Tutorial: How To Make A Sugar Horse And Carriage Centerpiece
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Tutorial: How To Make A Sugar Horse And Carriage Centerpiece

August 14, 2019

join Sardar yenar as he teaches you how to create this elegant horse-and-carriage centerpiece out of sugar with 13 detailed lessons and downloadable course templates you’ll be creating your very own masterpiece in no time first you’ll prepare all the parts of the carriages body using the stencils provided then you’ll shape and model the horse bodies heads and legs learn a nifty trick to create lifelike hair with pasti eyes after your carriage and horses are all individually completed you’ll assemble it all on a sugar base and finish it off with some intricate piping work use it in front of a cake on top of a large cake or on its own as a table centerpiece whichever way you choose to display it it will be sure to have that wow factor let us show you how we do it so you can do it to unleash the cake artist in you and Jenner’s way calm [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Wow. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Would love to try and make this… have looked on the yeners way website, and tutorial costs nearly $30 individually or you can subscribe and have access to all tutorials for nearly $15, for 1 month… however there is a very limited number of tutorials, so I might wait a while until they have some more tutorials out.. they have some that they might create for guitars and a gazebo with doves that look lovely and I would love to try those as well… however one thing that worries me is that I suspect you carnt download the actual tutorial video and you 'll only have access to it for as long as you subscribe..?

    When will the gazebo with doves and the guitar tutorials be available to buy?

  2. Великолепный мастер своего дела! Шикарные работы!

  3. I would love to buy the tutorial. Unfortunately, I am not an artist or sculptor. If you made molds of the horses/sculpted items and sold those so even people like me could achieve those items and be a success, I would buy those along with it. Otherwise those things would look more like The nightmare Before Christmas. I can do gumpaste and fondant flowers and some royal icing works but that is the limit. 🙂

  4. i don t understand where is the tutorial ? for me a good tutorial contains the recipe or the process Step by step

  5. I have no words to describe the beauty and amazing greatness in all your work. This is another masterpiece. So beautiful. Greatest pastry chef. You are the greatest and uniq.

  6. Hola hermoso como todo lo q hace maestro gracias por compartir sus vídeos que Dios lo cuide muchos años más un fuerte abrazo desde Mexico

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