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February 28, 2020

This program is Rated SPG. Super. Pak. Ganern! Seems like our internet connection is slower than usual. What’s up, Lloyd?! I’ll just sleep here in your sofa. Go ahead. What’s the hell is that?! What a very thick book! It’s my Algebra book. I have an exam tomorrow. Not now. Lloyd. Not now. Okay? You’re going to bed this early? You’re not going to review? At this day and age, no one studies anymore! I’m sure I’ll see all of these in my dreams anyway. Okay? Okay. Goodnight! Is that a Trot or Charot? Books Under the Pillow This is one of the most famous Filipino superstitions, especially for lazy students. If you have an exam the next day, instead of studying, you need to put your book under the pillow before sleeping. According to hearsay, the entire gist of the subject will be absorbed by your brain. Therefore, you will be able to answer all the questions in your exam. Get it? Inside the head. Do you think people still follow this hearsay? What do you think? Hey! Wake up! You should study first! It’s too early for bedtime. I’m telling you, I don’t want to study! Do you think it’s wrong if I do this? Why? Do you think it’s wrong if you won’t do it? I will see all of these in my dream! Okay? Just don’t mess with me right now! Of course, you won’t see that. I will! My Algebra book You’re sure you’ll dream about it? Let’s see then. I am your conscience. My conscience? Well, if you’re really my conscience, you should resemble me, right? Stop being fussy. Okay okay okay okay okay! Okay, I’ll just settle with this, then. So, conscience. Help me with my Algebra exam. How can I find X? Oh, that X. That notorious X. We’ve been looking for that for so long now. The search is still not over. Can they just turn their attention to me? Fabulous. Tita Susan?! Hey! Air, what are you doing here? Come, I’ll teach you how to dance Zumba! I also join Zumba classes. One, two! No, Tita! What?! It’s about Lloyd… Oh, Lloyd! I miss that kid! That’s the thing, Tita. He’s messing around me, Tita. Why is he saying those things? He told me, that that hearsay wherein we need to put our books under our pillows to be able to pass the exam is not true. Tita, I have an exam tomorrow! I know. It’s true. It’s Charot. That’s Charot, Air. Tita, that’s Trot. It’s Charot. Let’s see. I’ll ask the people over there. Okay, let’s go. Let’s go. Okay, let’s go. Ouch. Tita Susan, you’re moving too fast. Tita! Hey! Tita, tita, tita! Tita, no! Tita, tita. Tita, they’re taking photos, Tita. Do you guys believe— Tita, they’re busy— We’ll just interview them. Oh, we’ll interview them? Yes. Do you believe in that superstition that when you put your book under your pillow, You’ll improve your intelligence the next day? Yes. Yes. No. It depends on the person. I’ve tried that before, when you read it as in when you’ll really read and study it— Why don’t you believe in it? That’s not true. You should work hard for everything. You should read the book, to gain knowledge. Smart kid! Lengthy statements! He’s a scholar! Right? Right? when you read it as in when you’ll really read and study it, and then when you put it under your pillow — What grade did you get? I still failed! We think it’s Charot because? It’s not believable— What?! believa— From whom did you hear this superstition? From my mom. From whom did you hear that? From our teacher. Come again? Teacher. Oh, teacher! What do you think? Let’s ask them? Trot or Charot? Will you guys cross the street? Charoteers, Is it Trot Or Charot? Charot! Charot! Trot! Charot! Charot. Charot. Trot, charot. Trot, trot! Charot, charot! There! Oh, we are not allowed! Oh, Tita Susan. I asked, I asked. The other guard, he seems cute. He said, it’s Trot. Good for you. Air. Look, there’s water. water? It’s time for me to swim! Tita! Tita, not now! Tita. Let’s do that some other time, Tita. Some other time, Tita. Tita, Lloyd would get mad. Wait, wait. Okay, I’ll no longer do it. Okay. No, not now Tita. Lloyd would get mad! Let’s go, Tita. So you chose to sleep and sleep, huh. Aren’t you scared? Karma might hit us. That’s okay, Mang Gusting. Yeah go ahead, just sleep. Look. He’s been having pimples because of too much sleep. Those are not pimples. It’s Scabies. Conscience. Will you be able to help me or not? I can’t help you. I never had a math subject. But this person, he can surely help you. There. Mang Gusting?! He’s old. Si Mang Gusting. Do you have extra dentures? Nothing, nothing. Disgusting. Mang Gusting, Why? What do you need from me, Kid? Okay okay okay. Let’s move fast. It’s almost morning. I still need to go to school. Oh, Mang Gusting. What shall we do? Do you know the movie “Inception”? I saw that on Facebook. Okay, let’s close our eyes. And let’s lie down. I need to do something. You’ll fall asleep now, Lloyd. One, two, three. One, two, three. Time for me to sleep as well. One, two, three. Wow! Fabulous! Wow, there are lots of books! Oh my God, yes. Where’s the X I’m looking for? Yeah, maybe our search will end here. Yes. If you’ll just choose her to be the girl in your dreams. Hope you have a nightmare. Ex, huh. You deserve this, then. It’s morning?! Oh my. I need to go to school now! Mang Gusting. Lloyd! So that hearsay about putting books under your pillow is true, after all. Can I see your answers? Actually, I never imagined it to be true as well. How about you guys? Have you had that experience? Comment down below! Don’t forget to Like, favorite and share this video. Subscribe to Chicken Pork Adobo! And here’s the Charoteer of the Week! I’m Air Lajada. and I’m Lloyd Cadena. We’ll see you again in the next episode of Trot Or Charot!

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  1. Hindi ko kinaya si Kim Kardash at yung ex ni Air! Hahaha Diyos ko, kailan kaya matutupad pangarap ni Tita Susan na magswimming?!

  2. trot BastA bashing yung g sentence tapos ilagay MO na sa slalom ng Unan MO para makabisado ko

  3. Kung gusto mong pumasa sa exam mag-aral ka ng mabuti. Mas maganda na nagsa-success ka sa isang bagay kapag pinaghirapan mo at doon mo matatanto na masarap sa feeling na pumasa ka dahil pinagpursigihan mong matutunan. Kaya it's a CHAROT 👍😄😂

  4. Charot! Sinubukan kong gawin nyan nun panahon desperada ako sa Math nun elementary ako kasi lagi akong bokya dun kaso walang epek yun tulog with matching unan kaya nagsikap na lang ako mag-aral kaya nun high school at college na tumalino na ako sa Math hahaha 😂😂

  5. charot yan chinese kasi mama ko so pendant na pampatalino ang nilalagay sa unan para tumalino hindi libro hahahahaha

  6. i think charott,
    kse pano ka tatalino kung tinulugan mo lng yung libro,,
    so pano ka tatalino?,
    para sure magAral ka para tumalino ka,

  7. Charot yan kase nung exam namin ginawa ko yan wala naman nangyari buti nalang may vacant hours ako para makapagreview

  8. hindi totoo.. pucha tinamad ako mag aral sa medical terminology kasi ive gone through break up at that time di ako makapg focus sa study so ang ginawa ko i put the book under my pillow then kinabukasan…boom panes na fail

  9. Charot. If you really want to learn, don't take the easy steps na hindi naman natin alam kung mag wo'work ba. 🙂 DON'T BE LAZY. STUDY. 😊😊😊

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