Ultimate Chicken Horse Review
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Ultimate Chicken Horse Review

August 15, 2019

As you can very likely tell just by the title
of the game, Ultimate Chicken Horse is a game that does not take itself seriously. With its cartoony style, and silly animal
characters, it’s easy to glance over this game and miss out on something great. If you have at least 2 other people that you’d
enjoy playing a game with locally, or online, then I highly recommend you give this a try. The lobby of the game starts you out in a
treehouse with your currently unlocked levels scattered across the branches, and your adorable
animals waiting for you to choose which one you’d like to play as. From here you can invite your friends and
modify the rules and gamemode to your liking. Once you’re setup, each of you climb up
to whichever map you’d like to play to vote for it. Now you’re ingame! Depending on which gamemode and setup you
went with, things play a bit differently, but the basics stay the same. All players start in the indicated area, and
in order to earn points towards winning, you must reach the Red flag in the finish area. On many levels, it’s not possible to reach
the finish without placing any objects. In the typical party mode, at the beginning
of each round a box will popup with an assortment of placeable goodies to choose from. Be fast, as the other people you’re playing
with can snatch up what you want before you do! Typically, you want to make the map possible
for yourself to complete, while making it as difficult as you can for the other players. Make it to the end first, collect coins, or
trap kills to earn bonus points. There are several ways to customize this basic
idea as well, with options like handicapping points for certain players to balance the
match. Or even crazy modifiers like giving bonus
points to the player that reaches the flag last rather than first. As you play you will also unlock additional
maps, which all have their own unique twists. Such as a large sphynx that can crush you,
or a bridge that slowly breaks each round as you jump across it. There is a solid variety of options here,
and plenty to leave you and your friends with dozens or even hundreds of hours of fun. Gameplay
First you need to have some friends… invite them to your game, and choose which gamemode
and map you’d like to play on. Then spend the next 10 or 15 minutes laughing
hysterically as you all watch your poor little animals run and jump in fear as you try to
maneuver them through increasingly difficult obstacles. The game consists entirely of two dimensional
based platforming, there are no complicated mechanics and things to learn other than just
how your character moves and what each object does. New objects, maps, and characters are added
somewhat regularly as well, keeping the game feeling nice and fresh. User Interface / Controls
The UI has seen some improvement lately, but it’s still not perfect. Some menus are a little confusing to navigate,
and the screen for setting up a match looks a little daunting for a moment when you first
open it. Everything seems to work properly from what
I’ve seen though. It’s not difficult to get into a match and
invite your friends, and choosing your character, map, and gamerules while climbing around a
treehouse is actually quite intuitive and fun. Controlling your character is familiar, and
feels responsive enough to accurately make those tight jumps to slip past 12 different
hockey pucks and arrows. I enjoy playing on Mouse and Keyboard, but
the game also has full controller support, along with allowing any keys to be rebound. Graphics
The graphics are a simple, 2D cartoony art style that plays well into the theme of the
game. This game could have quickly become very dire
and disturbing if it had gone for a more “realistic” art style… All of the animal and object animations are
very cute and fun, and they do a good job of communicating what’s dangerous or safe. As there is nothing 3D to render, you shouldn’t
need to adjust your settings too much, but you do have basic necessities such as resolution
or window mode. Audio
Immediately upon entering the main menu the music gets your mind into the right place
with its incredibly happy and bouncy soundtrack. Every animal has their own distinct, adorable
noises they make as they jump, dance, or plummet to their demise. And traps and objects make very clear and
consistent noises to let you know when imminent danger is approaching. Final Thoughts
If you have a couple friends to play with, this game is easily worth the price point. Ultimate Chicken Horse is the perfect game
for the moments where you and your friends just want to laugh and have fun for 30 minutes
and don’t want to play anything serious or hardcore. If you don’t have a couple friends, I would
definitely recommend staying away, as the game doesn’t really have a matchmaking system. Nor would it be anywhere near as fun without
being able to screw around and laugh with friends.

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  1. 3:18 – "This game could have quickly become very dire and disturbing if it had gone for a more realistic art style"
    Sheep is shot with arrow, falls on spikes, gets hit with more and more arrows and spikes
    Thank goodness this game doesn't have gore XD

  2. If you're interested in purchasing the game and would like to support me, you can buy the game through my Humble Bundle Partner link. It will give me a portion of the money, at no extra cost to you!

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