Tuf Workhorse Automatic Indexing Maintainance and Adjustments

March 4, 2020

Today we’re going to address the
indexing system for the tough workhorse automatic screen printing press coming
up well the next things I’m going to do is I’m going to replace this part here
with a new little V block essentially what this does it grabs on to this
little bearing here this one is a little worn looks like we got ourselves a
couple half-inch maybe nine sixteenths here I’m going to go ahead and remove
that install this new block oK we’ve got our old Vblock removed
we’re gonna put the new one in next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to
clean this rail up here and this is well basically how the press indexes is to
grab the hold here and then this cylinder pushes the whole thing forward
but what I’m going to do is I’m gonna take some compressed air and blow out a
lot of this lint clean these rails up a little bit and didn’t reduce them with a
little bit of lithium grease we’ve also hit this part of the rel
here’s our little bump stop here just trying to clean some of this grime and
crap out I’m gonna clean this track up the best I can and then put a little bit
of grease I’ll push this word a little bit clean this part of the track as well
all right our track is looking a little cleaner
I’m gonna take some lithium grease here I’m just gonna run it on the inside
these rails I’m gonna do the same thing over here I’m going to move this back
now I’m going to grease this track here put her to have a grease here excess and I’m going to move this guy in
put a DAB here work that back for stick the roll back here and I’m going to lube
the inside of this row far down as I can reach like real nice and lubed up alright next
thing I did is I greased this up just a little bit to try to force some lifting
three from there we can love it my head and took care of
that I’m gonna go round to each one of these stations you see I already started
working on this one pushing a little lithium grease inside
this roller bearing and putting a little bit of lithium grease inside these
sports so I’m gonna go back and wipe up the excess also went through and packs
and lifts in grease into each one of these bearings that is part of the index
in the system that little fork grabs a hold of it and pushes the press and yes
swing secure so last but not least there are these little roller bearings here as
you can see it does have a little plate that or just a guide that it rolls up
and down on I’m gonna clean up some of this old grease it doesn’t look too bad
but I’m going to leave all three of these up as well while I’m at it next
thing I’m going to do is I’m going to crawl under here and adjust one of the
little blocks the lift cylinders used to push up on the carousel itself it looks
like one of the lift cylinders was replaced and that was not properly
adjusted I’ll show you what I’m talking about
here’s a little block that has at the end of the lift cylinder if I try and
move the press a little bit you can see it is dragging this was loose so I ended
up tightening it up now that tightened it up
it is dragging a little bit there’s not a groove worn at the bottom or anything
I did grease the bottom of this the entire press but I’m going to use a
couple wrenches to break this free and then I’m going to use some filler gauges
and check the other ones see where they’re at find kind of a happy medium
or this guy who said it here is the other one let’s see if we can slide a
feeler gauge twenty and thirty one hundred Spiller gauge and I’m gonna use
that is so what’s the distance is I’m gonna said that if I get these things
stick together stay together but either wrap them up with some tape very own
wrapped a little some tape but part slide this in the myths of
recording how to lock down those I don’t even know what they’re called I mean
they’re basically little blocks at the end of the lift cylinders you
essentially lock this down you pinch them down together and then that will
secure one of the things I will have to do though Howard my press tag did show
me how to adjust the table it’s a touch out of whack as I spin the press you can
see that one side is a little bit lower than the other but I’ll save that for a
future video which means I will also have to go back and adjust each one of
these palettes make sure my off contact is the same from station to station how
I will go about doing that is using some either a piece of metal that is about
the thickness of the off contact that I want setting it on each station I’ll
table it up with my pallet down and I’ll raise the pallet up until that piece of
metal meets the screen-printing frame and then I’ll set it and level it from
there but I’ll have to save that for a future video as well just fine-tune it
you got to fine-tune it it definitely needs it that’s about it for today guys
keep an eye out for next video I’ll show you how I went about rebuilding some of
these heads and addressing some of the maintenance issues that I did don’t
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