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Trials Rising Gameplay – PlayStation Underground

October 26, 2019

So this takes
a lot of teamwork. You guys got to
sort of be telling each other what
you’re planning to do. Communication is important. In any relationship, really. Welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. You got Kristen, Justin, and John Lloyd
from Ubisoft here. We are playing Trials Rising
on a PS4 Pro. Justin is behind, I guess,
the wheels right now. Yes, I am, the handlebars. The handlebars. Oh my God,
now, the Trials series is absolutely ridiculous. It is such a–
for exactly this reason. You really have to
get to know your physics and sort of figure out
what you’re doing, and it really sort of allows for a lot of
very funny gameplay if you don’t know
what you’re doing, or very skilled gameplay
if you do. – Right, John?
– Absolutely. Sometimes still funny when
you do know what you’re doing. Yes, this is actually– this is my first time
picking up the controller for–oh, my goodness–
for Trials Rising. I’m a long-time Trials fan. Excuse me if I’m a
little bit rusty here. You’re doing better
than I probably would. You’re doing fine so far. We didn’t want John to just come
in here and blast through everything and make it look
like a piece of cake, because that’s kind of
the fun of Trials is kind of practicing and eventually mastering it. – Absolutely.
– Definitely. Because you’re not going
to be an expert when you first pick up
the controller with a Trials game. No, and that’s one of the things
we thought about a lot on this game. We’ve really taken
a hard look at our tutorials and how we can
help people improve, because it is the type of game
where you come in, the base skill is
very easy to pick up, but hard to master,
as we say. Second place, womp-womp. Yes, I did not get gold. – It was just short.
– Shameful. – Just short of a gold.
– Shameful. I’d say you’re fine. Gold or bust. Oh, my God, he’s all gold too. There’s our guy with his boxing
gloves in the back, obviously, as you do when
you’re riding motorcycles. As one might. So we’re in single-player
mode right now, but this game also has
multiplayer mode, we’re going to be showing off
a Tandem Bike mode, which is a local co-op mode,
a little bit later, party modes. There’s a lot of different ways
to play this game. Absolutely, if you want to
check out one of our new features, you can go down to that guy
with the red helmet there. This is going to be a contract, so the theme of this game is that you’re taking part in kind of a worldwide
trials competition, and as you progress
through that competition, you’re going to attract
the attention of sponsors, and those sponsors will give you some extra goals to achieve as you play through the tracks, and then of course
some extra rewards at the end when you complete it. “Use the brake”? – I don’t know what that means.
– What are brakes? Actually, that’s super important
in this game, and having good control
over your throttle is super important in Trials because if you just floor it,
if you just crank it, then you’re going to go
over your handlebars or you’re going to not
land as cleanly. That’s our very first tutorial is actually
all about the idea that holding full throttle gas is not always the best way to go. The throttle was a bit much there. While we’re talking
about it, Justin, can you walk us through
what the mechanics are? Sure, so, the basic controls
are really simple. You have gas and you have brake that you control with the triggers
or the face buttons, and then you control your rider with the left analog stick. You can lean him
forward, backwards, or have him sit straight up, and the way that you
control your rider manipulates how the bike
is going to move on the ground and in the air. Nice. This was one of the series that really put a heavy emphasis on physics, I think, combining the stunt focus
and the physics focus with the idea of trying to get
to the end of the track first. – Yes.
– Definitely. The physics-based gameplay is a huge part of Trials there. Yes, there we go. How did I do? Oh, so close again! Man, I’m going to get a gold
before the end of this. You got to watch that yellow guy
while you’re playing. He’s the gold medal. I guess that’s appropriate. I love all of the ending
animations though and all the crash animations. Half the fun for me
is just crashing. Crashing is a lot of fun
in this game. All right, where to next? Let’s do one more
single player, then maybe we can hop
into multiplayer mode. Can I try a slightly
more difficult level? For sure, if you want to go
to the right a little bit. we have some medium, hard, and even extreme. Let me take
a crack at a hard one. Sure, I would say maybe go for the Colosseum there. That’s the Moto Gladiators, that one right there. That’s medium though. Okay, I’ll do medium. It’s still–
it’s a challenging medium. Okay, okay. And I think this is a track that we haven’t
showed a whole lot yet. Let’s check it out, I got this. Now I’m going to
just completely wreck and not be able to
clear the level, and I’m going to
look like a fool. But yes, back to
those level endings with the riders flying into lakes
and getting blown up and stuff. Where do you guys
come up with the fun, terrible things that
happen to our hero? I mean, we just
kind of go for it. Is there just someone on the– A lot of the times,
the theme of the track is going to help determine how we’re going to brutalize
the guy at the end. I was going to say, is there someone on the team
whose entire position is just dedicated to
how is this all going to end? So this is where Trials
starts to get interesting, when the tracks become kind of more obstacle courses
than a race. It becomes a bit of a puzzle
of what do you have to do. Yes, trying to get those– manipulate those
physics just right. I should probably back up
a bit here before I go for that. Catching those downhills is often a good way to go. – There we go.
– Same, hard same. And I love that
we’re at the Colosseum. The tracks here tend to go
all around the world, and it’ll be pretty
recognizable locations. We’ve quite a few
recognizable locations, and even just
kind of environments from different locations
around the world, even if there’s not
any specific landmarks. We really wanted to go with
a more grounded feel for this game, so having those realistic
kind of locations is a big part of this. Yes, your last game,
Trials Fusion, it kind of– There we go, saved it. You like that? It was super futuristic, more fantasy oriented
and everything, so is this more of,
like you said, a more grounded,
kind of realistic focus? Yes, definitely. We had a lot of fun
with Fusion and even with
Trials of the Blood Dragon, which was a big departure
from the normal Trials games, but we knew that
a lot of our players were really kind of craving
that more grounded experience. So it’s something that we really
wanted to do with this game. Justin wanted to
play the hard mode. I mean, I’m still– I was going to say,
you’re still getting there. I’m not going to get
a gold on this one, but I should be
able to clear it. Goodness, as I backflip
onto my own skull. Goodness. There we go,
there we go. Man, yes,
that’s a long one. Pay attention to
the signs there. Got it, okay. And then you have
to stay on here. – Nice.
– Got it. Yes, I guess when
there’s a stop sign. You’re not used to seeing
those in racing games. It is a thing that comes up
from time to time in Trials because every once in a while
we do have those obstacles where you might need
to slow down a little bit. Yes, not getting gold here, but maybe I can
still hit silver. I think the silver
has passed you as well. Oh no! But you’re well
ahead of bronze. I’ll take bronze. – Oh, I almost got silver.
– Just short. – Not bad, I’m rusty.
– It was a good job. All right, do we
want to show off that new
Tandem Bike mode? – Absolutely.
– Can we please? All right, Justin and John
taking on the Tandem Bike mode. – We got this.
– I know. Let’s see if we’re on
the same wavelength here. Okay, you want to
do a front flip. We started off with a flip. So how do the mechanics
change now when you shift into
Tandem Bike mode? So the idea with
the Tandem Bike mode is that we’re both in control. We both have control
of the gas and the brake, and we can both
lean our riders here. But the idea is that
we each only have basically half control when it comes to gas and brake, so if–If Justin’s got full gas and I’m not doing anything, we’re only getting half power
out of the bike. So this takes
a lot of teamwork. You guys got to
sort of be telling each other what
you’re planning to do. Communication is important. In any relationship, really. I feel like it’s almost like
telepathic communication because it’s hard to– things are happening
so quickly here, you can’t exactly–
It’s hard to verbalize that. It helps that you kind of– Wait, so now what happens? You wrecked,
but I’m still going here. You got this. – I think that’s about as–
– As far as you can go. – I can’t get it.
– Bye, Justin. Oh, that’s so funny. But yes, one of
the really fun things is you can just kind of–
one person can take off. – It’s all up to you.
– I got this. Yes! – Very cool.
– I did that all alone. You guys had
a really interesting ARG you did a while back. I’m sure that there’s
nothing you can say, but I have to ask
since I have you here. What’s the deal with that? How did you guys put
that whole thing together? So, that whole kind of– the Trials Evolution riddle
is the thing, and it was a very extensive
thing that went on, and it was entirely
the brainchild of our creative director,
Antti Ilvessuo. And you can grill me
about it all day because he doesn’t
tell anybody anything. He tells the people
as little as they know to put the stuff
into the game, and that’s it. So nobody really knows
except for him. So for people
who have no idea what you’re talking about, what is Justin describing? So there was
a riddle in game that you could go and there was different
places in the game, this was Trials Evolution, and there were clues hidden
all throughout the game, and so players were
finding these clues, they were starting to speculate
about what they were, and then in one of the DLCs, there was a hidden scene with this custom song and a little cinematic
that went along with it, and some players
opened up that song in a waveform editor and found that it
had some code in it. – Some secret messages.
– Yes, and then that led to– Trying to remember, I might not get
the flow exactly right because it’s been
a little while now, but that led to a website,
I believe, that gave even more clues. Yes, it was a super crazy,
in-depth ARG that involves multiple people
around the world finding different things
in different locations. And working in tandem. Eventually it worked
into a kind of a geocache type thing. Oh, cool. Come on, come on. So close. There were some items hidden in real-world locations
around the world, and players came together
to find those. Oh, this next one’s
going to be difficult. Okay, it’s one of these. Oh, we flipped it,
we flipped it! Yes! I’ve never
done that before. That was awesome. That was amazing. This tandem thing
is pretty fun. Tandem is fun,
and the harder the tracks get, the kind of more fun it gets, although also the more
difficult it gets. This is like–there are some
ideas that sound great on paper, but then in execution
they’re not super great. This is the opposite of that; on paper, tandem Trials
sounds like a terrible idea, but it’s actually super fun. I’m having a great
time with this. It’s a lot of fun. All right. We’re in party mode, we have messed with some
of the modifiers to make gravity much heavier,
but also increased speed. – I’m at the back now.
– This is the lower gravity. – Lower gravity, I’m sorry.
– And increased speed. The next one will be… where they’re cranked up here. – Whoa.
– Careful, careful. Oh no. You somehow saved
that one though. It could’ve been worse. That’s part of
the magic of Trials is those really
sketchy jumps where you’re like, “Oh my God,
am I going to make it?” and you manage to save it, it’s just exhilarating. Who’s going to win,
who’s going to win? Well, I didn’t have any faults, but he finished first. I think you’re going to get
the points for that. – You still won.
– Yes! All right. We switched controllers,
by the way, so everything’s
all messed up now. Nobody–up is down,
left is right. All right, so for this one,
I would say you probably want to go
with the Squid or the Rhino because the other bikes
are going to be really difficult to control
with these parameters. Heavy and strong. I’m heavy and strong. I’m so pumped
for new Trials. Excellent, not too much
longer to wait. You said February, right? – February 26th.
– Nice. All right, guys, final round. Oh, no! And it’s already going crazy
with these modifiers. – Oh, goodness.
– Oh, my gosh. So, intensely
heavy gravity, but the speed is turned up. You all are a mess. This is…tough. So if neither of us makes it
to the checkpoint– We’ll go back to
the previous one, and if one person faults, they’ll reset at
the next checkpoint. Oh, geez, okay. Yes, this is
much more difficult than normal settings. So ridiculous. All right, well, John, thank you for
showing off Trials Rising. It’s coming out to PS4 on February 26th
later this year. We’re super excited
to keep playing. Thanks for having me,
it was a blast. See you guys
in the next episode.

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