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Truly – G1 My Little Pony ‘n Friends

March 1, 2020

I don’t know… A puppy is a big responsibility. And I reckon this ‘un’s bigger than most. Nothing lasts forever, especially my nerves! I know how y’all feel. Not that she needs to get any bigger, Cupcake,
but you know, she kind of grows on you! I guess y’all were right. Dinah’s a baby, and needs our help. So, allow me! Here you go, sugar! Bon appetit, as they say. Oh, but that was dinner! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Oh, all right. I can help Cupcake bake some more. Oh, honeybunch… Why, I believe you’re gonna miss Dinah, I
truly do. Of course I will! After all the ice cream cones I snuck her? After all that complaining you were doing… Magic Star’s right, I do declare. Friends may have to leave you, but they’ll
always be with you, in your heart. Thanks, Truly. I needed to hear that. Even if she was a big ol’ mutt. How’d you get up there? Bushwoolies playing tag, ran into Truly! Yeah, yeah, tag, Truly! Smack into her! Asked if we could help. Yeah, yeah, help, help, help! And she said we could go fly a kite. Yeah, yeah! Hi there, you two! You wanna help me build a li’l old snowpony? For sure! Yeah! Uh, Truly? Watch yourself, Galaxy. Truly, I don’t think you understand… North Star, honey, are you gonna play by yourself
all day, or do you wanna help us here? I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, but– Well, you are spoiling my fun! And the babies’ too! Now, if you have to worry, why don’t you just
go worry by yourself, hear? C’mon, y’all, let’s build forts and have
a snowball fight! Is that the best y’all can do, North Star,
honey? Alright, Baby, give it a good swat! Looks like I was wrong! This is a worry! We need help. It is illogical to begin a long journey just
as the sun is setting. Who cares what the sun was doing when he had
to leave his one true love? I can’t go nowhere ‘til I change into my
traveling outfit! Unappreciated? Overworked? Well, let it have some fun! Yeah give it a day off! Please do that! Go on without me! Gusty? What in tarnation are you doing? Gusty! That rock-thing’s gonna be plum sorry he
messed with our Gusty! She is beyond help! Gosh, Wind Whistler, how could you just go
off and leave poor Gusty? What else would you expect from somebody with
no feelings, Buttons? Bye-bye, Gusty! We’ll be back! She knows, Truly. She knows. Oh, I hope Buttons is ok. Oh, I’m sure she’s fine! Buttons! Y’all did it! [coughs] Look! Rawr! I found you! Who wants to be turned to stone first? You’ve gone too far this time, Rockdog! No! Truly! Go ahead. Huh? Go ahead? What are you talking about? What’s the matter with you? You really don’t like anyone, do you? You really don’t care what I do to her? That sentimental fool? Certainly not! Good, ‘cause I’m gonna turn her to stone! It worked! She’s alright! Wind Whistler… uh… we’re sorry we said
you had no feelings. And we want to thank you for doing what you
did back there. Why? We’ve gotta get these banners and bows and
balloons and things up! You’re certainly on cloud nine today, Truly. But of course, Paradise! The Big Brother Ponies are coming home! ♫In a short time from now♫ ♫The Big Brother Ponies♫ ♫The Big Brother Ponies will arrive!♫ ♫Everyone will cheer♫ ♫’Cause they’ve been away for a year♫ ♫They’ve been racing ’round the world♫ ♫But the finish is very near♫ ♫Bold and brave and strong♫ ♫They’ve been away so long♫ Everybody! Please, don’t do this! We’re gonna play this when the Big Brothers
cross the finish line, so get it right! Do you hear something? I surely do. I hear the sound of y’all not playing! You’re here! You’re here! Great! Me happy! What happened to everybody? They heard the sound of a circus. And they all just up and left! Like they were in some kind of trance or something. Oh, I do hope they can rescue the others. Alright, alright. [sings] Truly?! Come on! We’ve got to stop her! Hurry! Truly! Wake up! Slugger, what are you doing? Truly? Truly! Hey, come here, we wanna talk to you! Well, how do you like that? You came! You rescued us!

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