UNDERTALE: The Movie (Live Action Trailer) Iron Horse Cinema
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UNDERTALE: The Movie (Live Action Trailer) Iron Horse Cinema

August 15, 2019

Many, many years ago two races ruled the Earth. Humans and monsters. Both living in peace, but war–as it always does– found men. After the great battle, the humans were victorious, and sealed the monsters underground with powerful magical spells. Then you came to us. If you leave this place, I cannot protect you.

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  2. It will look like a curious drama if it has the topix of the time lines, how the kid break his morals for curiosity and at the end it ends with the paficist ending but after a genoside route, and at the end of the movie it shows frisk eyes slowly becoming red wile he sees his room and he remembers why he came to the underground (like if he has been an poor child) and there comes the tittle of the movie that is "determination"

  3. What did I just watch? This doesn’t really feel like Undertale….. but I mean, there’s good editing I guess, but the game doesn’t need those flashbacks before the war

  4. I feel like the movie should start as a pacifist, but with each reset Chara convinces Frisk to kill more and more until it becomes a genocide (yes with a Sans battle and Pap's death). However, in the end she fixes it and it all turns out okay!

  5. Sorry but a think the cartoon version way better. I can’t imagine all the monsters in undertale in live action ? imagine sans. Also toriel looks hella scary

  6. Dun tell me they used a literal skeleton for sans and papyrus it could work out for paps but sans has a round head and bottom part doesnt fit real skeletons

  7. If the movie is able to tackle all routes (Like say the Undyne the undying, Omega flowey and sans fights are bad dreams frisk has will staying at Undynes house, Papyruses house, and in a room inside the home near the throne room respectively) but mainly tackle the pacifist route, then it could legitimately be a great movie.

  8. I don't want a undertale Movie because…

    1. all video game movies are trash.

    2. a lot of aspect wouldn't work if undertale was a movie.

    3.fights would look terrible in live action.

    4. Large chunks that make the game great would be taken out.

    5. Pacifist wouldn't work because of SAVE.

    6. neutral wouldn't work because Photoshop flowey would look terrible.

    7. Genocide wouldn't work because of a sans live action fight would look bad.

    8. The movie would be a cash grab and would insult the masterpeace that was the game.

    there done.

  9. Bro I am so late I just found out this existed when I was looking at comments on the megalovania video I know this was only two years ago but this actually looks epic. I can't wait to watch this. this should be in theaters wait a second is it in theaters will probably not now if it is

  10. for all the people complaining frisk is a boy here, you can barley even tell the gender here in this trailer, and them being male or female has no effect on the story what so ever

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