Ultimate Chicken Horse – Kickstarter Video
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Ultimate Chicken Horse – Kickstarter Video

August 20, 2019

This is a game design by two best friends, a horse and a chicken. The rules are simple. Get to the flag. If you can do it, but your friends can’t, you get a point. However, the real fun and challenge is built by the players as everyone takes turns adding new pieces to the level. You must work together to make the level possible, but also against each other to make it hard. You need to setup traps and hazards to screw with your opponents, but avoid them so you don’t screw yourself. It’s a fine balance between being an awesome level designer, and being a huge jerk. This game combines the reskless thrill of cars barreling towards each other in a game of chicken, with the smug satisfaction of beating your friends in a round of horse. Add in a dash of intense videogame platforming and the engineering prowess of a Rube Goldberg Machine, and you’ve just become addicted to the game Ultimate Chicken Horse. Now, if you’ve been way too effective at beating all your friends and you have no sense of sportmanship, and they all leave you to play by yourself, there is always single player puzzle mode. You head out on your own, away from the farm, on an adventure to make new animal friends, to find new places to play, and discover all the best ways to build and beat crazy hard levels. The game worlds are designed as a series of puzzles. For each your given a limited set of blocks to build a route to navigate to the end. These puzzle can be augmented with the added challenge of using the bare minimum number of blocks to complete the course or finding ways to speed run through them in record time. Along this marvelous solo adventure, your new animal friends will want to join in the fun of the game invented by Horse and Chicken. They will come hangout at the treehouse, where you can start up another multiplayer game, except maybe this time somebody might turn on party mode. Party mode changes the rules of the game and adds a lot more chaos to the mix. Instead of deliberately choosing the blocks you place from an inventory, turn by turn, the party box is shaken and you work with whatever you get. Everyone places blocks together and you run all at once. So, Horse and Chicken invented the game but who invented the videogame game? That is a great question for people in the real world to answer. Hi. I’m Richard. This is Kyler, and this is Alex. We are Clever Endeavour Games, a studio from Montreal. We’ve been working on Ultimate Chicken Horse for seven months now and are running a Kickstarter to help finish the game. One of the things I love most when showing off the game is how people are instantly laugh, yelling at each other, and having a good time when they play. There is just as much fun happening on the couch, as there is on the screen. Because spectating is just as much fun we wanted characters that anybody could root for. We designed animals that are fun and cartoony, and simple, but with personality. It’s easy to cheer for any of the crazy animals in our cast, like a sheep who’s put itself in a really percarious spot, or boo a chicken who’s being particularly nasty with the barbed wire. These animals are crafty and resourceful and really love to play, but get super serious about it. We want your help to make the game the best it can possibly be. We want to create an amazing live-recorded soundtrack, and record voice acting sessions that we have planned in collaboration with our awesome audio team at Vibe Avenue. We want to add more characters, more levels, more blocks, online compatibility, more game modes, and we need your support to do it. Help us finish Ultimate Chicken Horse and become the ultimate wall jumping, arrow dodging, trapsetting animals of your dreams. Please take look at our backer rewards. Every backer counts towards the success of this project. Games like this thrive on community feedback and involvement. So come join the Ultimate Chicken Horse family, help spread the word about the game, and lets make this the most ultimate game ever. Thanks! Horse! Horse! Horse! Horse! Chicken! Chicken! Chicken! Chicken…. Awwhhhh!

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  1. I won't back it (I have moral feelings against the idea of Kickstater, sorry) BUT I will 100% buy this game when its fully released.

  2. As cool and cute as this game looks I think I'll wait until it's fully finished, but I can't wait to get addicted once it is!~ X3

  3. So it like Cloudberry kingdom but the players set the traps, brilliant!
    Hope you guys end up porting it to PS4/WiiU like you hoped and it look like it perfectly designed for local multi player mayhem, which is perfect for consoles and something that PC not known for…

  4. Oh how convenient I got Moon Hunters not that long ago and Ultimate Chicken Horse is my fav game. They both happen to be in the same video. Wow 2:30

  5. Is there maybe going to come a new Update for an new animal or something?
    I could imaginate having a Dolphin or an New Map like the one at 1:21.
    Also if it was an Test map, she was actually pretty good.

  6. yo 11/9 man tis gaim needz ta be about a chicken and a hrose tho bcuz I don't see much horse or chiken. it needs more protein. memebigboy

  7. Whenever I start playing fun games like this, my family will see it and think it is boring because I'm playing it, and refuse to give it a try. Sucks for them, 'cause I'm having a blast.

  8. Want a new character?
    Then add a Chicken Horse.
    The game title?
    This comment is really weird…

  9. omg guys please listen to this.
    I used my bday money to get this game on nvidia shield but my ps4 controller (bluetooth) isn't compatible with it 🙁 please add compatability for ps4 controllers soon thanks guys! 🙂

  10. hey there isn't a Demo version!! even on the WEBSITE.if klick on DEMO its says: AccessDeniedAccess Denied20541BEAEF760BA4OlVgnMkOexywC/3ZNE0D9rIzmnDtq1pyFANJtfUVhZuR5TxiSfj5IzxoujtEGacXh7iJRTkrAo4=

    That means access denied! whats happened with the demo?!

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