Turkmenistan celebrates “The Day of the Horse”
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Turkmenistan celebrates “The Day of the Horse”

August 12, 2019

Turning our sights to Turkmenistan now. The country is not only famous for its rich
natural resources,… it is also well known for its beautiful horses. According to our Kim Hyesung who is in the
Central Asian nation, these majestic creatures are celebrated on a national holiday, the
Turkmen Horse Day. A National emblem, treasure and heritage. Turkmenistan’s national breed of horses,
the Akhalteke, are famous for their endurance and beauty. “Every year on the last sunday of April, the
once nomadic country celebrates the “Turkmen Horse Day,” or “the Day of the Horse,” a chance
to see the true speed of these powerful animals.” Also nicknamed “heavenly horses,” in their
coats of black, brown, and gold… the Akhalteke show off their grace and agility. “Horses are not horses, this is one of…our
part of the family. In the family, everybody celebrates this birthday
or something special day and we care about horses and we decided before to create the
day devoted for the Akhalteke horses.” Akhalteke is not only a family member but
also the symbol of the Asian indoor and martial arts games to be held in Ashgabat this September. Part of the weekend celebration was an equestrian
beauty contest, providing a rare opportunity for horse lovers around the world to see the
Akhalteke up close — visitors like Hong Ji-jun, who breeds more than 100 horses in Korea. “I think to make a new breed or revival of
Korean horses take more than a hundred years, but I start from Jeju horses because this
one should have history and culture of Korea otherwise it doesn’t mean anything, so based
on Jeju horses, I crossbreed with Lusitnao from Portuguese, also Akhalteke from Turkmenistan,
and also the Warmblut from Germany.” Turkmenistan’s love for its native horses
has led the state to invest hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars into creating breeding centers,
promoting equestrian sports… and helping to increase the number of Akhalteke purebreds
to over 400. Their numbers had been devastated in the 1940s
by war. On a beautiful Sunday, the country’s unique
and rather endearing obsession with horses is not just for the locals but also a chance
for people from around the world to appreciate the beauty of the Akhalteke. Kim Hyesung, Arirang News, Ashgabat.

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