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Treating Gastric Ulcers | Rosie’s Recovery Routine // Versatile Horsemanship

August 20, 2019

here we are the day after Rosie got home
from the Wisconsin equine clinic and she spent the night last night in the round
pen she was to be on limited food so she had an empty stomach this morning she
was so frisky and running around it was really great to see her back to herself since rosie was feeling so much better I
thought it would be good to put her back out with the herd so she could get
outside and stretch her legs and just be in her herd environment but
unfortunately after a few minutes the other horses started really chasing her
off and being pretty mean to her and I wasn’t comfortable with with any of that
I didn’t want her to get hurt if you haven’t been following Rosie story I’ll
put a link above so you can go back and watch everything that we went through
with her after watching for a few minutes I decided to pull Rosie out of
the herd I didn’t feel like she was safe and I just didn’t want her to get hurt
so I also brought Daisy in and I left Rosie and Daisy in the indoor arena
together that way Rosie had some company and they’re the same size so I wasn’t
worried about Rosie getting hurt and then they’ll be reintroduced to the herd
together when I feel the time is right it’s negative 20 right now without
windchill and I’m not happy with how much Rosie and Daisy drank today they’re
staying in my arena right now and so I brought up some a handful of grain with
electrolytes and warm water mix that up real good form and they’re enjoying that
thoroughly so hopefully this will encourage them to drink a little bit
more water tonight jassie the first thing I do right away
when I come out in the morning is they bring a nice bucket of warm water and
take out the water from the night before so as you can see here’s how much they
drank last night so they did a little over a third of this bucket and it is
frozen solid and I’m actually pretty happy with that because they drank
really good when I was out last night so I feel like they’re doing okay with
their water and I’ve been giving them a lot of electrolytes and stuff too just
to make sure that they’re drinking good it’s been so cold it’s really been a
concern of mine the first thing that Rosie gets in the day is her UltraGuard
so I have that here and this one is ulcer guard gastro guard is the same
thing so I’ve used both and she gets right now she’s getting sick snatches on
here so she gets six notches which is good because she’s little where if she
were a big horse she’d be getting this whole tube and these are all $35 a piece
and she’s been so good about this I haven’t even been I haven’t even been
putting the halter on her make sure that it gets on the side of her cheek Daisy
really wants them to it kind of smells like them
smells like cinnamon so I think they think she kind of likes it I’ve been
really good about giving Rosie this on an empty stomach so basically what I
would do is limit her hay at night and then in the morning give this to her on
an empty stomach and then half an hour to an hour later she gets the cell crow
fate I think that’s what it’s called and the sucker fate is best when she
actually has food in her tummy so I go ahead and take her and give her hay and
the cell crow fate and that’s how it goes
so three times a day this in the morning cell cerf a half hour to an hour later
and they’ll compete again in the evening and
then I limiter Hey but again with it being so cold I’m just not comfortable
limiting hay at all it’s been way too cold to do that so for a few days she’s
been getting her ulcer guard with hay in her tummy so I’m sure that that’s just
fine I thought this would be good to show – I have a hey chicks hay net
hanging up in the arena for them and the thing I like about this is they’re able
to it keeps them busy so they’re able to sit there and munch on it and I know
that they’ve always got hay in their hindgut
and that’s what keeps a horse warm in the winter it’s not the quantity of the
hay it’s the act of actual eating so making sure that they always have hay in
their belly is a really good way of preventing issues they look like a
fire-breathing dragon so cold right now so the second medication that Rosie’s
going to get is sell crow fate and it’s these little pink pills and they’re very
chalky so I have a syringe and she gets three of these twice a day so I’m just
putting the pills inside I put the pills inside the syringe and then I’m going to
take this jug of water and I’m just going to have Minnie’s like get out of
my pockets they just dissolve really really fast in here and then I just go
ahead and give him a good give him a good shake
and it just turns right into a nice liquid so this is super easy to give her
and again I feel kind of bad though because every time I come over three
times a day I’m out here and I’m stuffing things in her mouth and I feel
kind of bad about that so after I give her this one I typically do give her a
little treat just so she’s not thinking that I’m always shoving something in her
mouth I don’t want her to be worried you know the first the first few days she
was kind of like not again and she would just turn and walk away from me and I
don’t want her to become difficult to catch or anything like that so it is a
situation where I think giving her a treat
a nice thing to do again I don’t even use a halter for this she’s really good
about it I have pink stuff I think on every article of clothing that I own now yeah so the next thing is she’s gonna
get a little piece just for being a good girl
Daisy you get one too just because you’re here and I would feel bad giving
it’s one and not the other now fast forward to evening I am doing my my
final check of the day on the minis and I’m so excited because they actually
like emptied their bucket and they haven’t been doing this lately at all so
I’m really happy about that these little guys horses should drink
about one gallon of water per 100 pounds that they are so these guys they’re
about 300 pounds each so they should be going through about 6 gallons a day so
I’m pretty happy because this was a really good amount for them to drink
since they had it felt last so I brought them out a fresh bucket of water where
I’m water and now Rosie’s gonna get her very final dose of SELCO fate actually
it’s funny because I know what I’ve been saying it for weeks now and I suddenly
forgot what it’s called okay Rosie knows it’s coming final dose we have kittens playing in
the so it’s a very final dose of this I’m so excited so with the pink stuff
here this has been twice a day for two weeks
so now tomorrow all she’ll be getting now is the officer guard which she’s
gonna be getting a half a dose of that every day for another two weeks and then
she’ll be done with her treatment so I’m very excited for that to be done and now
since Daisy gets one just because she’s here even though Rosie’s supposed to be
getting her ulcer guard on an empty stomach I’m gonna go ahead and let her
have hay again tonight just because I want to make sure that they aren’t cold
the temperature is supposed to warm up drastically starting tomorrow and I’m
also gonna be putting her back out with the herd tomorrow I did have some issues
when I put her out the last time because a couple of the mares really we’re
pretty lean door so I’ll put her in Daisy back out in the herd tomorrow
after I give her her ulcer guard I’ll keep you posted tomorrow I’ll get some
video footage of her getting put back out with the herd so you can see how
they how they all interact she’s been away from the herd
she was with the herd one time since this whole episode has happened so in
two weeks she’s only been with her herd one time
so but it just put Rosie and Daisy back out
into the herd and the whole gang he’s running after Rosie Rosie’s got her little tail folded up
over back oh they’re having a good time Rosi is so happy to be back with her
herd everybody’s getting along so well so please I really think that when they
were driving her out the last time they just knew that she was sick you know
herd animals it just when one is not right they don’t want it to be involved
because that’s gonna draw in predators I really feel like that’s why they were
pushing her out of the herd is because they knew she wasn’t feeling well they
knew there was something wrong I have not seen her this happy in weeks so this
is really awesome the other horses are being nice to her and she’s um she’s her
same old sassy self she’s not really putting up with anything we’re before
when they would go after her she just leave and go back in the pasture by
herself so I’m so excited to see her doing so good okay today I’m gonna show
you Rosie’s new routine so we are into the
second half of her treatment of ulcers and now she’s only getting three notches
of the ulcer guard and I’m gonna call it and catch her as you can see we have a
tremendous amount of ice today we had some freezing rain and now it’s snowing
and it’s beautiful actually I feel like I live in a snow globe but anyway so I’m
gonna go out and get Rosie and bring her in for a couple hours while I take care
of feeding and everything she’s gonna just kind of hang out in a stall without
any food because the ulcer guard works best if they have an empty stomach
so I’m gonna just take her off food for a little while and give her her ulcer
guard and then she’ll go back out with the herd Rosie and Petra are thoroughly
enjoying this branch that fell into the pasture
Rosie sees me coming she’s like I’m out here she’s like I don’t ever want to
have to stay in the stall again please don’t take me away okay now that Rosie’s been away from her
food for a couple of hours I’m just gonna give her her dose of ulcer guard
that’s just gonna go in and there we go it’s as easy as that and she really
doesn’t mind it at all so now she’s just getting her she’s getting a half dose
for her size for two weeks so we are almost done with that and then hopefully
she’ll be all free and clear of ulcers and feeling much better
such a good girl

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  1. You may want to look into Pharm-aloe equine pellets and gel. My neighbor has had great results with her horse. I've had excellent results with my dog's horrible digestive system using the pet pellets.

  2. Both,,,,horses, are,so,,beautiful, ,,snd,,so,,pretty,,thank,,you,,for,,all,,you,,do,,,,for,,them😁😉😄😗😍😚

  3. I totally understand the experience as my 6 year old Arabian went to spend a couple day visit at Wisconsin Equine as well for Ulcers, it was definitely stressful but an AMAZING learning experience !

  4. How’s she doing these days Brandy? Rosie such a little cutie ❤️ Those darn ulcers can be so problematic 😞

  5. It's so interesting how the whole dynamics change when you mix up the herd a bit. Rosey and Daisy look so happy to be home with the gang. So darn CUTE!

  6. Jeeez Brandi, does anyone ever play with that dog and his toy? 😄😁 Between that Pooch and those crazy cats in the background, you sure get upstaged a lot!
    Lots of information as usual in your videos, and always lovely to see you caring so well for all the critturs…Thanks again.

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