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  1. My mom is the ghost, and the good/bad mom she left when I was 2, is emotionally unavailable but when I do visit her she is the good/bad mom

  2. Good mom /bad mom for me and my siblings.
    She acted all sweet and innocent when our in public and when we got home out comes the belt.

  3. If i ever tell my mom i think things are getting a little bit toxic my mom will be like:

    So u think im toxic? You never do What i ask for but now u imagined toxicity? My mom never gave me the support im giving u and u still want to think of reason to hate me? Thats fine i can hate you too but just know it will ruin ur life

  4. I gave my mom her valentines gift and there was a code to scan but she said she didn’t have time to scan it and she was laying down for like 5 minutes straight. Then my siblings gave her, her gift and later she told my oldest sibling what we got her but she didn’t tell him about mine, i don’t think she liked it so here I am in bed crying myself to sleep

  5. OMG my mother all the way except I'm not afraid of her. I don't put up with her shit anymore, not for years now. I choose me and i will not allow her to break me. It's sad but you have to except how your mom is and move on without her.

  6. As a child between 7 and 13 she was a ghost whats more my other family told me never to even bring up her name (or I would be sorry) so she was for quite some time wiped from my memory, when I was 13 however after leaving a foster home I did move back in with her and she quickly became my bosom buddy often talking about how when I'm old enough she would take me drinking and clubbing (we already partook occasionally at home after all and she had me fairly young it was like a win win for her) and myself at the time, when I rebelled she became controlling and focused on trying to control me to submit I dont think I quite fit one catagory

  7. Good mom/bad mom except the bad mom is specifically the role reversal relationship. She's claiming to all her friends and everyone about how wonderful I am and how successful I am and if anyone asks about how the family works she does everything but I do about half of everything in the house and my sister does the other half.

  8. My mother beat me when I was ten and mentally/emotionally abuses me now. She acts kind in public but at home shes different. Shes controlling to where I can't do anything with out her approval. Yes I'm scared of her. She guilt trips me into doing something for her. I can't even explain myself if I do something wrong she just stats yelling at me.

  9. My 6 year old sister told me, “Mommy is mean to me but I still love and appreciate her because some people don’t have a mommy.” It makes me so upset that she thinks that our mom is caring and nice. I have mental health issues because of my mom, I rather spend time with my neighbors because they treat me like their daughter more than my mom does. We don’t eat together and I feed myself while my mom just feeds my sister cereal, soup, pizza, or stuff like that. I wish I was over exaggerating when I say I’ve never seen my sister eat a vegetable in my life, she’s 6 years old. She also goes to bed late and doesn’t brush her teeth at night. I take care of myself, I still get yelled at the most though. Even my dog gets in trouble and she doesn’t know better. I dont know what to do, someone please help me.

  10. My mom isn't any of those things but she irritates me from when I was 3,u won't understand me but she's turned me into a monster and when I get 😡 she blames it on me and makes me cry. She still does that and I'm 11 now . Pls reply to comfort me.

  11. Role reversal/boss&subordinate. I mean, my mom isn't bad, after all, she does have a lot of brain issues (epilepsy, Lupus, etc.), but she is very … Distant. I love her, and my dad, who I think might very a little narcissistic, but I honestly can't wait to move out. I'm sure it'll be better for all of us.

  12. My mom is bipoler and she only really cares abt herself, when ever someone invites her to there house she doesn’t care about what I say for ex when I say I don’t wanna go

  13. My mother is a ghost parent and she is so manipulative that she always makes me the bad guy in every problem even when that's done by her other daughter but I was trying so hard that maybe I could build a good relationship with her and my sister but no nothing changed after trying for year's. So now I have just given up on her and I just can't see her as a parent in my life anymore but she wasn't there for me my complete childhood so, but I don't know how to just stop being bother by her negativity words for me.

  14. Good mother/ bad mother. I’m sad that my mom acts like that. It sucks but even worse is when she treats me badly at home + in public.

  15. Im not sure what relationship I have with my mom. There was one time I tell her about me being an animator she scare me saying that I will not be that. She even say if I continue my study in art and animation she will quit her job. What worse is that she say all those stuff she think I was doing but all of it was wrong. In fact my mom think Im into kpop but I dont even care about those pretty boys. Im more to an anime person and enjoy vocaloid more. She even think I only watch youtube all day but the truth is that I wrote stories, draw comics and even trying to make my own animation. One of my stories even reach over 9K readers and everyone say that my stories are interesting and fun to read. I didnt say anything and cry in my room. This is why I never tell my mom any of my problem. What worse is that since that day I want to commit suicide but I scare to do so. But everytime I see any sharp things, I feel like I want to cut myself using them. Im tired with my life

  16. People should understand and get out of the habit of saying "well that's still your mom" ofc she is my mom but she should act like one and if someone is being toxic to you then you have all the right to walk away from them.

  17. well, my mother always complains to me. She complains when I have a mistake and even when she uncomfortable, she will talk very much about what I used to wrong, my mistake in the past. That makes me think that no matter I'm right or wrong, I will still be scolded. I am cursed by that deeply :((((

  18. My mom said said so many things to me that were hurtful and I had only done a dumb small thing but why does she made it like I made a sin?

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  20. My mother is a combination of all, plus her mouth speaks only of negativity like an AK 45 gun with unlimited bullet. She even said to me I’ll never be (my dream job) because this and that. Guess what, I am working now for the best company with my dream job and even still financially supporting her as she obligated me to do so. I avoid speaking to her and any encounter with her. I also try to process the situation and slowly gaining self esteem. It is a lifelong process to heal but we would all eventually get there. ❤️

  21. My mother says she's an open minded person and wants me to "fly out" but shes' clearly a mix of types 2 and 3. I'm still recovering from her behaviour and I'm still heavily damaged. Also, the one moment I'm nice, the next I lash out… I live in a permanent situation of stress.

  22. For me, it's a combination of numbers 2, 4, and 6. I've been working on my issues concerning this for years now. But sometimes it just gets really hard because I am also an empath and find it quite hard to be tough towards her when she victimizes herself and always makes me feel like I'm the reason her life is so troubling and if it's not me, it's always someone else. I want a distance from her. I truly feel like that is the only way I can be me. It's hard when she seems heartbroken when I tell her I don't want to have contact with her anymore. But I know it's best for me. I encourage everyone to have a good hard look at themselves. See what makes you happy, and what prevents you from being happy. Because I promise you, more often then not, the things making you unhappy stem from either toxic behaviors you exhibit yourself or toxic behaviors you let others express towards you. – And as the words themselves state, anything toxic will inevitably negatively affect your health. So make sure you cut our toxic people, toxic situations, patterns, and behaviors and focus on rebalancing your own needs and desires. You deserve to be happy, all of us do. Don't let anyone take that away from you, directly or indirectly. Assert yourself and do what is right for you. Because at the end of the day, you are the only one that will spend every day for the rest of your life with you, so make sure you keep yourself HAPPY AND HEALTHY!

  23. My mom is really abusive to all she does is breaks stuff screams and sits on her Apple Mac and doesn’t care about me or my dad she is really really abusive she will destroy anything

  24. I feel like my mum is number 6 cause one minute she’s giving me hugs and is caring but when she’s stressed she’s mean and rude one time for family Christmas dinner she would not let me wear a dress I really wanted to wear cause I’m chubby but it looked good to me

  25. My mother is a whole mix of 1, 2, 3, and 4. She's obsessed with showing off to her mother and being a daughter. She has to be a friend so she can have gossip and drama to report to my grandmother and acts like a child all the time. She controlles everything I do to impress her mother because she lives vicariously through me, and she becomes a rival if I take the spotlight from her in front of my grandmother. Not to mention my mother and her sister (my aunt) constantly compete for attention and they expect me to comfort them against each other because they're infantile and selfish.

  26. So my mom is frustrated everytime I say simple things like use headphones bc I need silence to study. Gives me ego I hate that

  27. Honestly my mother can be sweetest person ever and also the worst. My dad too but he’s just abusive. My family is so dysfunctional that the only thing that keeps me going is my little brother. If i didn’t have him…i wouldn’t care so much about life tbh. But i love my brother way too much and i know that if something happens to me he would most likely never recover.

  28. My mother told me to get out of her life….

    I’m 13..

    She’s told me many times that I need counselling, that I’m a spoilt brat and rude. Shes said other stuff that I don’t want to share. That kind of stuff hurts.

  29. This seems a little too simplistic to me. People are more complex than how these types of mothers are described. My mother possesses a myriad of qualities that are described in most of these examples. She doesn’t fit into only one mold. Envious, manipulative, narcissistic, capricious, demanding, supportive yet not supportive, a drama queen etc etc. At the same time, she tried to be a good mother and was a faithful, loving, supportive and hardworking wife to my dad. My mother was damaged by her own abusive mother. Being raised by a damaged mother wasn’t easy. Neither is trying to forgive her for her behaviour.

  30. All the above. My mom put me in a nursing home. I have Spina Bifida. I am out now and happily married. I have not seen my mom really in almost 10 years. Same with my father. My brother went through all of it as well. We don't know where our mom is in Hawaii.

  31. I love most parts of my mom because sometimes she’s nice and funny and she actually feels like a mom/friend but most days she argues with me and tells me I have to move with my dad if I ever do anything wrong, I never told her I love her first, I only say “I love you too” because she always felt like more of a friend to me and I feel awkward saying how I feel, I feel like she’d make fun of me or something because she feels way younger than she is, I’m only 13 and she’s 34 but I feel so much older than her because she cries most days about her boyfriend and I try to help but she defends him any time I defend her, it sucks because I never know how she actually feels, it’s so draining being around her because all she talks about is school and how bad I’m doing in school, if I ever say I feel stressed or sad she tells me I’m to young to have emotions as if that makes any sense, this is the first time im talking about myself in a long time and I’m literally angry but sad at the same time, I just want a normal mother daughter relationship lol, love her tho ig

  32. It amazes me how my mom has always told me "there's nothing I wouldn't do for u and your brother, u guys mean the world to me" UHM RIGHT, but u can't have empathy, respect and the decency to admit/apologise when you're wrong!? Instead she's a selfish narc that will never see the wrong in her actions. She sweeps shit under the rug, ignores u for a few weeks and wants to act like nothing happened, all my childhood . Well now, my brother and I are grown, we recognize the issues and we don't even speak to her. My brother is having a baby and she's not even invited to the baby shower. Sad to say but I would have done the same thing. As a mother you're supposed to protect us, not hurt us! Now that we are adults we have learned to protect ourselves and our family from this toxic ass behavior. I feel bad for her but not too bad! This is what happens when u skid thru life thinking you're always right and everything is about you. I pray to God she learns for her sake, but at the same time we ain't bettin on shit! Wishing those who experience similar experiences much healing and strength. It's not easy getting thru the psychological effects of a mother like this, BUT we can do it and we will succeed 💯

  33. I was abused and neglected as a child. I have no self esteem as an adult now. I rebelled. I am afraid of my mom today. I'd rather not deal with her but end up dealing with her anyways. I do what my mom wants me to do. We never discuss my future which is surprising because my mom doesn't seem worried about my life. I think a lot of the time, my mom just thinks about herself. There is role reversal, where I help her and it makes me very uncomfortable. I get acid reflux from the stress of being with her. I will probably work on my relationship with my mom for the rest of my life, at home and with a therapist. I am alienated from my family, as if my mom wants me all to herself. I didn't receive help from family members which really hurt me growing up. I felt locked up and invisible.

  34. My mother is more like a robot.
    Or was. She always did everything. Cleaning, taking care of kids and the household.. I mean we are 5 children. But well, it's too complicated after her getting cancer and all that stuff. Uhm, sorry for writing too much.

  35. I can't stand her voice. I'm going to take the blame for everything. I never put in effort just because she never sees me behind the scenes, working my ass off just to please her. I'm never enough. Every day, I have to get blamed for something. I don't want to listen to her any longer.

  36. Im number four because im only 12 and she makes me tell her how to drive her own car because she cant look out her window for no reason… and she is number one because she thinks of me as her best friend more then her kid…

  37. Number 4 though …. I just had a fight with my mom because she she was tired and I played with my siblings a little to loud. The reason I was mad was because she called me useless and a horrible daughter. I wasn't really mad more sad and hurt I guess because I do more to make her day less stressful and I try my best and after all that when I play with my siblings I get yelled at and feel like a failure so Yea now I'm on YouTube to find ways to feel better about my self since my mom brings me down it was nice to let it out.

  38. I got a complaint from a coworker about the smell of cigarette smoke on my clothes. My parents smoke indoors. I was staying at a smoke-free house for a few days prior to my work week. Wore clothes that were washed there. Still got that complaint.

    I brought it up to my mum as one of the reasons why I'm moving oit of the house and she plays the victim:
    "I feel like that was a personal jab at your father and I. I'm insulted you'd even use that as an excuse!"

    Yeah… This Friday I have three friends helping me out with my move and they aren't stopping me. Deuces! ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  39. My mom is actually all of these. It’s extremely difficult when you always want to have approval from your mom. I do everything she says she’s never satisfied. but when I want to do my own stuff in order to go into adulthood all I hear is “ you need me to help you because you are immature and selfish” – I wanted to go to a university that’s 3 hours away from home

  40. Omg all these comments hitting different at 2 am🥺 I can finally say all 6 is my life🥺😭 I honestly never felt so much hurt before especially when you bottle in all up inside ‼️

  41. I have a type 2 and 6 relationship with my mom.
    She'll be extremely controlant and manipulative to get me to do certain things and on some days she is sweet to me, on other days she is super controlant and cold with me. It's very disturbing…

  42. How can I word this; I always felt that I wasn’t a good daughter because my mom would always be tired at work and at home because of me and my brother. Sometimes when she’s had enough, she would say she’ll leave me, my brother, and dad. And that would terrify me because I would think that I’m not doing my roll of being a good daughter. So I would always think, if she left my family, she would have reasons and it would’ve been my fault. But either way, I still love my mom regardless.

  43. I mean , Even if you ask my friends on which one is the one i have with my mother….

    It's Obviously number 2…Especially The 'Controlling' Part..

  44. as i grew up, my mom threw every responsibility at me. Caring for my brother, caring for her…

    caring for her got harder and harder as she wrecked herself pretty badly… she still continues to destroy herself…
    this really made me into an anxious person and i wouldnnt want that for anyone…

  45. Great video. However lots of times mothers and daughters don’t get along because the chemistry is off. I have always has a Tumultuous relationship with my daughter who is now 29. I was strict but not abusive. Gave her a lot and wanted the best for her. But she had rules nothing outside of the ordinary. However she always fussed easy about anything and everything cried for no reason. We took her to counseling the doctor asked her every question a parent could that could of happened to her? She said nothing happened. The older she got the more she would argue with me bash me in front of friends and act like I was a stupid mom. Always telling me her dad was better because he has college degrees. After not talking for a few months. I always called her to say I missed her. Then again another round of dinner outing,her coming over, then another fight. No matter how much I kissed her ass to stop this routine? It became another disagreement and not talking. Well she did this bashing crap to me last month. At a dance recital I went to of hers. And I was very quiet as everyone laughed at me. But I said to myself. “ no more!” After tonight I will stay away from this girl and sever this relationship for good or till she changes whatever she has against me. I hugged her after everything was over and told her she did super great. Told her I loved her and said “I wish you the very best baby”. She said “thank you mom for coming”. On my way home I blocked her on my phone and wrote her and email when I got home, telling her I am done being in her rotten life. Told her the reasons and told her shes a grown up now and should be thinking more mature and know the meaning of respect towards her mother. She said she don’t have to change…I do. So I said “I just did”. Have a nice life. And hung up. I have gone throw my head files over and over again trying to find a reason this girl would be so unhappy towards me. Talked to her about so many things in her life. And still she was always unpleasant towards me. So I won’t blame all mothers for not getting along with there daughters. I believe it’s an unbalanced chemistry. Let the go it’s very hard on our life. I don’t think it will ever change. I’m going to miss her. But I’m glad I did this. She’ll be fine. She’s very successful in life.

  46. Boss and Subordinate, i feel like my life is being controlled and that my mom is close minded towards the decisions i make. Sometimes i really hate my self for that.

  47. Whenever I told my mum I was cutting myself again, she replied with ‘I don’t deserve this’ and ‘I’m not gonna bother getting you any help because it clearly isn’t working’

  48. My mom is like "I'm your bff you can tell me everything so I can make fun of you and make you feel insecure, drama queen, worthless etc." And "I will act like the perfect mother and then insult you and make it seem like it's your fault so no one will see I'm the one who is wrong" and sometimes "I will isolate you from your sister" and then "I'm a perfect mother and I'm trying to give you the love my mother didn't give me so let me be everything" combined.

  49. My mom wants the most out of me in terms of my grades and then she would call me dumb and stupid and says why can't you be more like your older sister she is so much better are that is really sad to hear from your mom and relatives sure I do dumb things but she takes things to far and not only that I'm only 12 and me my sis and my cousin want to move out we have been thinking about it ever since I was 6 years old and my sis has her working papers that's how bad me and my moms relationship is so you can say that it is a mix of boss and subordinate.

  50. I don't want to imagine myself having children like my parents.
    I realized i'm too messed up to even raise a child and I don't want to hurt them like when my parents hurt me.

  51. I mean I’m in a reversal relationship but I still don’t find it to be abusives. My mom has had to deal with a lot. It didn’t matter that I was three when I started trying to comfort her. She needed it.

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