Trying a SPECTACULAR horseback riding experience in Ottawa | Operation Discomfort
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Trying a SPECTACULAR horseback riding experience in Ottawa | Operation Discomfort

October 25, 2019

In this episode, we’re horseback riding.
Hi, I’m Nina, an Ottawa Based blogger. I like to keep busy and staying active by trying
new things in the Ottawa region, follow my adventures as I try new activities and get
out of my comfort zone. Today I got to try something I’ve never done
before, I went horseback riding for the first time with a friend at a farm in Wakefield.
It was so fun getting to try something new and I loved my horse. The horses had so much
character and personality. Today we are going horseback riding I’m on
my way to Captiva Farms in Wakefield. I’m excited because I’ve never been horseback
riding before so it will be really fun to try something new. I’m feeling really well
rested had a great night of sleep, just on my way to pick up my friend Dani and then
will be heading up to the farm. Hey!
Hey! How are you?
I am good, how are you? I am good, ready to do some horseback riding
today? Oh my god yeah.
Have you ever horseback riding before? Never.
Me neither actually. It is so exciting.
I’ve always wanted to try it but have never done so should be a lot of fun.
Me too. The ranch we are going to is supposed to be
beautiful. I wanted horseback riding since I was really
little. Oh yeah?
But never did so I am excited to go today! I know I’ve ridden like ponies…
Yeah. We would go to the zoo where I live when was
a kid and we had, you can ride a pony through the trees and it was really nice but I’m expecting
horses to be quite a bit bigger today than the pony was.
Alright ladies you can come over here we are going to start assigning your horses, my name
is Karine. Hi Karine!
How are you doing? Hi.
Good! So we’re gonna go get your horse you can just
stay here and we will go for the half an hour introductory session after that will be the
trail ride for an hour sounds good Awesome!
Thank you So Nina you know you can come with me.
Hi Santana! You can say hi.
He is a very nice guy, very calm. Your turn.
This is Three Socks Hi!
Alright so you gonna take your right hand under the chin here. Left hand here. When
we are going to be ready to go forward we will go forward and say come here and start
walking with her. To stop you gonna pull back, you gonna say Whoa, nice and firm ok, and
you watch your toes. OK.
Sounds good? So with Santana we are going to say come here
and start walking. Come Here.
Do a constant pull Come here
A constant pull Keep pulling!
He needs a little gear on. Come here, let’s do it
You can come with Three Socks. Always look we’re going
Come here. Always look in front of you. Perfect.
Come here. There you go! Alright, you can come over here.
Show me what you got. OK
Left hand. So how am I using this? Ok . I am gonna, yeah.
There you go. I’m gonna try anyway.
Right hand there. Perfect, just grab your reins first.
What are you drinking? Jin and Tonic.
Jin and Tonic, so when you grab your Gin and Tonic, you want to grab it like this.
Ok, Okay got it.
Don’t want the reins to tights but you don’t want them too loose either.
Okay Right follow her.
Okay Make sure you sit that a low.
So how do I make him go forward? Both hands, and squeeze your heel. Both sides.
Yeah, now when you walk sit back in the saddle. Okay.
This rein is a little little tight there. Alright, so your hand should go like this.
So you want to stretch your elbows basically. Oh, ok.
Hands forward means go Keep going forward.
Easy. Going forward sometimes it’s hard to follow.
Okay. Yes.
Turn with your knee. You gonna turn here.
Right here bud! Easy.
He is like me when I walk! Whoa. Whoa.
You are awesome. Alright, I am going to open the gate we’re
going to go out for the trail ride. We’re going out on the trail.
Very exciting. Perfect.
Thanks. Do you ladies want to give your horses a treat
for the ride. YES!
We are going to grab some treats, have you ever done this before, giving treats to a
horse? No, not to a horse.
Good job. You just wanna wait for him to be done.
Sure. He’s gonna…
Inhale them. Oh yeah. You chew that first.
Still hear it eh? yeah yeah no it’s not me it’s her.
You can give him. Ha ha ha.
You can pet him too if you want. You are you very good boy, oh you are ready
for another one. All right get in there.
Perfect. Alright so we are gonna do Three Socks now.
Perfect. So one at a time not two
Still hungry. Oh yah
Look at cowboy. Everyone want some.
You want to give one to him too? Yeah.
Maybe you… from over-there. He is like, where is it?.
Good girl More for Three Socks.
There you go. Good boy.
Enough snacks for you. Do you do selfie?
I do. How was it?
It was amazing Yeah had fun?
What do you I think? I had a really good time my legs are more
sore than I would’ve expected. No it was really good. So that was my adventure today I’ll see you
in the next post.

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