Treating Swollen/ Injured Leg Of Zebra Finch At Home | Home Remedy For Treating Swollen Leg of Birds
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Treating Swollen/ Injured Leg Of Zebra Finch At Home | Home Remedy For Treating Swollen Leg of Birds

March 1, 2020

Hey guys welcome to All About Pets N I’ve got a bad news My little white zebra finch got his leg injured. Though there’s no blood stains… But it is for sure his left leg is not well. He cannot stand on his both feet. He is taking help of his right leg to sit, and giving rest to his left leg. He cannot even walk properly. I don’t know the reason behind his leg injury.. As you can see how he his right leg is carrying his body weight. He’s tilted towards his right hand side. So let’s catch him, and give him a treatment. Then I’ll show you how he has recovered. Its evening here, n I’ve no one to help me make this video.. I’ll try to do it by myself. I put the camera on this cage now! Also I’m sorry in advance if the video is not well focused Here you can see I’m touching his left feeg and he’s not responding at all which means his leg is injured badly! But when if touch his right feet, he’s responding by trying to grab my finger with his right feet. What will you do in these situations when there’s no blood stains but still you bird’s leg is hurt? You don’t have to worry at all! All you need is a pain relief gel like moov, iodex, etc. I’ve volini gel with me. Let’s use it twice a day for 3-4 days to relief our little bird So let’s use this gel and give her a massage gently.. First thing you need to take care of that do not use much pressure while massaging you bird’s leg. Gently massaging her feet is good, but putting Pressure to her feet may increase the damage. Too much pressure on her leg, and she’ll lose her feet permanently. And secondly, you’ve to keep massaging your bird’s feet till the gel is absorbed by her feet tissues. After 3 days of treatment, she has recovered. Her recovery is 90% Her left foot is not healed completely, but she can walk and sit on both of her legs. My motive behind this video is to tell you all that you don’t have to worry much about swollen/ injured legs of your bird You can use pain relief gels or sprays like iodex, moov, etc and your will be fine soon. I hope you like this video. Don’t forget to hit the like button, and comment to give new suggestions. Thank you 🙂

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  1. Can u plz reply what food u gave to your parrot bcoz I bought 2 parrot today I don't know what to give as a food

  2. Bhayya.
    Kya finches aadat huvey?
    Mere finches bhot darte hain mere se.
    Mere ek Finch ka bhi same problem hain paam mein injury.
    Aur agar hath se pakadunga tho heart attack aajayega

  3. Mere baby parrot k naye wings aae hai wo ek baar kudte hue around 1 meter height se gira. Kal jb gira tha wo tb to crawl kar raha tha. Uska ek leg injured ho gaya hai. Koi bleeding ya swelling nahin hai bas mai observe kar rai wo uspe khada nahin ho raha. Mai capsigyl D ointment lagai aur usse pehle uske leg ko Luke warm water se seka. Khane mei turmeric daal k khilane ka koshish kar rai bt wo kuch kha hi nahin raha. Force feeding karna par raha. Uspe bi aadha khata hai aadha bahar nikal raha. Still mai crop bharne tk khila de rai. kB tk thik hoga ? Mai cream laga rai aur time se khana de rai

  4. Bhai mere pass pahari tote k 3pair hai usme se 2parrot ki lege pta nhi kiya problm ho gai hai wo lete rhte hai or leg niche nhi rakhte or kbhi koshis bhi kre to bar bar khada hota hai or phir gir jata hai plz aap reply de

  5. My baby finch got foot injury…shall i treat her with ointment…but my bird is a baby finch,is it ok to treat her with ointment?

  6. I like your video , my budgui also have the same problem I am going to try it and I will tell you the results

  7. Mara zebra Finch male rat ko light on hoti hai toh bhi ajib tareka se pankh fadfada ta hai aise kyu??

  8. I have two budgies ones foot or leg is injured I do not have money for the vet. I have his leg wrapped with medical tape. I Really really wish you could or would do the videos in English or put it at top of the screen. I believe you can help me but I cannot understand you. You seem to know a lot this is why a lot of us need to be able to understand you. Please can you do this in English?????

  9. Mere pass same Bird hai or uske leg mei bhi chot lagi hai or vo aapna head bohot hila rahi hai or uska leg sayad break hogaya hai what should I do ??😭😭

  10. thanks a lot to make this video .My ringneck also have the same problem I am going to try it right now but what time I should massage .

  11. I need help bhai meri brid cocatell lutino ka per main problem hogai hai uspe blood nekal rahi hai aur uska per bht bara hogai hai unper se bht red hogai hai plz help me bhai

  12. Sir kya is tube ko me lovebirds me use kar sktha hn…jaldi se jaldi answer krna mujhe….becz mera bird ka leg swelling ho gya …aur both swelling hai…

  13. Mere alexander babby parrot k right pair me B aisa hi kuch huaa h uske pair me kuch moovment nhi hai…. Kya karu mai vo sar B nhi utha paa raha h

  14. mene poochna tha ke merain budgies male or female 2 days se bhut fight kar rahein hain why? ek anda bhe toot gia

  15. Mere parrot ka ak leg nai h or dusre per bhi weak pdra hai or nail tut gya h ak finger ka m kya kru

  16. bhai meri finch ne 1 month pehle 6 anda diya tha but usme se chuza niklne k bad finch ne bacche ko feed nhi krwaya jisse sare chuze mar gye…..ab 1 month bad usne fir se 4 ande lay kiye h….kya isbar v wo esa hi kregi? esa kya kru jo wo apne bacche se feed krwaye

  17. My parrot has been injured for past 4 days, 3 days ago I watched ur video and started applying volini gel, I don't think any improvement is seen, it's one leg is completely not responding. Please guide me with some solution

  18. My parakeet has lost firm grip on his left leg, and limps around, barely uses it at all. It all started a week, maybe 2 weeks ago and I'm desperate for a way to help him. Would this help him in any way by any chance?

  19. my budgie is also got foot injury today morng 😭😭😭😭morng I have to.use turmeric powder with water now budgie try to stand and try to walk but there is a another way of solution to my budgie cure to early 😭😭😭😭pls help me sir very small budgie I can't see like with pain

  20. thank you very much for dis informative video…Deb…
    Wii boroline be fine in such injuries…and what if the bird eat any pain reliever oinment as u mentioned in dis video…

  21. Hi.. my Finch bird right leg is swollen and some bubbles appearing on the leg! the bird is just sitting on one leg! Kind suggest

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