Trot Queens singing Feliz Navidad [Happy Together/2020.01.09]
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Trot Queens singing Feliz Navidad [Happy Together/2020.01.09]

March 1, 2020

All right. It’s time to say goodbye. As a Christmas gift, you five have prepared something for our viewers. – Yes. / – What is it? This week’s theme is – “Merry Trotmas”. / – “Merry Trotmas”. We prepared a carol. (A surprise carol song) Let’s give them a round of applause. Thank you. Let’s greet the viewers together. – “Merry Trotmas”. / – “Merry Trotmas”. Please support “Miss Trot”. (“Feliz Navidad”) (He’s waiting for the part where he knows how to sing.) – Sing along! / – Sing along! (We wish you a Merry Christmas.) (It’s from the bottom of our hearts.) (You all did a great job in 2019.) (We wish you happiness and joy in the new year.) Merry Christmas! – See you in 2020! / – Merry Christmas!

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