Understand your horse, Ditte Young clinic, Norway 2019
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Understand your horse, Ditte Young clinic, Norway 2019

October 27, 2019

It is the sensitive side that keeps him from being the prince because there is a lot of things he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t get scared, but I feel that he can get stuck and it isn’t very good to get stuck during a program. No that is no good, and he has done that multiple times. So, we need him to move on fast, snap out of it and I ask him what can make him get stuck. It is something as silly as if somebody stands up, then it feels like this. And then he zones out, thinks a lot about it and then he can’t get out of it. You do this with your leg. I just have to see where you are carrying your weight. You are carrying your body weight in your heels; you can either carry at the front of your foot or in your heels and you put a lot of weight on his hindquarters. What is going to be a challenge for you is that you collapse in your core muscles, you tend to collapse and look down on him. I think it is important for all of you riders to know, that your head weighs around 8-10 kilos, so when you look down on your horse, you move some of the weight to their front. That is why I always say that you should look up. There are two reasons why you put your weight in the front even though you are sitting back and that is your head and your shoulders. So, what I normally do no matter whom I’m working with is that I let them feel how it is to be their horse. Do you want something for your hands as well? No that’s okay. Isn’t it a beautiful horse? What you do which I want to show you is that he is shaping like the number 2. I’m just going to touch your neck because I always prepare my horses for what I am going to do. He is locked in the first and second fracture in the neck so he needs to move his head upwards and to the side. The reason why he pulls his head upwards is that he wants to get away from the pain and he lays his weight on his right shoulder, like this. And then he turns his body like this, can you feel it? Can you recognize that this is what he is doing? It is a bit exhausting. You lock in your crossed joint, right there and give him the signal for canter on his right side. I am not even putting any weight on you right now, just to let you know, those who cannot see it and you are already struggling. You are galloping on your right and my weight is on your hindquarters, this is where your back is but I’m leaning my shoulders and head forwards. Can you see the problem? So, what do you think about the fact that he isn’t very good on his right side? I understand. Shouldn’t we keep doing this for 45 minutes? I can feel you acidifying. You think that he is easier when galloping to the right than to the left right? What would you think that you should do if you were me? I think that you aren’t touching your left hoop because you are hanging this way and what happens to the horse is that the breast bones are turning. In the long term there is going to be complications with the ribs on the right so when you lay your leg yield here, he is going to go crazy. Because you are turning something called thorax, can you feel it? And of course, it is going to tense. When he has already been sensitive about putting your leg against him, then it is because of his history. But I still feel that he only needs a soft signal to get him started.

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