Trot Queen Jinyoung talks about her debut, making everyone cry! [Sister’s Slam Dunk 2 / 2017.03.24]
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Trot Queen Jinyoung talks about her debut, making everyone cry! [Sister’s Slam Dunk 2 / 2017.03.24]

February 29, 2020

I’m done! (Let’s see what the Unnies are up to) (She’s here) Sit here. Have a seat, Jinyoung. Please sit here, Queen of Trot. This at the end… You were adorable. – I was good up there? / – Yeah! It was great. You guys being here really gave me a lot of strength. – Really? / – Yeah, I really think so. You know how much we cheered for you here? I kept typing your name in the search engine. Really? I was so happy. I got to spend time with the Unnies while I was working a different gig. (Red from her fever) I was singing on stage and I kept thinking of your faces. “I bet they’re watching me.” That was in my mind. – You saw us during the rehearsal? / – Of course. – She mentioned us. / – And said hello. She’s so good at singing trot. But I saw in the episode that aired you said you really didn’t want to do trot. Yeah. The girl group I was in flopped after our album was out in 3 months. I didn’t know what to do. So I tried to audition at a different agency and met with people. Then my current CEO suggested that I sing trot. I was in a girl group for 3 months. And I’m still young. That’s like a different world. And I’m suddenly told to sing trot. My CEO said the song was great. So I thought, “How good could a trot song be?” Then he said he’d send me the lyrics first. So I opened the email in my room and the title said “Love Battery.” It made me cry… What kind of corny title is that? I cried thinking I couldn’t sing that song. But what was hardest for me was when I went to do my first music show for “Love Battery.” All the other singers are idols. I was the only rookie trot singer then. Competing against idol groups. And I’m just a solo trot singer. I felt like I was left out. – A different musical genre. / – Yeah. So what did you do when you were all in the green room? In the green room? What’s wrong? Old memories came flooding back. Gosh… Do we have tissues? What’s wrong? I’ve never seen Jinyoung like this. Do we have tissues? Gosh… It was so hard for me when I was a rookie. We didn’t know… – Jinyoung. / – Thank you, Jinkyung. Gosh… It must’ve been really tough then. You’re always so cheerful on TV… I’ve never seen her cry. Yeah. What’s wrong with me? I wasn’t going to cry. Bringing up the past like this… When I think back to when I was a rookie, it was really tough then. I felt like nobody was on my side. Doing music shows was so hard. And I perform for older audiences too… – So I feel left out there too. / – Right. You don’t feel like you belong anywhere. It was so hard to belong somewhere. So what did you do in the green room all alone? I just stayed in my car. I couldn’t stay in the green room. I couldn’t fit in. Why didn’t you try talking to the other idol singers? Because back then… I don’t know. I think I lacked a lot of confidence then. Back then they used to say… Because there was this headline saying how I’m from the girl group Swan and I debuted again with “Love Battery.” And then I saw a comment posted saying I’m singing trot because I couldn’t make it otherwise. Why… I thought, is trot not music? Things like that. That’s why… – I didn’t know. / – Gosh… (The ending where all the singers step on stage) (Stares at the floor out of awkwardness) (Who won 1st?) (She stands awkwardly on tip-toes) (She couldn’t wait to run off stage) Nobody knew who I was. I was unknown so I didn’t want to be edited out on TV. I had to stand out. – So whenever I went on TV… / – To survive… – I talked more aggressively. / – Right… I tried to be meaner. I tried my best to stand out. I remember a lot of people didn’t like you for being so flashy. You stood out too much. And that was so hard for me. I’d go home and cry after shoots. – All the time. / – I never imagined. – You’re always so cheerful. / – Yeah. I wondered what vitamins you took. I never imagined that you went home and cried. So did you have to do all that stuff you didn’t want to? Couldn’t you say you want to do something different? I’ve always wanted to be a singer since I was a kid. I loved being on stage and singing in front of people. So I didn’t want to give up on being a singer. – Although the genre is different. / – Right. Seeing her sing on stage today, I saw she doesn’t do this for work… – She enjoys it. / – She was born for it. I feel like she’d die if she couldn’t do this. Yeah. (A born singer that sings with her entire body) How did you start? How did you debut? I’d sing at school or call radio programs. I’d call in and sing. And… I photograph well. I was good with Haduri. What’s Haduri? The photos. – The camera. / – You know, that camera. – We didn’t have… / – You take them in LAN centers. What was your ID back then? Bongseon Flower. What? Bongseon Skewer? – Is Bongseon in Gwangju? / – Yes. So you were the Bongseon Flower? (Such a funny flower) So did your photos get a lot of views? Back then I’d get… 2,000 to 3,000 views a day. Then what? I got a lot of messages from agencies then asking if I wanted to audition. Living in Gwangju… As you know, Minzy… – Seoul feels really far away. / – Right. I wondered if I could even make it to Seoul. So even those messages were like a dream. I didn’t have the courage to go through with it. Then one CEO said he’d come to Gwangju himself. – To cast you? / – Yes. So he came and he even convinced my parents. “I’ll take care of Jinyoung and make her a star. Just trust me.” So I got permission and I moved to Seoul. To be a singer or an actress? I went to become a singer but I did theater for a year. Huh? It was a theater agency that was trying to get into managing singers. They only started so they had no set system. So I did theater for a year. – Where? Daehak-ro? / – Yes. And I put up posters. Put up posters early in the morning and then put them up again when they’re taken down. – You did that? / – Yes. I’d put them up and run away. What plays did you do? “Go Alone Like Musso’s Horn,” “Beautiful Cause of Death.” You did all those famous plays? And the children’s musical, “Robin Hood and Friends.” “Robin!” I did that. – I bet you were good. / – I did all sorts of stuff. Your dream was to be a singer… Did you get paid for that? – How much? / – I wasn’t paid. – At all? / – They paid you nothing for a year? You weren’t paid for doing plays? Because I was part of the theater troupe. But how about a salary? I didn’t get anything as the youngest. I bet your parents really worried. And I couldn’t tell my parents I was struggling because they worry. Because they worry. I did that too. I came up from Busan. I didn’t make much. Sometimes I made $300 in a year. I know because I did theater in Daehak-ro too. You can’t tell your family about that stuff. Parents are always like… I always talk to my mom on the phone before bed. “Did you eat? What did you have?” Gosh, that makes you so sad. – You get it, right, Sook? / – Of course. So even with all that… – You had to lie… / – Swallow your tears. I couldn’t tell my mom I was struggling. She’d stay up worrying. Back then the situation was so ridiculously hard but if you think back now, it helped nourish you. Right. Those expressions you make up on stage… That’s where it all comes from. So you did theater and put up posters. Then what happened? Making me do theater when they said they’d make me a singer… – Was a clear breach of contract. / – Right. So I told them I wanted to sing and I left that agency. Then I prepared for Club Jean. It was a 4 member girl group. And it wasn’t that easy back then either. How long did you prepare? For another year. – Pay? / – None. That’s rough. When fledgling agencies try to debut groups, not all of them end up debuting. There must be so many. – So that didn’t work out in the end. / – Right. That could happen. So I went to a different agency. I prepared to be in Pink Spicy. – For another year? / – For how long? A year. – Pay? / – None. There was that but this too. People… There were so many mangers that were mean to me. It was so hard… What did the mean manager say? I told you before. She made me get on all fours and wouldn’t let me sleep. I had to hold myself up with my fists. And I’m a girl. How flat could my fists really be? My knuckles pop out here. They got all red and I’d fall over. Then the female manager would kick me. She wouldn’t let me sleep. Then what did you do? Make me practice singing… – You need to sleep to sing. / – Or memorize lyrics… Or write a book report. – Why? / – A book report for what? I don’t even remember the book. So one day I wanted to rebel and didn’t write my book report. So I turned in an empty sheet and she said, “Where’s your book report?” I said I didn’t do it. “Is that how your parents taught you? Why don’t you just quit then? Just go home. Why are you wasting your time here?” That’s what she said. There are a lot of great people in this world… But there are quite a few terrible people in the shadows as well. It was really tough on the other members when we were getting ready. I didn’t think we were going to make it. So I caused a big commotion when I quit that agency. I tore up my contract! “Where’s the CEO?” I was pushed that far. Gosh! Is she insane? I was so angry. Everyone’s someone’s precious daughter. So I made a big commotion at my agency. – You did? / – Yes. That’s why my girl group disbanded. So I was super determined. Determined to succeed no matter what in this industry. Jinyoung endured so many hardships… That was rough for you. You really had it hard. But Jinyoung… Of course it would be better if it didn’t happen… But that’s nourished you to become stronger. Don’t you think? Jinkyung, you sure like to say nourish. I’m running out of words. You said nourish again. So I figured you really like nourishment. I don’t know that many fancy words. I came to Seoul when I was 20 and I’ve faced failure, I’ve left agencies… All that became a foundation so to me, it’s always a harsh reminder. Now I’m very busy and I get tired sometimes but because I had that past, I was able to keep striving for my dream to be a singer… So this time now is precious, I feel like I should try my absolute best I feel like I should improve. That’s why doing 6 to 7 performances a day doesn’t tire me out. You love what you do. Because of my painful past, just being on stage is so much fun for me. And if the audience cheers a lot I do a few more songs. The current you exists now because of your past. Sook, we’ve never heard this before but I knew about it. – Because… / – Why? You knew something nourishing was behind her? Nourish… Because… She doesn’t suit her age. How she acts? – How she acts. / – Yeah. She’s an elder. – The way she thinks… / – Very mature. I could tell she’s been through struggles. – Those you have are different. / – True. Strong. For your age, you’re so different and mature.

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  1. This is not the 1st time I watching this but still feel so sad. She always appear with a bright and cheerful image, makes people feel happy with her energy. No one could know how much she had been through in the past.

  2. I cried so much watching this. she's so precious and delightful, I'd never imagined she had it so hard. I'm glad she's in an okay place now. she deserves all the happiness and love

  3. A year after, i'm still here. knowing of this for the past year, has made me love her even more. the way she stays positive in such things amazes me. she's so strong. ♡

  4. 10:48 Is this stuff legal in Korea? Can't she sue now for assault? Is there a statute of limitations in Korea?

  5. I keep coming back to this video, whenever I'm going through a rough time. Jinyoung's past never fails to make me grateful for where I am and how I've been living. True example of the saying "others have it worse".

  6. So proud of her, eve though I didn't support her since the beginning I'm so proud because she is now successful now and know Trot singer "Trot Queen" and I like her song "Love battery" its so catchy

  7. I listened trot music only because of Hong Jinyoung…..i really love her….her songs was very nice and when i see her performed in the stage i really love it and makes me happy

  8. it makes me really sad to hear how she remembers reading that mean comment and it made her doubt herself
    it just reminds you that even though we are typing this from thousands of miles away there still is a real person on the other end reading
    so its most important to cheer on and be positive, thats what i learned today! ty JinyoungUnnie!

  9. Jinyoung is a sweetheart… She keeps giving kisses and hugs to people around her… That in turn helps them gain trust, respect and love for her… So when she is down, the whole squad comes up to make her feel better😘😘😘

  10. When I control my tears I just smile and tear drops on my face. Jinyoung I feel you how you're having a hard time. Be strong and be happy always ❤💚💙💛💜

  11. I didnt know her past. Now I admire her more! Deep down, we know that this industry is cruel and works with the illusion. I always thought Jinyoung had a forced personality, just didnt know how she got there. Well… now I know. And I repeat: true talents shine on their own and never give up. Bravo, Jinyoung! 👏🏾

    And here we got a final lesson: The kpop grows old, the Trot does not. Get better with the time. 😉

  12. Thats why never judge and always appreciate what you have. And there are people who really need someone to talk to and inspire them

  13. I never knew that jinyoung unnie has been through a lot since she always look so happy and energetic. Im afraid that other idols are like that especially when it comes about foreigner artist like Lisa, Bambam, Jackson, Kris, Tao, Lay, Nikhun, Sorn and etc.

  14. That is why its always said not to judge a book by its cover….i alwys loved her for being so lively cheerful,happy and full of energy….never knew she went through all this….RESPECT…i love her even more now💕💕💕Jin Young fighting❣

  15. I still can’t believe they don’t eat, train pretty much all day, most have to earn money for their lives out of being a trainee, foreign trainees have to learn Korean, and talentless idiots still call them untalented and shit like that. I hope everyone who thinks bad of idols, sees videos like these to know what it is actually like for them

  16. I can see how happy Jinyoung were when you know there's someone who's waiting and appreciate your performance. Knowing that your friend or family waiting for you at the room to talk and meet you after you finish doing the performance is the happiest thing ever. 🤗

  17. The feeling of being alone is the worst let alone being in a crowd its like the feeling when you get lost in a wet market or any public place

  18. I really like these guys. Especially the Hong pair. They both been through a lot. As a cancer survivor, hearing Jinkyung say the word "Strong" carries a lot of weight.

  19. Hong Jin yuong sao mỗi lần chay xe toi lai nghe co ấy hát những bài hát ấy lai làm cho tôi lai tĩnh ngủ Sao mỗi lần cầm lái cô ấy sẽ đến du lịch việt Nam chứ và hãy đến đà Nẵng nha

  20. Oh my goodness. I never thought she had been through so much hardship. I realllllly love her songs. Hope u r happy where u r now .💜

  21. Sometimes people who look happy aren’t the most happiest. If anyone is going through something please talk to someone you can count on :))

  22. 12:11 talk about being patient then getting pushed off so far! That statement just reminded me of what its like to be pushed pass your limit, keeping it in, then finally exploding. I CAN relate! And damn some people are just terrible humans. In the history of successful people you'll find the most depressing stories, that's why imma keep pushing through everything cause one day i will succeed too, and will be able to turn my sad stories in to testimony.

  23. I really don't know why fucking kbs hasn't make a 3rd season of this show already 🤷🏻‍♂️ it was a great and funny show without the regular "bullying one member "to make it fun or lets talk shit to each other to be funny 🤷🏻‍♂️ so it is a shame that kbs gave up on this show and concept if they going to bring 2 days 1 night after so many bad things they should bring this show again too 😁😁

  24. Jin Young looked a LOT prettier and better now than back when she was stick thin. GIRLS !! Remember, you dont need to starve yourself to look like a twig, thats not sexy at all, you need to eat and be healthy. Of course dont be overweight too la, moderation is key.

  25. My love all of us have a lot of problems to be struggled , you are the most wonderful woman that I have known . You absolutely deserve the best in your life

  26. Those crazy guys who keep saying that they love her and want to marry her etc, should exercise some common sense and know that she has like 100000000 suitors and a lot of them are tall, handsome, famous, rich high fliers in society. Hey I am a guy and I fcking love her too, but sad to say, all of us peasants are way way way at the back of the queue LMFAO!!!

  27. Each of these Unnies stories made me sad, i'm glad they made this video, i really love each and one of them and want to support them as much as I can!

  28. Her story tells alot about the entertainment industry in Korea. They need to put a stop to this abuse. I hope that parents and future aspiring artist stand up and call for a change. Dont take the abuse call it out immediately. Record,film, look for witnesses but dont take it. I.didnt know she endured so much to be where she is at now. She has won my admiration. Wish her much success and continue to win accolades that she so much deserves.

  29. I always come back to this video. From being a rookie trot singer who really had no one, she's now a senior of many. An inspiration and a legend. It makes me cry so much.

  30. I'm only 15 but really really love her and her music!
    Seeing this video makes me really sad because I can relate to her…
    Being in a crowd and feeling really alone, seeing everyone united except you is really sad…

  31. I've seen her videos and just watching Jinyoung's smile makes me feel happy… I had never imagine that this sad things could happen to a beautiful and bright woman. I'm so glad that she never gave up and continues singing in stage… I'm 17 years old and Hong Jinyoung is my favorite singer and I want to be like her because the flower which blooms in adversity is the most beautiful.

  32. I like her the most , the first word comes to my head when i see her is ( happiness ) , i never knew her before this show but once i saw her I couldn’t not like her , she is so cute , beautiful, funny , talented , sexy , kind , sweet, she is just so perfect , i hope she see this so she knows she isn’t just a normal girl , she is a super girl and people love her so fast , as the rest of the girls i dont know how they can’t see what they got ? All of them are unique and i wish just wish they stop caring for those bad people talking negative about them ! I am pretty sure if they were in those girls place they will not do half of the job even , all love from Russia we love u , good job , keep it up

  33. Jinyoung is soooo adorable, beautiful and extremely talented..I never knew Trot existed til I saw her sing..😍😍😍

  34. The happiest person is oftentimes the saddest one.

    Jinyoung just so you know I love you TILL I DIE SO DONT EVER GIVE UP YOU DESERVE THE WORLD!

  35. In America kids have no problem with telling their parents about their problems but what is sad they expect them to make their problems their on and take care of them. I admire her respect for her parents that comes from a heart full of love. Such an unselfish heart.

  36. Title: CHEER UP

    They say life is like that

    There are a lot of hard and painful days

    But they say life is good

    You did well today too

    How have you been?

    Did you have a drink today as well?

    Even if nothing goes your way

    Don’t be sad

    Who knows which cloud has the rain?

    In life, good things will come to you

    They say life is like that

    There are a lot of hard and painful days

    But they say life is good

    You did well today too

    Are you jealous of your neighbor?

    Is your friend doing well these days?

    Everyone else looks so happy

    But don’t be so sad

    Everyone has something that they can’t say

    What’s there to life? It’s all the same

    They say life is like that

    There are a lot of hard and painful days

    But they say life is good

    You did well today too

    They say life is like that

    You don’t know what will happen in the world

    But they say life is great

    Everyone, have strength even tomorrow

    I love this song, i can't believe Hong Jin Young past many bad things. I think this song made because her journey to be Best Trot Singer. I'm proud of her, she is my favorite solo singer idol :') 홍진영씨 수고 많으셨어요 😊

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