity restored!! This is the best thing I have seen in a long time!! What a great organization. Makin cowboys outta criminals, hot damn

  15. I was in that program. Hank's a great guy. It's funny how much you can learn from a guy that only speaks in common sense terms. And really only when he needs to.
    Happy to see he's still around.

  16. It's me Daniel from India.
    Somebody please help me to get the type of saddle as shown in the vedio…. I want any how….

  17. Beautiful surroundings! Animals don't judge people like we do, energy is all they care about and the bond created between human and horse is strong and spiritual, it teaches us something about ourselves. This is an excellent rehabilitation program, many non-convicts would benefit of this as well. Good stuff

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