Understanding & Raising Sheep : Types of Sheep
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Understanding & Raising Sheep : Types of Sheep

October 12, 2019

Okay so there are many different types of
sheep in the world. I don’t even know how many different breeds but I would estimate
hundreds. And basically they are divided into two major sets; meat sheep and wool sheep.
In a meat sheep, they really don’t even have this nice woolly coat that our sheep here
do. Because truly they are just being raised as a meat animal. With this particular breed
of sheep that we have here, most of our sheep are Rodney or we have one if we can move this
little guy over, move her over a little bit. This one here with the longer nose. You can
see she has a different shaped nose; she’s a Rodney Corriedale cross and these are sheep
that are raised for both meat and wool. They are a good hardy sheep and they raise a nice
wool coat very thick. They have nice confirmation and they also produce a nice carcass as it
is called. If you are interested in lamb, this is some excellent lamb as well. So the
Rodney or Rodney Corriedale are excellent sheep for a multi-purpose use. They are neither
pure meat nor pure wool but they are somewhere in between. Now for wool breeds the most famous
and well known wool breed would be the Moreno which is a sheep that has just massive amounts
of just gorgeous very fine wool but it is not necessarily the easiest of sheep’s to
grow. Most of the Moreno’s in the world now are in Australia.

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  1. I'm just amazed at how tame these sheep are. Mine avoid being handled and don't approach within arm's length unless grain is involved.

  2. here in transylvania we raise sheep for meat, wool and milk. the cheese made from their milk is really yummy.

  3. Would anyone know which breeds are considered best for meat and which for milk and wool?
    Getting ready to retire and we've been considering raising a few as a hobby.

  4. Lies. Meat sheep, Wool sheep, Show sheep, Milk sheep and Novelty Sheep.
    Meat sheep- Usually blackfaced or have no wool
    Wool sheep- Woolly sheepies with fine wool
    Show sheep- Any sheep if it has the true quality
    Novelty sheep- The one and only…Olde English BabydollsπŸ’–
    Milk sheep- Any breed

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